Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 6th November 2014 Written Update

Ishaani makes an imprint of red colour on the wall besides Harshid’s photo. Everyone hugs her. Falguni tells RV she will take time to get normal. The bell rings. Pratik opens the door, the police rush inside. Ritesh asks Police? Chaitali says she didn’t invite them. The police tells Ritesh that they have lost their house in the case, they must empty it right now. They were all shocked. Sharman come to see court’s papers, the inspector hands them over. The inspector apologizes to RV, that he is helpless. Disha says have they lost their house as well. The police heads in to put their things out of the house. They resist but the men take the things out. Harshid’s photo was about to fell down, RV holds it. Baa snatches the photo, and says he has no right to touch her son. She always knew he isn’t worth being her son’s servant, he had betrayed her son and now made them lose the case. He did the drama about marriage, so that no one blames him. Baa says to Falguni that she has even given him their house in dowry, she has snatched everyone’s happiness for her daughter. They are all paying for her daughter’s happiness. Baa cries that Harshid would never have let this happen; she was worried where they will go. RV has destroyed them.
Amna says to Lakshmi that they have destroyed her. She wanted to keep RV away from Ishaani, but she married him to take her son away from her. Lakshmi tells her to keep calm. Amba says her husband and her son even didn’t listen to her. Lakshmi says that her son lover her, no matter what Ishaani or her mother say to her. She must think about what she has to do next. Parul comes in to ask about the thaal of Aarti. Amba says she won’t welcome anyone, she must throw the Aarti tray. Parul tells her that she is angry, but RV must have thought about something before taking the step. Lakshmi tells Parul to stop her lecture, and tell them when they have come home. Amba says she won’t let Ishaani enter the house. Lakshmi says her son might not go away from her in quest to make him far from RV. She must let Ishaani be at home, first.
Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 6th November 2014 Written Update
Parul announces RV and Ishaani have come. Amba stands at the door with Aarti tray, and looks at RV angrily. She makes the aarti of RV, Ishaani stands unattended. RV’s father asks Parul to bring Ishaani inside.
Ishaani’s family come behind. Amba shouts that she won’t let them in, and can’t let them even stay in her store-room. RV’s father tries to explain. Amba says he can go and stay with them in their house. Amba tells RV to make them go away from the house right now. RV heads to explain, but Parul stops him. She ties RV’s shawl with Ishaani’s. RV says he can’t send them back. Amba asks can he forget what they did to her, and how they beated him out of their house. How can he rescue them? A milk fed to a snake becomes poison in their body. RV says they will talk about this later, right now they will stay here. Amba says she can tolerate the girl she dislikes, but she won’t let them take a step inside her house. She says she has told her decision, he may think he wants to keep them here or his mother.
PRECAP: RV says to Amba that she made them lose the case, so he had to marry Ishaani and as they had lost their flat, he had to bring them all here. He says to Amba that she is responsible for all what happened.
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