Dream Girl 20th November 2015 Written Update

Dream Girl 20th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Dream Girl 20th November 2015 Written Update

Aarti is with Mithi. Aarti recalls Raghu and thinks to meet him once. She recalls Ayesha’s words and stops. Aarti asks Mithi what to do if she wants to meet someone. Mithi says you should meet. Aarti thinks to meet Raghu and asks Mithi to play in the room. She gets downstairs and Raghu also comes that side. Hasmukh asks Raghu to come for press conference. Aarti goes and he does not see her. She thinks why can’t she meet Raghu, he is a good person.

He comes to that same door and says why is Ayesha behaving like this, I m not able to understand her. She thinks to see him once. He thinks he can do this, he has given many press conference, he feels like giving speech for first time, relax, nothing is new. She thinks to go to Mithi. He thinks did he do right to say yes for press conference, his heart is beating, he is overthinking about Ayesha. Aarti goes from there. Mithi goes to look for Aarti.

Ayesha and Raghu come in press conference. The reporters question them. Mithi comes there and holds Raghu’s hand calling him Papa. She says she was missing him a lot. Ayesha takes Mithi. Aarti looks on and is shocked. The reporters ask what is this secret, why is Mithi calling Raghu her dad. Raghu says stop this, don’t be so insensitive to forget we are humans. Ayesha praises herself. She thinks how she was going in press conference and went to see Aarti. She sees Mithi there and thinks she got a way to get close to Raghu. She asks her about Aarti. Mithi says I don’t know.

Ayesha says she has spoke to her dad through stars. She says Manav said he is coming to meet you, he wants to give you surprise. Mithi gets glad. Ayesha says Manav is coming by changing his look, he left clue for you, he will come in brown color coat and blue color tie, and will stand with Ayesha. Mithi says yay, I will identify him. FB ends. Ayesha smiles.

Mithi says I identified, you are my dad right. Raghu says yes. Ayesha says sorry. Raghu hugs Mithi and says sorry. Ayesha says I told you I lost my husband, Mithi loved him lots, its not her mistake. Mithi says I will be with Papa. Raghu talks to Mithi and says I will go now. She says I need you too, promise me you will come again to meet me. He says promise, you also promise you won’t cry. Raghu asks Ayesha to take care of herself and Mithi. He leaves. Ayesha hugs Mithi and says sorry, but this was important to meet Raghu.

Mithi is very happy and plays. Aarti thinks if Raghu does not come tomorrow, then.. he will come, he spoke to media and took Mithi away from media, he cares for Mithi and knows to value emotions. Karan comes and asks Aarti to see the hotels he shortlisted for movie. She asks I? He says yes, Ayesha also goes out. She says I don’t know to go between people, I m fine here, you go and see. He smiles and asks her not to live the sad life, this is better.

Karan makes Aarti ready as Ayesha and they go out. Ayesha says great, now I will make Raghu and Mithi meet.
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