Mohi 23 November 2015 Written Update

Mohi 23 November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Mohi 23 November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayush confronting Mohi for fooling Anusha to help her. She says she did not do anything. He says no one can make you leave for 4-5 years now for your study, your dream is fulfilling, what about my future, you did this intentionally, you are playing double game, you made Shanta doubt on you and acting innocent now, you are trying to tell we are married, you are expert in acting. She says I m married, this truth can’t change. She did her husband’s aarti, this is her mistake. She prayed for her husband’s happiness, I remember my promise, I will never break it.

She says whatever happened today, I m sorry, this won’t happen again, trust me. He says I will trust you when you leave this house. Why do you want to stay here till marriage? Maybe to complete your plan. She says you are misunderstanding. He asks her to leave, she can’t fulfill her dream on the cost of his future. Do you plan to break my and Anusha’s marriage? You came with me and made relations with my family and Anusha, you kept fast for me and prayed for my destruction. He cries. She says no and cries.

Aaji talks to Archana and says Ayush’s family is good. Anusha comes and tells them she is very happy, Ayush’s family is really good. She asks about Rekha. Aaji gives Rekha’s note. Anusha reads.. Rekha writes that she is going Delhi for shopping designer sarees. Anusha thinks did mum get annoyed with me.

Shanta brings Sharad to Mohi’s room. Sharad asks are you sure we will get some clue from this potli. Shanta says yes, there will be some proof that she is married. Sharad checks and there is nothing in the potli. He says we will leave from here, else we will not be answerable to anyone. Shanta asks him to keep potli back. She says we should keep an eye on Mohi, she will do some mistake that she is caught. They leave. Mohi has seen them and hidden the bridal dress before they came. She says she should not keep bridal dress here, she knew Shanta will come to check her potli, she got saved today, but how long will she manage, she has become a problem for Ayush, but he does not believe her.

Shubhangi says Ayush should get best brother award, as he gives pocket money to Anjali. Ayush smiles and says some money does not matter. Shubhangi says its big thing for Anjali, its good you are helping her. She says Anjali trusts Ayush a lot, always be the same. He says sure. She goes. He thinks he is breaking Anusha’s trust, and Anusha does not know anything.

Anusha tells Aaji that Ayush trusts her a lot. She rests in Aaji’s lap and praises Ayush. Aajj says she is glad that they have trust between them, like a husband and wife, never let this trust break, Ayush is a trustworthy guy. Anusha smiles.

Mohi cries and says its time to leave Ayush, his family and his house. She starts leaving. She finishes the kitchen work. She recalls Swati helping her in kitchen. She talks to Lord and says she can never forget this family, but its good for everyone that she leaves from here. Mohi apologizes to Lord and says take care of this family. She prays for some way and goes out of the house. She cries recalling the family.

Mohi is crying and leaving. Shanta sees her.

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