Bigg Boss 20th November 2015 Written Update

Bigg Boss 20th November 2015 Written Update

Bigg Boss 20th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Bigg Boss 20th November 2015 Written Update

Day 40
Inmates wake up to song Raamji.. Taddad Taddad.. they dance together.

Rochelle says to Suyyash that i dont want to clean washroom, Suyyash jokes that i will snatch your mattress, he pulls her mattress while she is lying on it, Suyyash drags her mattress outside washroom, Prince and Suyyash brings her in store room while she is lying on mattress, Kishwar says we are leaving her here as she is not working in house, Rochelle laughs, they leave her in store room, Rochelle sleeps peacefully there, Kishwar comes back there and jokes that she is shameless, sleeping in store room too.

bigg boss ask Rimi which team has won Naughty kids task, Rimi says i didnt supervisor much but i know, Kishwar, Rishab, Rochelle and Prince’s team has won, bigg boss ask the winning team to choose three candidates for captaincy task, Mandana cant be chosen for it.
Rishab says to Kishwar and Rochelle that we can give chance to Aman, digi or Rimi, this is my point else if you all want to become captain then its your problem, he starts leaving, Rochelle says you cant go like this, Rishab says you both decide and tell me. Rishab comes to other inmates and says i gave, Digi, Rimi and Aman’s name as they havent become captain.
Prince ask Kishwar if she wanna become captain? she says yes, Prince says then why should give chance to others, we will take our names, Rishab comes Prince says we are giving our names, Rishab says i dont agree with it, lets see what bigg boss says.
Bigg boss ask winning team who they want to choose as captain, Kishwar says i wanna give Rochelle’s name as she hasnt become captain, Prince’s name as he couldnt become captain for whole week, and my name as i was good captain, Rishab says liar, Bigg boss says Prince, Rochelle and Kishwar will have competition for captaincy.

Suyyash’s captaincy comes to end, Rochelle, Prince and Kishwar are candidates for captaincy, there will task for them, the three chosen candidates for the next captain are to hold a bowl of coloured water each, they are also to ensure that they maintain constant hand contact with the bowl and do not spill the water, in end the one whose bowl have more water than others will win the task, they have to hold bowl for 6hours, other inmates will support their favorite candidate and have to irritate candidate whom they dont want as captain, Suyyash will be supervisor of task, Prince, Rochelle and Kishwar runs to washroom as task can start anytime. Mandana says to Aman that this captaincy task is nothing to do with this house, it is just to save yourself, it is for insecure people who thinks if they have fan following or not.
Buzzer plays, Prince, Rochelle and Kishwar holds bowl filled with colored water, they sit in lounge, Mandana tries to irritate Prince.

Rishab, Digi and Mandana are planning to do something with captaincy candidates, Rishab comes to Rochelle and blows powder on her face, he does to Prince too, suyyash says no one can touch them, Aman blows air to clear powder from Prince’s face, Rishab ask Rochelle to close her eyes, Rishab throws powder on her face, it goes in her eyes, she cries as it itches her, Aman washes her face with water, while Rimi cleans Prince’s face, Rishab comes and throws more powder on Prince’s face, Aman ask him to leave them for sometime, Rishab says if you were in their place then no one would have left you, Aman says doesnt matter, Prince ask Rishab to do what he wants, Rishab blows more powder on his face, aman takes powder packet from Rishab and gives to suyyash, Rishab ask him to give it back but Suyyash ask him to not go behind him.

Rishab throws shampoo on Prince’s hairs, Rishab says i wont let you go to finale, Prince says he used to say same in other show but girl evicted him in that show, Rishab says you have no spirit, the show which made you celebrity, you are saying ill about it, you are fake, he throws shampoo on his face.

Buzzer plays, store room gets opened, Mandana comes in and brings clothes rack inside house, all ask what is this for? Prince says someone must be coming.

Rochelle calls Aman and says that she is having difficulty in holding bowl, she says you are getting blamed for helping us, Aman says i would have wiped face of anyone. Prince wipes his face with Suyyash’s shirt while Suyyash allows him to do so.
Rishab ask aman if he feeling bored? Aman says little bit, Rishab says idea is to irritate them, we are playing fair game but you are not allowing to play, as i was putting powder on his face but you stopped me, whats fair in that?aman says my fair definition is different, digi says point is he is blowing powder so that they give up task but if you keep wiping their faces then there will be no outcome.

Rishab and Prince have argument again, Rishab ask Prince to back off as he is stinking, Prince says keep sitting here, Rishab ask him to not show standard, they both taunt each other about their wealth, Rishab ask him to get lost, Prince you are loser, Rishab says you dont even have clothes to wear, give my shirt back, you beggar, Prince says you are taunting like girls, i know your reality from where you have come, i will throw you out of show soon, Rishab says shut up beggar, Prince says you are ruining your name.

Aman talks to Suyyash about who will win, suyyash says we will see who will have most water in bowl in end, bell rings, Rimi and Mandana comes in store room and finds more jewelry, clothes there, they are confused.
Prince says to Suyyash that Kishwar was putting her bowl down, Suyyash says if i see something wrong happening then i will stop it, Prince says if you havent seen it them fine.

Rochelle is trying to put her bowl down, Suyyash says dont do it, you will be disqualified, Rochelle says i didnt remove my hand from bowl, suyyash says dont lie, i saw you holding bowl from one hand but you have to hold from both hands.

Rishab says to Mandana that task can end in 10minutes, but Aman is trying to be nice, Mandana says doesnt matter whoever becomes captain between these three, Rochelle and Prince are back as friends, Rishab says yes we are wasting time.

some attendants bring designer clothes in house, Kishwar guesses if wild card entry is some designer.

