Lajwanti 17th November 2015 Written Update

Lajwanti 17th November 2015 Written Update

Lajwanti 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Lajwanti 17th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Sunder and lajo are overwhelmed to be back with each other. shakuntala sees this and is very angry. The rituals begin as the moon lights up the sky. He notices lajo’s hand trembling due to the exhaustion, but just then, gunwanti comes and steadies the hand saying that she shall assist him. lajo smiles. They see the moon together through the sieve. chaman comes and sees the married ladies, doing the rituals of breaking the fast with their husbands. Gunwanti stands right behind lajo, as she sees sunder’s face through the sieve, and does the puja. then lajo bends down to take blessings from sunder, and unconsciously, gunwanti too bends down right behind her, touching the ground, thinking and praying to herself that her actual Raam, Sunder be protected. Chaman remembers her slap, and his vengeance and starts clapping, attracting everyone’s attention, towards gunwanti’s hand touching the ground, barely inches away from sunder’s feet right beside lajo’s. gunwanti stands embarassed and tensed too, as chamn stands in front of her. as they all get up, he taunts her and says that she is devoted to one Ram and serving another one. Chaman taunts and says that he is seeing for the first time, that for a single man, two ladies have kept the fast. all are tensed and boggled too, whil gunwanti stands flustered. revathy asks him to shut up, while shakunatala says why should he, as gunwanti’s pretense is exposed now. she says that she too saw the fake care, but never said anything. She tells sunder that lajo indeed has a brave heart that she actually divided him between her and the other woman, as today she has divided the moon with gunwanti, and tomorrow they might share the bed too with him. All are aghast. kishan warns her, while lajo says that its enough, as she has full faith on sunder. she is asked if she trusts gunwanti. lajo is speechless. shakunatala taunts and asks if he knew about this. he says that he just saw all this, and connected the dots. lajo’s hand starts trembling. Shakunatala says that they three have a deep relation, as anyone would be confused, who’s the wife and who’s the other woman, in her anxiety, lajo drops the plate on the floor, shocking them all, while gunwanti is apalled. gunwanti gets down to picking it all up, while lajo is utterly hurt. Gunwanti sets her plate and hands it back to her, saying that sunder’s sita is only lajo, and in this as well as coming births, she shall remain so. She says that she is a mere servant. gunwanti insitigates lajo that gunwanti is spoiling their marriage. chaman says that this is a just sham, as she still wishes to be a married woman. He says that he broke off a relation but not entirely. Sunder asks him to shut up. lajo intervenes and then asks sunder to stop, as chaman is actually right. all are shocked. Gunwanti turns to lajo. She says that she touched the ground that is under sunder’s feet, as she idolises him as ram’s image. she says that if its sin in her eyes, then she apologises profusely. lajo is distraught. lajo says that rituals decide whats right and wrong, as rituals say that she too is wrong, as she had lost hope, but she was the one who guided her towards light, and thanks her for getting him out on bail, and that she is indeed pure. shakuntala continues her taunts, that she is an incomplete woman, who wants to complete herself by doing the fast. Gunwanti says that her taunts sting the ears, but not her heart yet, as it knows full well, that she doesnt mean harm or evil. She congratulates lajo on her first karvachauth. lajo hugs gunwanti, emotionally. Shakuntala and chaman fume. Sunder and revathy smile. gunwanti apologises to others also if she hurt them all. she takes their leave, before angrily eyeing chaman, who eyes her with rage too. She leaves. revathy eyes laho and sunder tensed and comes beside lajo, and tells him to forget everything, as lajo hasnt eaten anything, and asks him to break her fast, by making her drink water. he is concerned for her, and comes to her. she says that she wished to see him more than drink water. he smiles at her. Shakuntala finds sunder progressing ahead to break lajo’s fast and asks him if he is utterly shameless after bail, that he has come to break his wife’s fast, after conducting such a huge theft. kishan stops her. Kishori speaks up and vehemently tells them that he didnt steal. She taunts that the money was found from sunder’s pocket only and asks whats the evidence of innocence. sunder is shocked, while others are tensed. granny comes saying that she shall tell how. Chaman gets worried and tensed, while all others are boggled and surprised. They all confront granny who has come with lal and others. Shakuntala eyes chaman worriedly. granny comes to chaman and faces him with disgust, while all are boggled. She shows him a key, seeing which they are all shocked and surprised. chaman gets scared. She asks him tjhat he knows very well what this is. He denies outright. She slaps him tight across the face. Sunder and others are shocked. the screen freezes on sunder’s face.


Precap: Sunder and chaman enter into a tussle with each other, while the rest of the family members are shocked. He frustratedly asks chaman, what does he want and why is he doing all this. Chaman ends up saying that he wants the separation of this house, and his share in the property and wealth. they are all shocked and apalled. meanwhile the cabinet commission deliberately and finally concludes on the finalities of the partition of the two countries, including lahore. the next morning, reading a report about the separation, in the newspaper, Kishori is meanwhile shocked and apalled.

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