Lajwanti 16th November 2015 Written Update

Lajwanti 16th November 2015 Written Update

Lajwanti 16th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Lajwanti 16th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
While lajo is praying, a glass shatters, and considering it as an omen particularly on karvachauth, she prays to the lord to keep sunder safe.

Back home, when kishori returns, revathy claims, vehemently protests and begs that her son isnt a thief, and asks if he doesnt trust his own upbringing. he says that he doesnt have any evidence aquitting him. lajo comes and says that sudner can never steal, and it must have been a misundertanding. His mother says that he doesnt know, as he is his own blood, and he should get him back anyhow. shakuntala comes back and starts taungint at the double standards, that they have for sunder and chaman, who had fought with sarfaraz. Granny says that sunder is a sincere person and he cant steal. But shakuntala says that she wont stay quiet, as she has understood, that the principles too change like the inmates. revathy says vehemently that he cant steal. shakuntala says that she cant be so adamant, as lajo herself must have placed demands that made sunder helpless to steal. revathy says that lajo doesnt care for jewellery, as only she herself is capable of this, and getting her separated share. revathy says that she never convicted her for that. Shakunatala says that she cant since sunder had the stolen money. Shakunatala tells them that if kishori gets him out on bail, then they shall forever separate. Kishan asks her to shut up, but she doesnt. She tells them that the separation of the country shall not wait for their separation and says that they can still go with them to amritsar. Finally kishori stops her, saying that she hs spoken enough. all stand tensed and distraught, while he begins to go inside. Lajo begs to kishori to grant him bail, falling on his feet. But he goes in, while she calls him once again and shuts the door on their faces, while they are both apalled and distraught. Shakunatala smiles. Gunwanti begins to go to lajo, but shakuntala stops her, reminding that she was very close to being the bahu, but didnt become one, hence she should stay away from their matters. tauntingly, shakuntala asks why does she actually come, to give support to lajo, or be one to sunder. all are aghast to hear her callous comments, while gunwanti is teary eyes, as she retreats back. After gunwanti leaves, lajo asks her how can she be so callous about another woman, when she herself is one. shakunatala taunts that she doesnt know it, but one day, the other woman shall only spoil her married life, and if she still wills to believe gunwanti, then so be it. she leaves. All are tensed. lajo says that she has full faith on sunder as he would never taint the respect of the family. she walks ahead, moving past revathy.

Scene 2:
Location: Police station
Sunder is put behind bars, while he clutches at the iron bars, tensedly, remembering how kishori treated him, and how lajo would be ardently waiting for him, to complete her fast. he is distraught, furious and disheartened, as he thinks about lajo, and screams, completely frustrated, for lajo’s plight. he passes time, wondering that lajo must be hungry for him, without realising that he might not be home at all tonight. The constable tells sunder that his bail has been done, and he is free to go. Sunder is excited to see that kishori has gotten him out on bail. But when he comes out, he is surprised to see that actually someone else has gotten him out on bail.

Scene 3:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Later, revathy keeps coaxing her to drink and eat, as even if the moon comes, there’s not telling when sunder would return. lajo says that her love for sunder is pure, and that the moon therefore is with her, as he wont come out, till sunder doesnt, as she has full faith on her love. revathy begs the lord to get the moon out and get sunder out of jail too. They both are apalled. Shakuntala keeps fuming that the moon isnt rising up. revathy tells lajo that she knows their love is eternal, but it feels that herf irst karvachauth shall be incomplete, as her moon betrayed her today unfortunately. lajo refuses to believe, when gunwanti comes smiling, and says that the moon didnt betray, as lajo’s moon has risen. revathy and ajo are boggled. gunwanti goes upto the door, and signals to reveal someone, who has his back turned to them. Sunder turns around, smiles at lajo romantically and extends his hand and an overwhelmed and ecstatic lajo rushes to him, and then hugs him as he clasps his arms around her, and twirls her around. revathy and gunwanti watch happily. the screen freezes on their faces.


Precap: chaman comes and sees the married ladies, doing the rituals of breaking the fast with their husbands. Gunwanti stands right behind lajo, as she sees sunder’s face through the sieve, and does the puja. then lajo bends down to take blessings from sunder, and unconsciously, gunwanti too bends down right behind her, touching the ground. Chaman taunts her and says that she is devoted to one Ram and serving another one. Chaman taunts and says that he is seeing for the first time, that for a single man, two ladies have kept the fast. all are tensed and boggled too, whil gunwanti stands flustered.

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