Why so much pain in your love? (part 23)

Sid:where is alan?
Sona:he is getting ready
Meanwhile alan came..we both didnt look at each other.sid was watching us.
Sid:wht happened u both?
Sona:wht will happen to us..
Appu:no..no something is fishy
Sona:nothing is fishy.
I got angry
Sona:alan..come we will have breakfast
Sid:oye..only u both???wht abt us???
Appu:they r would be husband and wife..we r only frnds na…
Sid:u r ryt kanthari
Appu:am always right monkey

I and alan started to eat..appu and sid came and sat..they both r watching us..

Sid:sona…u knw alan lo…
Alan hitted sid
Alan:shut up sid..
Sona:sid say..wht r u talking abt
Alan:its nothing sona..he is joking
Sona:no alan u r hiding something frm me
Alan:no..its not
Sona:I knw..tell sid whats it
Sid:I can’t tell sona..I can’t betray my best friend
Sona:then what am to u?am I not ur frnd?
Alan:sona..if he dnt want to say then y r u forcing him
Sona:coz am involved in that matter
Alan:which matter
Sona:that matter which u r hiding frm me
Alan:I told u princess..there is nothing like that
Sona:okey don’t tell..I will find out my self
I didn’t talk to alan for 2 days..I knw he will get hurt coz of my ignorance..but this is the only way to that secret..

Alan was disturbed. .sid come to his
Sid:bro this is the best time to confess ur love
Alan:no I wont
Sid:she knw something. .so its not a difficult think
Alan:yeah bt I wont tell her
Sid:oh god!!! Am gng to tell her that u love her
Alan:no sid dnt do this..

Sid run towards sona’s apartment. He collide with appu.
Appu:dumbooo whr r u gng in hurry
Sid:confessing love
Appu:to whom?
Appu:what???? R u gonna mad??? She is alan’s fiancee..their marriage will be in 2 months..and u r saying all this nonesense
Sid:would u please shut ur mouth for 5 minute??woul u please let me talk?

Sid placed his hand on appu’s mouth
Sid:now listen carefully
She nods
Sid:am gng to tell sona that alan loves her so much..now got it??
Sid take off his hand from her mouth
Appu:alan loves sona???
Appu:wow..adipoli(superb)….bt why dnt he told her?
Sid:he want her to realise his love without confession

Sona was hearing all this..sid and appu shocked to see her..appu tried to talk.but sona stops her..he went to alan’s room.

Alan was checking some mails..suddenly he saw someone is at door.it was sona..she was staring at him..

Alan:come princess..why r u stsring at me with ur dark eyes..
Sona took alan’s diary..
Alan:hey sona wht r u dng
Sona:dnt wrry am nt gng to read this..
She checked all photos..it was her photos..she gave all pix to alan.

Sona:what’s all this alan
Sona:I knew that..bt y u having all this?
Alan:u r my frnd thts y
Sona:appu and sid is also ur frnd..bt this is only mine
This time alan was speechless..he didnt look at her..
Sona:whats gng on???
Alan:what sid said to u
Sona:he didnt said anythng to me bt I heared him talking to appu
Sona:alan why r u keeping silence..tell me is sid is saying true????
Sona:hw can u alan???u knw abt my past..thn hw can u???
Alan:I dnt have anything to do with ur past sona..
Sona:why didnt u tell that u love me :'(
Alan:I thought u will…..
Sona:I will realise ur love..ryt?
Sona:and am so stupid that I never realised ur love..I always thought that u r caring for me coz am ur frnd..and I lvd a wrong guy..and u supported me
Alan:sona..I supported u coz that time jay was ur happiness
Sona:whatever alan…
Tears rolled down frm her eyes.alan came to her..he was abt to wipe out her tears bt she didnt let him wipe out her teares..she went frm there…

I think it is a long update…lol I was writing what come to my mind..sorry for grammar mistakes buddies..:D

I am the luckiest person in life coz I have alan atleast in my story….hahahaha..I think Alan didn’t exist in anyone’s real life ?

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