Jamai Raja 23rd November 2015 Written Update

Jamai Raja 23rd November 2015 Written Update

Jamai Raja 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Jamai Raja 23rd November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sid telling that Lord Rama came back home on Diwali day, and says he can’t stay away from his family on Diwali day. Krutika sees Sid and hugs him. Sid says I am fine. He asks her not to worry as he has returned. He looks at Shabnam who is shell shocked. Sid says all the curtains and veils will be lifted now, and the truth will come out infront of all, because I….this house Jamai, Siddharth Khurana is back. Shabnam gets tensed. Sid tells you are looking good. He then turns to Nani and says you don’t look good on this chair and asks her to get ready to stand on her feet. He asks her not to cry as her son has returned. He tells his dialogue that Pushpa I hate tears. Ayesha comes and hugs him saying she has really missed him. Roshni looks on. Sid says I know and will never break promise. He says I have fulfilled my promise and returned home after defeating death. He asks Mona about Yash and Sam. Mona says they are fine. Sid asks Kesar why is he sweating when the AC is on?

Kesar says I am afraid of ghosts. Sid says you should as ghosts can bite. Shabnam asks how can this happen? How can you be alive. Sid turns to her and asks if I shouldn’t have been safe. He asks her to be careful and says this thing is told by killers only. He says I will ask you one question and asks how did you come back from Dubai as we have sent you. Roshni says she has returned. Sid says you have come back and I have returned too. Until the things are settled, people keep on meetings. He asks if Shabnam has become good, else he will make her right. Nani Maasi is glad to see Sid and asks him to tell who tried to kill him. Roshni signs Sid to feigns memory loss. Sid says he doesn’t remember and says he have a memory loss. He says he couldn’t remember his identity also, but now he is recalling everything. Shabnam gets relaxed and thinks he doesn’t remember. Roshni says Sid needs to rest. Sid asks Shabnam, have you met after you went to Dubai? Shabnam says no. Sid asks why his sasumom is in jail when he is fine. Roshni takes him to room after he meets the family.

Raghu’s mum asks Pinto about Raghu. Pinto says he doesn’t know. Raghu’s mum says she will enquire about Raghu and bring him back home. Krutika hears them and thinks to find out about the connection between Sid and Raghu.

Shabnam is on bed and covered herself with blanket. She shivers and thinks to find out if he is really Sid or his lookalike. She thinks her game will end once DD is out of jail. She sees Sid standing. He asks her to keep her planning to herself and says you will stay remaining life in jail as this house Jamai Sid is back…….She switches on the lights and sees him nowhere.

Roshni brings Raghu to room and asks why he is over acting. Raghu says he is enjoying and tells that Shabnam was sweating hearing his words. He keeps his hand on her shoulder. Roshni asks him not to touch her. Raghu says he will not touch her and will stay far from her. Roshni sees Shabnam spying on their room and gets close to Raghu. She pretends to kiss him. Shabnam thinks Roshni can’t get close to any other man and thinks he is Sid only. Raghu asks Roshni why she stopped herself from kissing him. Roshni tells him that Shabnam was peeping in their room.

Sid comes and makes Shabnam gets up from the chair. He says this chair belongs to head of family. He calls Nani. Roshni brings Nani. Sid makes Nani eat the food. Shabnam asks him if he recalls spending time with her. Raghu/Sid looks on.

Raghu and Roshni are fighting and hitting each others with pillows. Shabnam comes and says she heard them. They get shocked.
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