Tu Mera Hero 12th November 2015 Written Update

Tu Mera Hero 12th November 2015 Written Update

Tu Mera Hero 12th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Tu Mera Hero 12th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Govind asking Titu to take care of Pyaari. Titu says sure. Govind goes. Titu says he will take care of Pyaari well. Mukund, Keshav and Titu see the bike and like it a lot. Mukund says who will explain our wives why we like bikes. Titu says like they love jewelry, we love bikes. He sits on the bike and says its great. He says lets go. Mukund says we will take a trial and keep it back. Keshav says I will open the door, start bike and bring it. They stop seeing their wives coming. They leave.

Someone wearing gloves hold Pyaari. Its morning, Titu gets up and smiles seeing Panchi. He says he forgot to cover Pyaari and rushes to see. He does not see the bike and get shocked. Mukund says how can Pyaari go on its own. Titu then sees Pyaari and thanks Lord. Keshav says it was parked there at night. Titu says no, it was here. Keshav says we will see her. Titu removes the cover. They get shocked seeing Pyaari damaged. Keshav asks them did they drive it, what did they go. Titu says not me, Mukund. Mukund says no, I did not drive, Titu has done this. Titu says I went with Panchi. They argue.

Titu asks who has taken it then. Surekha comes there and they cover the bike. She blesses them and goes. Titu says Mukund took bike and blaming me. Mukund says Titu is framing me being afraid of Govind. Keshav thinks did Titu do this or Mukund, I don’t know, Titu can do mischief, Mukund is expert in hiding things. Titu tells Panchi that Mukund has done this. Panchi says fine, you should save Mukund from Govind’s scolding. He nods. Vaishaili asks Mukund to save Titu, being his elder brother. He nods. Bhagwati asks Keshav to explain Titu and Mukund, and solve this. He agrees.

Keshav, Mukund and Titu have a talk. Titu says he is younger brother and they should think how to get rid of this problem. Mukund thinks he is saying as if I broke the bike. He says we will think how to solve this. Titu thinks Mukund is saying as if I damaged the bike. Keshav says fine, I have an idea, we will get mechanic. Rekha tells her friends about Pyaari. She tells Surekha about Kokila, who shows off a lot. She falls down and cries. The mechanic says this bike is costly, it can’t be perfect, I will try, similar bike got damaged, it was of some sardar.

Titu asks who. Mukund says it means some other bike’s headlight also broke. Govind walks there and they all hide. They leave and come home. Keshav says headlight will come in 2 days, we have to stop everyone from seeing it. Rekha gets her friends to show Pyaari. Titu says it’s a bike, whats there to see. Rekha says why not, we shopped for lakhs and got this bike, lets see how this looks. Mukund stops her and says it won’t look good. Keshav stops Rekha and she still goes to see Pyaari.

They all stop Rekha and hold her back. Rekha shouts Pyaari. Govind comes and says I told everyone not to touch Pyaari. He says he will take Pyaari for ride. The pandit comes. Rekha asks for mahurat. Govind says no one will touch Pyaari before tomorrow evening. He goes. The brothers all worry. Keshav signs Titu. Titu gets thinking.

Govind cries and tells Surekha about Pyaari’s accident, the headlight broke, it happened by me. She asks really.
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