Kalash 13th November 2015 Written Update

Kalash 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Kalash 13th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Savitri comes to Rekha and ask why we are doing Devika’s haldi? she is married, Rekha says i decided to do Devika’s marriage ritual too alongwith Sakshi, Savitri says do what you want.
Monty’s haldi is going on too, Manju and relatives are joking that Monty is glowing from the time he met Sakshi, Monty thinks that what will Sakshi after knowing truth? will she break this marriage? what will Manju think about me? how will it affect Devika and Ravi’s relation? maybe i will get Pallavi if Sakshi breaks this marriage then all will be happy.
Navi thinks that my time is getting wasted in these stupid rituals, she ask Ravi what ritual will be in Rekha’s house? Ravi says like Monty’s haldi was going on in my house, Sakshi’s haldi will be here, Navi ask if Devika’s haldi will be too here? Ravi says yes and i will apply Haldi to her first.
Navi, Ravi and Devika comes in Rekha’s house, Savitri thinks that why this Navi is always with them? Navi says to Rekha that i will leave, i just came to drop Ravi and Devika, Rekha ask her to join the function, Navi says okay and thinks that no one should feel odd now that i am here.
Devika gives gift to Pallavi which is sent my Manju for Sakshi, Pallavi teases Devika that how was your last night with Ravi as you were drunk? Devika ask her to not joke, Rekha comes and tells Devika that its your haldi too, Devika says there is no need for this, Ravi comes and says we should enjoy rituals, it will good if DEvika’s haldi happen too, Rekha smiles and leaves. Devika brings Ravi in room and ask what happened last night between them? she says i dont remember anything and Pallavi was teasing me about it too but i dont remember anything, Ravi teases her more, Devika locks door and says i wont let you leave this room without telling me, she ask what was i doing after getting drunk? did i dance there? Ravi says this is just small part, you did much more than that, i will tell you everything but i have one condition, Devika says you always take advantage of my problems, whats your condition? Ravi says i want to apply Haldi on your face, Devika says i wont allow you to touch my face, Ravi says then i will not tell you anything about last night, people will keep asking and teasing about last night, Devika says okay you can apply Haldi on my face but dont do anything cheap, Ravi says you think i am cheap? i will not tell anything, Devika says no,i didnt mean that, Ravi says then say this with love that i can apply haldi on your face, Devika smilingly says that you can apply Haldi on my face, Ravi says ok and i will tell you about your drunk night too. Navi is waiting outside room for Ravi and Devika and thinks what they are doing inside? Ravi and Devika comes out, Pallavi ask Devika what she was doing inside room with Ravi? Devika ask her to not tease her, Rekha says to Devika that dont tell Pallavi but tell me what was happening inside? all laughs, Devika shyly looks at Ravi, Navi sees them and thinks why Devika is giving weird looks to Ravi? i have to find how much far they have gone in their relation.
Ravi and Devika are looking at each other and smiling, Saket comes there and greets everyone, all are displeased to see him there except Savitri, Saket says to Ravi that dont get angry on me, i have come here for some work, he says to Savitri that lawyer is asking about papers for Sakshi’s case which i gave to you, Savitri says yes those papers are with me, come with me, i will give it to you, she leaves with Saket, Ravi thinks that this jerk finds stupid reasons to come in our functions but i wont allow him in wedding,

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