Shastri Sisters 6th November 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Peeya selecting a lahenga for Devyaani. Anushka is upset and likes it. Devyaani comes thinking about Neil and is upset. Anushka asks her what is the matter. Devyaani says if anyone thinks friendship is love, whose mistake is that, the one who did friendship or the fool who thought its love. She says I m fool to ask you about love, who does not believe about love. She says I understood that its your mistake, he got a wrong signal else he is not mad to think its love, both should be punished, its not good that one breaks down and other celebrates. Anushka asks what, tell me is this relation fine, I believe you more than Lord, tell me once that everything will be fine. Anushka holds her face and says yes. Devyaani says if you said no, I would have come in doubt.
She says if Maa was here, she would have been happy. Anushka says yes, I know and looks at her mum’s pic. She says she is happy. Devyaani hugs Anushka and Peeya. Bua ji likes the tea Alka made and asks about her family. Alka looks at Rohan. She says Devyaani…. The phone rings. Rohan goes to take the call. Its Shastri ji. Rohan greets him and Shastri ji asks him to get Hari on call. Rohan looks at Hari and says yes. He asks Hari to talk to Shastri ji. Hari acts normal infront of his Jiji and talks to Shastri ji.
Shastri ji says I know our relation is not being smooth, but there are few things to say, Devyaani’s marriage is fixed with Sareen’s son, the engagement is tomorrow, please come. Hari says we all are busy and unwell, we can’t come. Bua ji says what happened, why are you angry. Alka says about Devyaani’s engagement. Bua ji smiles and talks to Shastri ji. She says congrats, don’t worry, I will send Rohan and Alka. She says she will also come. Shastri ji thanks her and ends the call.
Shastri Sisters 6th November 2014 Written Update
Bua ji asks Hari what was he doing, if he is guy’s father, it does not mean he treats others bad. He says if you are unwell, go and take rest. Bua ji asks Rohan to take Alka whenever she wants to go to her Maayka. Astha gets angry. Bua ji says no need to ask anyone, you go today, there will be much work. Rohan says sure and asks Alka to be ready, he will take her after he comes from the shop. Vrinda asks Astha to make tiffin ready. Alka thanks Bua ji and Bua ji says she is similar to her, she is also an elder daughter and lost her mum soon. Astha looks on.
Anushka talks to shastri ji. He asks her to buy clothes. She says no need to spend money in clothes. Devyaani says its my marriage and everyone has to look good. He says take money from cupboard. Nikki comes and says no need. She says we will see everything. Anushka asks why. Nikki says we have to done shopping, see what we got for you. He says no, this is not needed. Nikki says we have one bahu and two daughters, so we got it. Minty says this is nothing, I have kept many things to give her. Nikki asks her to see. Anushka says I don’t want new dress, as she will wear the old one.
Nikki says you are not becoming our bahu, so you won’t listen to us. Devyaani likes the dress. Nikki gives a dress to Anu. Minty says we have relation with you too. Anushka takes the dress. Anushka feels upset. Minty thinks she made this proposal, they will know why in 24 hours. She smiles. Bua ji does puja. Astha brings the flowers in newspaper. Astha shows the paper with Alka and Rajeev’s pic. Bua ji is shocked seeing it as her keys fall on the paper and asks Astha about it. Astha asks is her BP fine. Bua ji says yes, tell me what is it. Astha tells everything about Alka. Bua ji is shocked.
Rajat takes the ring and looks at Devyaani being shocked. He sees Anu and gets tears in his eyes. Nikki tells Minty that their plan will work now, and Mission Devyaani starts.
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