Bigg Boss 17th November 2015 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17th November 2015 Written Update

Bigg Boss 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Bigg Boss 17th November 2015 Written Update

Day 37
Song Tay Tay fis starts playing, inmates wake up and dance together.

Suyyash says to Aman that its our time to be kids so Mandana will play today, Mandana comes there and says yes if i have to be kid then i am ready to play.
Prince to Rochelle that tell Mandana we will have to change her diapers too, Kishwar says Prince is in team and she doesnt like his touch, Rochelle says i will handle her.

Mandana is getting ready as kid, she says to Aman that i was very cute child, Rishab holds her hand, she acts as if he is hitting her, Rishab says you are drama.

Bigg boss says today, Team B will be kids and team A will be day care staff. Rimi and Kishwar are making food in kitchen.
Prince ask Rishab to not get violent at any cost, Rochelle says we have to play task nicely.
Aman, Suyyash wears diapers.

Mandana says to Rochelle that tell your team to not be violent with me, Rochelle says we are teachers.
Task starts, kids are acting like brats while staff is calming them down. Rimi and Prince are washing dishes in kitchen, he says to Rimi that Mandana is totally fine today.
Aman is throwing pillows here and there as kids. Prince tries to change Suyyash’s diaper, he holds his hand, Suyyash says you are getting physical with me, you cant hold me like this, Rishab tries to talk to Suyyash but he doesnt listen, Suyyash runs from there.

Aman is holding his diaper so Rishab cant change it, rishab says you can hold your diaper, Aman says dont be physical, Rishab says you lifted Kishwar yesterday too, Aman says we can lift kids, Kishwar says point is you will not allow us but we will change your clothes.

Rimi is in bedroom, Prince ask rimi to become supervisor, she says why? i didnt do it yesterday so i wont do it today too, i am genuine as my stance is same from day one, Prince says Bigg boss will punish you, Rimi says i want that only, i decided from start only that i wont do any task, i will do household chores easily, Prince says you are nice to everyone, Kishwar comes, Prince says she is right that she didnt play yesterday so she will not play today too, see Mandana, we requested her many times yesterday to just come and sit in task but she didnt come and see her today, she is playing fully, Rimi says i am not Mandana, Kishwar ask Prince to not get agitated with Mandana, just chill.

Digi is dragging carpet outside in garden, Prince says you cant do this, suyyash says why not? he says that you cant stop kids from doing anything or going anywhere. Prince says if you talk like elders then i will talk like elders too, be kid, Suyyash says i will talk like elder so what? Rishab comes inbetween but Suyyash ask him to just move aside, dont come inbetween, Suyyash says why Rishab was stopping digi to take carpet outside? Kishwar says kids cant go outside without teachers consent, Mandana says you people went outside yesterday too so now we can go too, Prince says to Mandana that you dont know about yesterday as you got energy today only, Mandana says if i have energy today then whats your problem? dont repeat this again and again, Prince says you were not interested yesterday as you had to work hard. Suyyash says its supervisor’s work to stop kids from going outside, Kishwar supervisor is not here, while Mandana ask prince to shut up. Mandana starts leaving from there, Suyyash ask Prince what you did to her? he says nothing, Mandana comes back and says you stupid ****** moron, Prince says dont abuse me, if you try to bring my family in then i will go to next level too, he leaves, Mandana says to Suyyash that Prince is not playing fair game.
Rimi says to Kishwar and Prince that this is why i dont do task as i cant argue like this, Kishwar says she is abusing Prince, yesterday Mandana wasnt part of task so all went nicely but today she wont let task proceed easily.
Kishwar comes to Mandana and says you cant use slangs, Mandana says Prince is holding me forcefully, i told him to not do it but he doesnt listen, Kishwar says but you cant use slangs.

Suyyash comes to Kishwar and Rimi, he ask Rimi to become supervisor, Kishwar says she is saying that she didnt play yesterday so she wont come today too, Rimi says i also dont wanna come as inmates are getting physical today, yesterday it was fun to watch so i came for sometime but i wont today, Prince says to Suyyash that Aman didnt allow us to change diaper, Kishwar says when Aman lifted me yesterday i surrendered as i was baby, Suyyash but if Mandana or someone doesnt want you to get physical then you cant, Kishwar says what you mean that if we try to lift her then she will kick us? this is game, we can lift people to change diaper.
Rishab throws water on Digi, she starts crying like baby. Mandana says i am going to washroom, Rochelle says you cant go, Mandana runs, Rochelle and Rishab runs behind Aman, he goes in washroom to change diaper as his diaper was torn, he comes out of washroom, Rochelle says you cant change your diaper yourself, Aman says i didnt change it,

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