Naagin 22nd November 2015 Written Update

Naagin 22nd November 2015 Written Update

Nagin 22nd November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Naagin 22nd November 2015 Written Update

The episode starts with Viren getting afraid seeing Shivanya changing into Chaya and then snake. He runs from hotel.

Rithik reaches house back. Yamini and family get happy seeing him and take him to mantap.

Viren runs in vest and brief on road to escape from Shivanya, but she comes in front of him and asks to remember the day when he killed 2 innocent icchadhari nagins. He remembers killing them in temple and asks who is she. She says she is their daughters. He runs again, but she turns into snake and bites him. He falls down. She then says it is a small bite, he can save himself if he can. He is standing at a same stage where his parents were 20 years ago. He reaches home in vest and brief itself and falls in front of mantap with his lips and body turning blue. Whole family is shocked to see him and try to wake him up, but in vain. Chaya asks what happened. He says she came back…and dies… Yamini realizes that nagin came here. Foam comes out of Viren’s mouth. Shivanya comes back and stands among people. Ankush calls ambulance. Chaya falls unconscious. Shivanya smirks while Viren is carried to hospital.

Yamini tells Ankush let us finish marriage today. Ankush asks if she has gone mad. She says if Rithk does not marry today, he will die due to markesh dosh. She cries that she has to fight with the fate to save her son. Ankush shouts to stop and says nobody wants this marriage. She says she will not get this marriage only if Tanvi does not agree. Tanvi says she will marry for Rithik’s sake. Shivanya gets tensed. Rithik comes and says he will not marry today at least. Shivanya relaxes hearing this.

Shivany goes to her room and looking at Viren, Sharath, and Ankush’s pics says Viren is dead now after her years of tapasya, soon 2 others will also die. She will not back off and Raheja family’s each member will die and pay for her parents’ death.

Yamini comes to Rithik’s room. Rithik says he will not marry today seeing Viren in death bed. He hit Viren yesterday and does not want to remember this whole life and repent. Yamini says since his childhood, she protected him whole life, then how can she push him to death. She reveals that he has markesh dosh and if he does not marry today, he will die. He says he does not believe in all this. Yamini says seeing all the recent incidents she is worried for his life. He will understand her pan when he wll get his children. He tries to speak. She stops him and says she knows he does not believe in god and rituals, but if he believes in his mother, he should come down to mantap and marry. Rithik reminisces Tanvi’s words that he fell in love with servant Shvanya in 10 days and imagines her closing his eyes, if he knows that she imagines him closing her eyes since she was 10-year-old.

Shivanya thinks her path to destiny is very near and walks around mantap. Rithik’s inebriated sister clashes with her holding glass and asks what if her glass was broken. She asks if she is tensed seeing Viren’s accident and says she is drinking since morning in emotions, gets more alcohol from waiter and says Rithik was not ready for marriage before but now is ready. Shivanya thinks she will not let Rithik marry today.

Tanvi applies makeup in front of mirror murmuring at last Rithik agreed to marry. Yamini comes there and asks if she knows Rithik would die if he does not marry her and says Rithik has sarp dosh and while saving him, she may risk her life. Nagin will not spare Rithik. Tanvi says she loves Rithik a lot. Yamini says she will be Rithik’s protection and her life will be at risk and leaves asking her to take a decision. Tanvi gets tensed. Yamini goes out and turns into Shivanya. Rithik then goes to Tanvi’s room. Tanvi says he was right and it is better if they not marry. She walks out and turns into Shivanya again. Servant sees her and asks what is she doing here instead of working. Shivanya leaves.

Rithik alone in his room thanks Tanvi for denying to marry him. Tanvi in her room cries that she was waiting for this marriage since chldhood, but she will not risk her life.

Ankush sees servants keeping bags in car and asks what is happening. Servant says malkin/Yamini told that they are going abroad. Ankush thinks how come he does not know about his trip, goes to Yamini’s room and asks what is happening. She says after today, Rithik’s life will be in danger and she cannot see him dying, she wants them all shift to US. Shivanya hears their conversation and thinks she will not let them go.

Yamini waits in mantap looking at watch ticking 11:45 p.m. Panditji asks to bring bride to call for pooja. Yamin sees Rithik, thanks him for agreeing to marry, and takes him to mantap. Rithik thinks how to tell that Tanvi does not want to marry now. Panditji asks to call bride. Yamini goes to call Tanvi and asks her to come down. She is shocked to see Shivanya in bridal attire instead of Tanvi.

Shivanya gives Tanvi’s letter. Yamini reads that Tanvi does not want to risk life by marrying Rithik, so she is going from here. She asks Shivanya why did not she inform her before Tanvi left. Shivanya says she saw her while going out of house. She heard all their conversations, so she thought to help them and marry Rithik. Yamini asks why she thinks she will get her son married to a stranger servant. Shivanya says she does not know all this, she just wants to help them. Yamini agrees and takes her to mantap. Rithik gets tensed thinking Tanvi denied to marry him, but changed her mind so soon.

Shivanya senses climatic changes outside and remembers it is pooran maasi day/full moon day. She remembers Bhairavnath warning her to stay away from pooran maasi as she may turn into her real form. Her skin converts into snake skin and tongue bilobed like snake.

Sesha tells that revenge will start from today. Shivanya with snake skin wearing pallu marries Rithik.

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