scene 1
ishitha: abhishek u go nd freshup ill gt coffee
abhishek: ok
he goes out
Ishitha: mihika doc said dat u cn go home tmrw
mihika: oh ok akka
tears roll down frm her eyes
ishitha sees dat
ishitha: arree wat hppnd y r u crying
mihika: akka am sry u were all worried bcoz of me especially u nd abhishek if smthng hppns 2 me den?? am sooo lucky 2 hv such a wonderful family
ishitha: shh mihikaa u stp crying 1st
she wipes her tears
ishitha: mihika 1st of all ntg will hppn 2 u v r all wid u nd abhishek is always der na
abhishek cms der nd says mihika i shld go 2 station immediately ill b back
mihika: ok bye
abhishek: bye tc ha
ishitha: ha ha u go v will tc of her
abhishek smiles and goes

scene 2
at da police station
Abhishek is hitting rocky in da investigation room
abhishek: abe sala temme fast who told u 2 do dis
rocky: how much u want u cn beat me bt i wont tell da truth
abhishek: dekh rocky dnt test my patience am asking u fr da last time temme fastly
rocky: nahin ill nevr evr tell u
abhishek: u wont listen lik dis
he takes his gun out and he aims at rocky
rocky: nahin saab ill tellu ashok khanna
abhishek: wat ashok khanna
rocky: ha saab he called me nd said if u dnt kill sm1 related 2 bhalla family ill kill ur wife nd children
abhishek: oh tk u dnt wry ill c dat ur punishment gts reduced
he goes

Scene 3
at bhalla’s house
all r present including iyers
Vandu: i want 2 tell u all 1 thng
madhu: wat hppnd vandu is evrythng fine
vandu: amma appa actually mihika is admitted in hsptl she ws shot by 1 of da goon
madhu gts shocked nd falls down
bala holds her
bala: amma b careful
vandu: amma now u need nt wry evrythng is fine she is perfectly alright
appa: vandu hav u gone mad how cn u hide such a thng frm us
bala: appa v r sooo sry bt v dnt hv any otr option u guys will b wrried so v didnt
santosh: shut up yes ur right vll b worried bt dis nt a thng to hide u guys dis a wrong thng

precap: mihika gts discharged frm hsptl


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