Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd November 2015 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd November 2015 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dasharath announcing that Dhaani will stay in his house until she gets married to Tripurari. He says it is my suggestion and decision too. He asks them to do some ritual tomorrow, and asks if they are ready. Durga and Tripurari agrees. Dasharath says I have taken this decision so that no one will speak against Dhaani. He says I hope you all have no objection with my decision. Dulaari says all your decisions are acceptable to us, and we have no objection to any of your decisions, but I am unable to take a decision as your grand son is staying in the same house. Dasharath says my decision is right and says if you have objection with Viplav stay here, then I want to clear that Viplav will not stay here until Dhaani marries Tripurari. Kanak is shocked and questions Dasharath, why he is talking such a decision for an outsider. Dasharath says my son never goes against my decision and will obey it. Badi Amma tells her that Kanak doesn’t like Dhaani and says it wouldn’t be appropriate if Dhaani stays here. Dasharath asks Sushma to bring diya and asks Kanak to keep her hand on burning diya. He asks her to take oath that she won’t do anything to hurt Dhaani in any way. Kanak is shocked.

Dasharath asks her to take an oath. Kanak promises. Dasharath tells everyone that he made them belief now and asks them to stay with Dhaani in his house. Dulaari says it is not needed and praises Dhaani’s destiny as he has taken her responsibility of marriage. Dasharath says okay and says tomorrow will be rasam.

Later Viplav tells Dasharath that whatever he did yesterday was to save Dhaani’s respect, and says Pan Wala said bad things about Dhaani. Dasharath says you are my life and I can tell you anything. Viplav says that’s why you are asking me to stay out of home.

Dhaani tells Dulaari that she don’t want to stay in Dasharath’s house. Dulaari says Dasharath might refuse for marriage if they disagree with them. Badi Amma says we can change our decision. Kanak asks Dasharath why he is doing this for an outsider. Dasharath says big thing is happening in this society, and says a widow will remarry. He says he has taken Dhaani’s responsibility. Dulaari asks Dhaani why she is stubborn in her decision. Dhaani agrees without her wish. Dasharath convinces Viplav to go from the house for them. Viplav agrees. Dasharath tells him to go to Boston after Dhaani and Tripurari gets married. Dulaari tells Dhaani that Raj Lakshmi will go and stay with her till marriage. Dasharath gives a key to Kanak and says this is a compensation as he made her to take oath on the burning lamp. He says his truth might have come in open and says Viplav can never meet Dhaani now, else he might asks Dhaani about him. He says I shall inform Durga about the rasam.

Tripurari thinks Dhaani is auspicious for him as she made Viplav leave the house. He thinks everything will be his now. Dancer thinks where did Suwarna go and thinks to go to Delhi. Just then she sees Suwarna on the road and follows her asking her to stop. She catches Suwarna and tells her that Tripurari asked her to kill her. Suwarna says I didn’t do anything and says you don’t know what he has done with me. She folds her hand and tells that Tripurari tried to kill her after betraying her in love. She asks her to let her leave, and tells everything. Dancer holds Suwarna and asks her to run before she changes mind. Suwarna thanks her and tries to go, but she faints. Dancer calls Tripurari and informs him that she has killed Suwarna. Dancer thinks now see what happens? Viplav tells Dasharath that he will stay in lawn and asks them not to cry. Dhaani comes with Dulaari. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……………Viplav comes out and sees her……..Dhaani looks at him too. They have an eye lock while the song plays. Dulaari fumes and asks Dhaani to go inside. Viplav sees Raj Lakshmi coming and stops her. He asks why did Dhaani agree for marriage? He asks if she has agreed forcibly. Raj Lakshmi says no one can force her and says she has agreed and is happy for this marriage.

Kanak tells Dhaani that she will give her saree as she can’t wear white saree for the ritual. Dulaari brings Dhaani. Dhaani wears green color saree. Viplav looks at her through the window.
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