The Episode starts with Ishita saying she will talk to Ruhi once again as Shagun won’t like it. Raman brings a gift for her, as he has given similar one to Shagun. She says such a big box for Shagun. He says see it now, as you wanted such gift. She says lets see what you gave to Shagun. Shagun checks the gifts and Ashok asks her to check Raman’s gift. She says she will open it at last, I m sure it will have something exciting, maybe jewelry. He says you think it will have a 10-20 lakhs gift. She sees pressure cooker and gets angry. Ashok smiles. Ishita says you gifted pressure cooker to Shagun as gift. Shagun says will I do cooking after marriage he thinks he is smart. Ishita laughs seeing the cooker. He says yes, you said you also want this. She says I felt you gave her expensive jewelry of 15 lakhs.
He says why will I give her that, I gave this cooker to show we are not related. She shows the bill saying she knew about his gift. He says oh, so you were jealous seeing this. She asks about the bill. He says I took dress and matching earrings, you did not wear the dress, so I returned it to Kakkad. He asks is she feeling bad now. She says I m feeling bad for Shagun, pressure cooker and laughs. He says are you mad, have your mind treated. She asks did he give Rs 15 lakhs back. He says no. She says then what. He says what are you saying like low class mentality, let me say.
He says close your eyes. She says no. He insists. She closes her eyes. He says if you can do s*xy dance for me, and call me Budda, I can do something, open your eyes. She sees the ring. He says I forgot the ring in our engagement and made you wear Ruhi’s plastic ring, its said the engagement ring seal the life’s deal, so its better late than never, may I? she gives her hand. He makes her wear the ring. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………………. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………………..plays……………….. He says deal is sealed, now we can’t move back. She swears and nods yes. They smile.
Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla where is Ishita. He says she will be with Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says no, Ruhi is with me, I have to talk to them about Ruhi not ready to come in function. Raman and Ishita go to talk to Ruhi. They make the diyas. Raman helps her and says I have my style and see Ishi Maa also made well. Ruhi says thanks, I will get 5 stars tomorrow. They go to kiss Ruhi and she moves back. Raman and Ishita have an eyelock and move away. Ishita says she needs her help and she promised someone, and only Ruhi can help her. Ruhi agrees. Raman says she convinced even the little girl. Ishita says Shagun has her mehendi function and she wants you to come in her every function.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2014 Written Update
Ruhi asks why is she marrying, everyone teases me, first Papa’s marriage and now Shagun’s marriage, they say Ashok will become my dad, everyone teases me saying my two mum and two dad, everyone has one, I won’t go there. Ishita and Ruhi cry. Raman too gets tears. Ishita hugs Ruhi and says you are very special to have two mum and two dad. Raman says no, Ruhi has just one dad, its me, don’t lie to her. Ishita says you know Ruhi that we love you a lot, and we know that Shagun also loves you a lot, and everyone loves you, you are lucky girl.
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She says Shagun said Ruhi is imp and she won’t enjoy the functions without you. She says when any kid teases you, and show the thumbs up. Raman says even better, just give a tight slap, call Papa, I will do that, and why did you not tell me. Ruhi says I came and you were fighting. Raman says see it happened because of Ishita. They start fighting. Ruhi says you both fight equally. They smile. Ishita says sorry and asks Ruhi to agree. She tickles and Ruhi agrees on one condition that they will also come. Ishita says yes, we will come, go and see your new dress. She says don’t challenge me, I win. He says yes, and leaves. She says I m winner.
Mihika makes Shagun ready for her Mehendi. Shagun thanks her for the help. She asks Mihika to get ready. Mihika says I will get ready soon, its your mehendi. Shagun asks her to match bangles for her. Mihika likes one. Shagun asks her to wear it, as she is family, it will look more beautiful on you. Asho says you are talking like sisters, its good, so Mihika will be my Saali and Aadhi… Mihika says Mihir is your Saala. Shagun goes. Ashok holds Mihika’s hand and says he has arranged everything, and makes her wear the bangle. Shagun comes back and fixes the broach on Ashok’s sherwani. Mihika thinks to expose Ashok soon. Ashok says lets go, mehendi appliers have come. Shagun goes with him.
Ashok asks Suraj to come. Suraj says I can’t spend time in fake happiness, its good to earn money to use for your divorce. He asks why is he enjoying the function. Ashok says he wants Mihika. Suraj says if Abhimanyu knows it, it will be problem. Ashok says he is enjoying with Mihika. Mihika gets ready and likes Shagun’s mehendi. Shagun says yes, it has Ashok’s name too, can you find it. Ashok comes and smiles seeing Mihika. He says don’t know what Mihir did to trap this butterfly, where is he, he might be preparing for Sangeet, its good, Mihika needs some company.
He says great mehendi, its sign of my love. A girl asks Ashok to dance for Shagun. Ashok says Mihika please help and asks Shagun to tell her. Shagun asks Mihika to dance, as Ashok is feeling shy. Mihika says no. Shagun says for me, it will be really cute. Ashok gives his hand. Mihika holds his hand and goes. They dance on the song London Thumukda………………. Mihir gets angry seeing Mihika enjoying the dance with Ashok. Raman and Ishita come with Ruhi. Raman is shocked seeing Mihika dancing with Ashok and sees Mihir angry.
Ashok lifts Mihika on the end. Mihika sees Mihir and goes. Ashok smiles. Ishita brings Ruhi to Shagun. Shagun asks how is Ruhi. Ruhi says I m fine, you look pretty. Shagun thanks Ishita. Mihir asks Mihika why was she dancing. She asks do you have problem. He says not at all. She says I was practicing for mehendi. He says I m very happy for you, great. He gets annoyed and leaves. Simmi takes a juice glass and it falls on her hand. She asks for washroom and goes. She sees Parmeet passing by doing the arrangements. She says Param ji here………………
Ashok taunts Raman to come in his ex wife’s mehendi, and how does it feel to see his wife and kids getting his name, we are sharing everything, wife, kids, and now your Saali, will become my Sehlej………
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