Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 13th November 2015 Written Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 13th November 2015 Written Update

Epi begins with Charumita saying it is clear. Ashoka’s motive was to kill his brother only! Bindu seconds Charumita. He tells Dharma that she came in his room. You only told me you are well aware of the enmity between Suhsim and Ashoka. You only told me about Ashoka and Ahankara’s relation. Dharma is shocked. When did I say so? Bindu tells her to stop lying. You only came to my room to beg for Ashoka’s life. You told me everything yourself. She says you are mistaken. This angers him. You are calling me a liar? She denies. We dint have any such convo. I will never support something that is wrong, even if he is my son. He tells her to stop. I dint know you will play such a big game with me. You showed me your real face today! You are a cheater and selfish person. I am so pained today. I regret calling a woman like you Dharma. Ashoka looks angry. Bindu regrets finding out the real face of a person before trusting her so much. How could I make such a big mistake? You have turned the tables of lies around so easily. It all seems like a big bad dream. I cannot believe any of it. I made a mistake so many years ago. I want to rectify it today. From today onwards, you will be called by your original name – Shubhadrangi, and not Dharma. Ashoka says you are right Samrat. You have made such a big mistake in recognizing someone for the first time. Dharma tells him to stop. Ashoka tells him to give him any punishment. I request you not to blame my mother for what she hasn’t done. Bindu announces Ashoka guilty. He should be given death penalty. Dharma looks at him shocked. Everyone present in the court is stunned too.

Dharma pleads Bindu not to do it. She faints. Ashoka screams Ma. The soldiers stop him. The Daasis’ help Dharma. They take her inside. Ashoka struggles to break free. I want to go to my mom. Acharya Chanakya enters just then. The soldiers move away from Ashoka on his signal. Everyone greets him. Acharya Chanakya asks Bindu if this decision was necessary. Mahamadhya says you dint have to ask this question if you had reached here a while ago. You don’t know what Ashoka has done. Acharya Chanakya knows it already. This is why I am here. Rajmata Helena asks him why he is supporting Ashoka then. a traitor should be killed. My son Justin was also given death penalty. I had killed him with my own hands. Why not Ashoka then? Just because he is your disciple? Acharya Chanakya says your son’s intentions were also made clear along with his crime. He had given the reason behind wanting to kill Samrat and his family. A culprit’s punishment should be decided only after finding all the reasons behind it. I am sure Ashoka dint intend to kill Sushim. Mahamadhya insists that was so. Acharya Chanakya talks about a last instance where truth was made lie. I was also a part of that lie. The people present there had understood it that day that both truth and lies and spoken at times. Samrat was under pressure to lie. Maybe Ashoka is under some pressure. Maybe he is hiding the truth. He requests Bindu to give some time to prove the truth. A soldier comes to update Bindu on Sushim’s condition. His condition is very critical. If he lives by tonight then he will be fine. Charumita rushes off to see her son.

Charumita comes to see Sushim. Vaid ji shares that the situation has gone out of hand. I don’t know if he will be alive tomorrow or not. Charumita holds him by his neck. Nothing should happen to my son. Raj Vaid’s disciples request her to pardon Raj Vaid. Charumita cries seeing Sushim.

Bindu sticks to his decision. Ashoka will be hanged tomorrow morning itself. The soldiers take away Ashoka. Acharya Chanakya notices Ahankara crying badly.

Bindu thinks of pleading to Bindu. Daasi stops her. Dharma insists to talk to Bindu. I will take him away from here. I can live without Samrat but not my son. The Daasi says a traitor cannot get out of here alive. She tells Dharma everything that happened in the court.

Raj Vaid gives up on Sushim. Everyone is shocked. Rajmata Helena acts. I cannot see my grandson dying before my eyes. You have to save him. I am not that strong. Siamak talks to Sushim. You never give up. I challenge you to fight with me. Are you scared of losing? You are a coward! Get up. His little brother asks his mother if he will really lose both his brothers tomorrow morning? Bindu walks out of there. Chanakya refuses to let this injustice happen. I have tonight to do something.

Precap: Acharya Chanakya requests Bindu for some time to find out Ashoka’s truth. Bindu is not interested to give Ashoka a chance. Acharya Chanakya thinks about this difficult situation. It is almost impossible to help Ashoka now.

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