Bigg Boss 11 November 2015 Written Update

Bigg Boss 11st November 2015 Written Update

Bigg Boss 11st November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Bigg Boss 11st November 2015 Written Update

Day 32
Happy Diwali song plays, inmates wake up and dance together, A rangoli is there in garden.

There is glass box placed in lounge in which gifts for all housemates are placed sent from their families, Aman wishes Rochelle and Mandana Diwali, Rochelle shows him box and says they will give us task to get gifts too? we dont want it.

Mandana says to Digi that you should make food which everyone eats not which only Kishwar and Suyyash eats. Kishwar says to Rimi that Mandana is scolding Digi, what kind of girl is she? Rimi says in end you, Suyyash and Prince will be at one side, Kishwar says what you mean? Rimi says you three will be at one side and others will be against you.
In kitchen, Rochele says captain should be strong, Mandana even then things wont change as they are thugs(Kishwar and co).

Rochelle says to Mandana that Prince does stop things, look at his sense, he is looking like maid, these people are so foodie, Prince cant work withouth eating paratha, Mandana says that Rimi says that she is paid audience, all she does is that she eats, talks little and sit in corner.
Suyyash says to Prince that if Mandana and Rochelle fight then think where Rochelle will go? she have no friend, Kishwar says they will have fight definitely.

Bigg boss wishes them Diwali and says you all must be missing your family, he ask Rishab who is missing his or her family more? Rishab says Digi is youngest one so she should be missing most, Bigg boss ask Digi to to go in trouble double room and stand in one booth, Bigg boss ask Rishab to tell two names more, he gives Puneet and Mandana’s name, they go in booths too. Bigg boss says to Digi, Mandana and Puneet that you all can get gifts from your family, you will be given options here, first option is that if one of them presses the button then all housemates will get gifts, if two of them presses the button then third one will get gift, if three of them presses the button then only three housemates will given gifts which was chosen by them, if if none of them presses the button then no one will get gift. Mandana, Digi and Puneet thinks, Digi and Mandana doesnt press button while Puneet presses it. they come in lounge, Bigg boss says only Puneet pressed button so all will get gifts, everyone scream in happiness.
Prince opens his gift sent from his family, its family photo, he starts crying, Suyyash and Kishwar hugs him, Kishwar says we are with you, Rochelle gets message from her mother that she is not with them on Diwali but they can see her and miss her alot, Rochelle cries, Rishab hugs her and consoles her. Aman has got mug which has pictures of her girlfriend, he shows it to Mandana, she says she is very hot and nice, Aman gets emotional, Mandana hugs and consoles. Kishwar says to Suyyash that i cant live in this house much, Suyyash says dont lose patience, you have to marry me too after show, Kishwar smiles.

Kishwar reads instructions given by bigg boss that Highway task had to be stopped in middle so Bigg boss is giving them another task, this task is entertainment and fun filled, task name is “Bigg bosses got talent”.
Team A: Rishab, Aman, Rochelle, Digangana.
Team B: Suyyash, Puneet, Kishwar and Rimi.
both teams have to do dance, play and stand-up comedy. There will dance competition between Rochelle and Rimi. Both teams will show a incident happened in house as their skit. Puneet and Suyyash have to write and compose song which has essence of some incident happened in house. In Team A, Aman and Rishab will show play wherer Rishab will be his puppet. Prince and Mandana will be judges of this task.
Kishwar says to Suyyash that make it funny as Rishab has very good comic timing.
Kishwar says to Rimi that you will eat Rochelle in dance so we are winning on competition hands down, Rimi rolls her eyes.