Song Yaayi re plays. third wild card entry designer Kanwaljeet Singh enters house, he meets everyone, Rochelle says i liked your designs, Kanwaljeet ask Prince why he fading away? do something in game, he says to Kishwar that she is doing alot, she has taken energy of Prince too, all laugh, he goes in house. Kanwaljeet says to Aman that i like the way you play, your calm attitude is nice.
Rochelle says to Kishwar that whole rack was filled before he came in house. Rimi says if he is kohinoor diamond? Bigg boss welcomes Kanwaljeet(Kanwal).
Kishwar jokes that rimi’s partner has come, she cant take decision alone so one more supervisor has been sent as he would give up task easily and will become Mandana’s friend too as she leaves task too.

Rishab says to Rochelle that you wanted to leave this house till yesterday but now you are playing and fighting with them to become captain, Rochelle gets blamed by Rishabh for playing dirty, she gets defensive. She tells Rishabh off by saying that he would only understand her situation if he had someone outside the house who was sick or facing some problem, making a reference to Keith’s exit. Mandana interferes and says that Rochelle does not have to pretend like she is a nice and sweet girl because she showed her true colours when she spoke against Mandana during the secret room task. Defending herself, an irked Rochelle tells her that she is nice and sweet girl and she will always stand by it. She explains that Mandana is forgetting that it was the task which made her speak against Mandana.Mandana says no you are ugly, Rochelle says that was task, i am sorry if i crossed line, i didnt b***c behind your back, Mandana says you did it, Rochelle says dont say like i am not sweet, i have never b***ced about you on your back other than task, Mandana walks awayTurning her back on Rochelle, she leaves while Rochelle screaming in the garden about how Mandana should stop spreading rumours about her.

Kanwal is teasing Rochelle if he should throw water, Rimi makes Prince drink water, Kishwar says how sweet friend, Kanwal throws water from Prince’s bowl, Prince is stunned, Suyyash says i will take decision, Prince says to Kanwal that you cant throw water from my bowl directly anyways Suyyash will decide it.

bigg boss says to inmates that this task was not for three inmates only but for whole house, three candidates did task nicely but all other had lazy attitude and didnt take part in task, also supervisor was seen taking part in task, task comes to end, he ask Suyyash if he saw someone breaking rules in task? Suyyash says someone told me that Prince and Kishwar were taking support to put hand on table while i saw Rochelle too leaving hand form bowl but i gave her chance, Bigg boss says when someone complained you about players not playing with rules or you seeing them then why didnt you take action? Suyyash says it was my task, bigg boss ask whose bowl have more water, Suyyash says Kanwal threw water from Prince’s bowl by putting hand in it so what should i do? Bigg boss says there was no such rule that one cannot throw water from bowl directly, Suyyash checks bowl and says Kishwar has most water in bowl, bigg boss says Kishwar is new captain as she has won task.

Kishwar says to Suyyash that what Kanwal did at last moment with Prince, i thought about it and thought it wasnt bad idea, Suyyash says it was written that violence is not allowed in task and for me it was type of violence, Kishwar says after i saw him doing that, i understood that we can threw water form bowls by putting hand in bowl too, if Rishab had thrown water from Rochelle’s bowl then it would be on her if she wanted to hold bowl for more time or not, that was game.
Prince says to camera that i am being targeted in every task, they are making me strong by all this, the one whom i supported(Suyyash and Kishwar), they also support their respective gf or bf when times comes, they can stop me from becoming captain but cant stop me from winning.

Aman reads instructions that 1800points were given to inmates for playing naughty kids task but in every task, supervisor is very important, Rimi didnt bother to supervise task and left it before starting even, supervisor’s taskis just not to announce worst contestant or best team after task, all other inmates did task with full enthusiasm but couldnt make Rimi agree to do task so punishment for all, their luxury budget points are reset to 0, they will not be able to buy grocery, Rimi does facepalm listening this while all other are sad, he reads further that we hope you would be more serious with tasks now, but seeing your enthusiasm we are giving Rochelle and Prince’s mattresses back but Rimi’s mattress will not be given, she laughs and says they wont make me supervisor again, Rochelle says we lost our luxury budget because of you, its not funny.
In garden, Prince says to Rimi that dont think about others, Rimi says i am like this only, i dont feel like doing tasks, i dont want listen voices, i dont want to get irritated, Prince says i am saying this only, you dont have think about others as no one is of anyone here, just think about yourself.
in lounge, Kishwar says to inmates that Rimi does tasks which are team based where she has support from others like she sat with me in highway but if she has to pay individually like if she had to hold bowl like us then she wouldnt have done that, everybody can see everything, no one can save her in show more than this. Rochelle says i am not forcing her to do tasks but she should think that because of her, whole house is suffering. Suyyash says i am very pissed, i told her many times in task that we all will suffer, she should play but she didnt listen, we work like crazy in tasks and then we have to suffer because of her and on top of that, she is laughing at whole situation.
Kishwar comes to Prince and Rimi and says to Rimi that no one can save you now, even i cant save you from housemates, Rimi ask then why you are bothering to save me? Kishwar says stop behaving like this dude, Rimi starts laughing, Kishwar says you should stop laughing at everything, Rimi ask what they are saying? Kishwar says all are asking me to make you understand and you should stop laughing, Rimi says if some person is not interested in doing tasks then what can you do? i will be out of house soon then you will do tasks peacefully, Kishwar says to Prince that its useless to make her understand, she laughs on Rimi’s attitude, Rimi says i came here to just experience and see how people behave, i had fun here, Kishwar looks at her in amusement and confusion.

PRECAP- Deepika will come on weekend episode, she will become Bigg boss for oneday for inmates.

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