I am always with u Written Update Episode 1

Sanjana stuck in the traffic. Sanjana wants to pick up her beloved sister from the railway station. The green light on the single. She starts her vehicle. She gets fast and also she gets cal. She reach the station and take the phone from her handbag. She is soo excited to see that number. She re-dail that number other side Anjana attend the cal & tell to her she is waiting in the platform no 2.

Sanjana tells her she will be come. Sanju reach the platform but Anjana os not there. Sanju gets tension and calls her but she don’t pick her call. Sanju starts cry. Somebody close her eyes from behind. Sanju realise that’s Anjana. She scold her and she present the white teddy. They hug each other. Port man sees very excitedly. Anjana saod to him she is my sister. We r twins.

Port man smiles and pick the bags from Anjana. Sanjana gave the amount to him and thanks him. Anjana tease her, still she behave like a baby. They both are laugh. Someone said excuse me both girls r turns. That boy crossed them. Sanju silently said idiot. Anjana ask her what did u say? Sanju tell I’ll tell I later come let’s go. Mom dad brother and whole family are waiting for us. It’s already get late. Car enter in to the bungalow.

The family r ready to take aarathi for both the girls. Both are getting bless from the elders. Anju tells what happen in the railway station and tease sanju and whole family r join with her. But Arjun (sanjana & anjana elder brother) supports sanjana.

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