Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd November 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd November 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd November 2015 Written Update

Ishaani tells Amba and Kailash that he had an accident, he fell in coma and no one has come looking for him till now. Doctors believe that if she remains with him, he gets well. Ranveer said they must take him home so that he gets well. Amba says her Ranveer has a big heart, she caresses Ranveer and says he can stay here and consider her as a mother. Kailash tells Ishaani to take him in the guest room. The nurse goes to take other things from the ambulance. Ishaani puts blanket over Ranveer, then turns to him and takes a seat with him. She says he is strange to her, still she likes taking care of him. She will take care of him until he meets his family, but he can also not accept defeat. He will have to fight death. She holds his hand in hers. His finger moves and touches Ishaani’s. Ishaani says he has promised her by touching her, now he must not back up. She leaves his side. Ranveer opens his eyes. Ishaani is shocked at the blow of wind near her, she turns to see him awake. Ranveer wonders he is in the guest room of his own house, Ishaani is in front of him. He must do something to get her attention. The nurse arrives with the injections. Ishaani was moved as she watched Ranveer. The nurse injects the medicine in the drip. She tells Ishaani that his condition is better coming here, he has even opened his eyes. Ishaani thinks this is a good news, she will just tell her husband. Ranveer cries that her husband is here, still he can’t tell her that Milan has got her trapped.
Milan takes a suit from wardrobe. He says in front of the mirror that tonight, something great will happen and everyone will see the new colour of Ranveer. Ishaani thanks Milan, she says this has been possible only because of him. Milan says if she is done with that stranger’s praises should he say something. He says if she only cares for him, she didn’t see the gift he brought her. Ishaani says the doctor had just called her. Milan says he doesn’t want to listen anything, she must wear the dress and come to Parul’s Sangeet. She must not come to the party until she wears it. Milan leaves thinking this is the gift of hate, seeing it she will be compelled to say I hate you Ranveer.
Ishaani thinks that she is really crazy, he had brought a gift for her with so much love. She opens it up, it was a western short top. She wonders if Ishaani wants her to wear this in front of everyone.
Milan was going from the hall, Baa stops him. She says that she knows he is upset because of his twin brother, but this doesn’t mean he spills his anger on everyone. He doesn’t speak to Amba well, nor Ishaani. Milan asks if she is done, if he must leave now. Baa stops him and says he must answer her first. Baa says she learnt from him what relations and love means. But now, he wants Manas to marry Parul knowing that Manas doesn’t love Parul. Milan says that if she wants to side Disha taking Ishaani’s name. Baa says she is just saying why he wants to marry his sister to a man who doesn’t love her at all. Milan says he will have to love her. Manas does a job in his office, and he is the one who pays for the bills of Baa’s family as well.
Ishaani was wearing the western clothes and crying near Ranveer. She was saying that Ranveer never let her wear such clothes and today, he wants her to have such clothes in front of family. Ranveer opens his eyes and looks at her. He holds Ishaani’s hand with his finger. Ishaani removes her hand and says sorry, she disturbed him. She gets the courage to fight her wars whenever she is near him, she was much upset so she came here. Ranveer thinks she is fighting the wrong wars, but God may help her. Her Ranveer is there in front of her.
Lakshmi brings Parul downstairs, she asks Parul if she knows what she is doing. If she really wants to get married. Parul says yes, she has no other way than this. She comes to sit on stage. Baa was upset. Manas says to Baa that everyone is on the side of Ranveer, even she has agreed for this. Baa says no one is hearing what she is saying. She says he did an accident as well now, if that case was resolved they could have done something. Disha comes and asks what will happen to her. Baa asks Disha to get out of herself for a while, she must think about her family for once. If she wants Manas to go to jail. Baa asks her to let what is happening right now, and stay quiet. Manas looks at Disha and goes to the hall for Sangeet.
Baa and Kailash welcomed some VIP guests. Disha thinks these are biggies of our Gujrati society, she must take their help now. The business men asks Amba and Kailash where Ranveer is, he says that Ranveer has earned this respect in such a young age. He is a Devta. Disha comes and says she doesn’t think Ranveer is a Devta.

PRECAP: Ranveer holds a hand on Sharman asking how dare he. Ishaani stops his hand and instead slaps him hard.

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