Maharana Pratap 12th November 2015 Written Update

Maharana Pratap 12th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Maharana Pratap 12th November 2015 Written Update

Pratap thinks of going to Haldi Ghaati area to help his Bheel friends. He notices them coming right then. Rana Punja tries to wake up Megha. He has lost lot of blood. He talks to Pratap. He will be fine once we treat him. HK shakes his head at Pratap. Everyone is sad. Pratap stops Rana Punja. HK keeps Megha’s body down. Pratap tries to close the eyes of Rana Punja’s son. Rana Punja refuses to believe it that his son is dead. Pratap tries his best to make him understand. He has breathed his last. We are proud of your son. He is a martyr! He hugs Rana Punja. We will take revenge from that Mughal certainly. We wont spare that Muhgal!

MK is on his way back to where Akbar is. I cannot go back like this. He trusted me so much. I cannot show him my face. His commander advises to wait for another troop to join them but MK refuses to back off. The BHeels are pretty less in number. They cannot stop us. They decide to halt there itself. We will attack them tomorrow morning itself.

Phool is doing puja. CK keeps reassuring Maan. DB says I have no hope from this war. Phool turns to her. You are elder to all of us. You have seen lots of wars. You should boost our morale but you are scaring us all instead. We are living in fear since Ajabde’s death. We don’t want to lose our loved ones again. Now I have decided not to live in this fear anymore. How will we face future otherwise? Why not hope of positive things? CK agrees with her.

Pratap looks at the map of Haldi Ghaati. He wants to organize an emergency meeting. I have a plan to tackle MK and his men. We will have to kill all of them. His commander goes to call everyone for the meeting.

Phool covers the diya as strong wind blows. DB smirks. This storm indicates destruction only! She asks a Daasi to update her as and when she gets any news about the war.

Akbar prays to God to help him make his dream come alive. He gets to know that Pratap has joined the BHeels. Akbar calls an emergency meeting too. We should send another troop to where MK is. He should be ready to face this new challenge.

Pratap asks Amar to rest in his tent. Amar sadly leaves from there. We might have lost a lot many Bheels today but the good thing is, the Mughals backed off a little. We will have to try harder tomorrow. They will try to push us back towards the fort. He tells them of his new plan. He talks about a piece of land that they will use to attack on Mughals.

Akbar too thinks that Rajputs will use that barren land to attack on us. The grass is way too long there. On the other hand, Pratap thinks from Akbar’s point of view. He will try to surround us from all the corners. Akbar too thinks of the same. One of his commanders asks him why he dint choose Maan Singh for this. We always plan to make a Rajput stand against another Rajput. Akbar accepts that they always do it. But tomorrow is not Maan Singh’s day. Akbar wants to use Amar against the Rajputs tomorrow in the war. Maan Singh’s Rajput dharma stops him.

Pratap knows Akbar will try to use Amar as their weakness. HK gives credit to Amar for how they forced Mughals back. Pratap agrees. But he will have to leave for Udaipur. All his commanders disagree. HK says he is a great warrior, even though young. He should be here. He is exactly like you. Pratap does not doubt his son’s capability but he lacks experience. Mughals will try to make a deal if they catch us. We all can stand against them but you all will stoop down before that Mughal if such a situation arises. He will have to go back. They all get thinking. They discuss the rest of the plan.

Precap: MK comes face to face with Pratap. Mughal soldiers surround him as he is alone. MK mocks Pratap.

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