Rochelle says to Kishwar that Suyyash cant take part in dance, only Rimi and i can practice dance in lounge, Kishwar sys he was just listening song, you are saying this as i asked Rishab to not teach you earlier, Aman says he cant rehearse with her, Rochelle says he cant dance, Kishwar says he was just listening song, Prince says to Rochelle that if your song have boy’s part then you can practice with any boy, Kishwar says Rochelle doesnt understand anything, she never understand any task, call in confession room, i wanna talk about task, Rochelle thinks that rimi will have competition with Suyyash in dance, Suyyash’s role in dance was to just irk Rimi and leave so she will start dancing, Rochelle says to camera that this fun task and they are fighting in it too.
Rishab says suyyash should not help Rimi, Kishwar says to Rishab that you are a spoil sport.
Rochelle is crying, Aman consoles her, Prince comes there and ask Aman to leave from there, Aman says she is crying, i am consoling her, Prince ask why are you crying? Rochelle says this is Diwali and even then they are fighting and calling me mad, brainless etc, Prince says she didnt say anything like that, Rochelle says i cant do anything with you people as you fight in fun tasks too.
Rishab comes to talk, Suyyash says we dont wanna talk, leave from here, he pushes away Rishab, Rishab ask him to not touch and dont shout, Suyyash says i am not dancing nor i am shouting, leave now.
Rochelle says to Prince that you people are fighting with us since morning, its Diwali but you people.. Prince says nothing is one sided, Rochelle shouts to leave her alone, Prince ask her to lower her voice, Mandana comes there, pushes Prince away, he says you are hitting me again, Mandana comes to Rochelle who is crying incoherently, she ask why are you shouting? Rochelle says i was crying, Aman was consoling me, Prince came and said why Aman is here?
Digi ask Kishwar why she is getting angry? Kishwar says they dont understand anything, if you had this song then wouldnt you use any boy in it? Digi says you are correct, Kishwar says if bigg boss had problem with Rimi using Suyyash in song then he would have warned us but who is Rochelle to point it out?
Mandana says to Aman that they do drama in everything, Rochelle says Rimi is professional dancer and still Suyyash is helping her, i havent given dance performance in life, digi comes and says Suyyash is not performing, only Rimi is doing it, Rochelle says i dont wanna dance, Rochelle says you know i was crying, aman came to hug me, Prince came and shouted that why Aman is with me, Digi says dont drag me in all this, Mandana says you are part of their group, Digi says i dont have any group.
Kishwar says to Prince that Rochelle is afraid that she has to compete with Rimi, she knows that she will lose but atleast she should to task sportingly, i lost fish task yesterday too but i didnt it sportingly.

BB got talent starts. Rimi and Rochelle dances. Team A starts their play. Rishab, Aman, Digi and Rochelle are showing play, they make fun of Rimi in play, all laughs and clap for them. Now Team B comes, Kishwar wears Rishab’s jacket and acts like he was doing when he entered house like a devil, Puneet acts like Prince, Puneet ask Kishwar/Rishab to make parathas, Kishwar/Rishab says that i am captain, Puneet/Prince says hell with your captaincy, they show how rishab get silent and afraid when someone shouts, all clap for them.
Round 3 starts. Aman and Rishab comes on stage, Rishab is acting like puppet, Aman says we will say few things about inmates, Aman says where Lord cant reach, Kishwar can, she is angry, egoistic, brings out sword, starts war, if you ask her how is she then she answers that i am better than you, if you ask her will she drink water then she will reply that i will drink your blood, all laughs, Kishwar says i was in vampire scene. Aman says now we will talk about Rochelle Rao, she is very pure hearted, she fights but become friend again, he acts in her accent, Rochelle laughs, their act ends. Prince says now Suyyash and Puneet will sing song, suyyyash sings while Puneet plays tampora, Suyyash sings that Aman came with hairs but lost in task, Rishab came as wild but became mild, Digi’s hairs are of 50kilos, she can give some to Aman, Mandana and Rochelle’s hindi bores them, suyyash’s Kishwar’s servant, does her all work, Suyyash says dont say anything, i am marrying her in February, all enjoy their song. Mandana says this is tie for me, Mandana says Rimi’s dance was best but accident was minus point, Rochelle did it gracefully, skit got be little bit bores but we know Rimi is boring, Kishwar’s skit was very nice, Suyyash’s song was mind-blowing, for me there is no group A or B, it it tie for me, Prince says in first round Rochelle was fine but then she lost her posture in dance, Rochelle says its Diwali, you can make anyone win but i dont want to listen this dissection, i did dance for my fans, Prince says i am not saying that you did anything wrong, Prince says Digi was superb as Rimi in skit, 3rd round was done best by both teams, Mandana says that our decision is that its tie between both teams, so you give final decision, Big boss congratulate them for doing good task, Bigg boss says as this is tie as per judges so now luxury budget is for whole house which is in store room, all thank bigg boss, Rishab brings luxury budget hamper, all see it, Abhi toh party shuru hui song starts playing, inmates dance on song, Mandana and Aman puts luxury budget things in kitchen, there is fireworks, inmates wishes happy Diwali.

PRECAP- Rishab ask Mandana why she doesnt clean carpet? Mandana says dont talk me about it. Prince says let me become captain then i will make her clean carpet only. Mandana takes off her mike and says i wont wear it now. Later there is task between Rochelle and Suyyash for captaincy.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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Bigg Boss 11st November 2015 Written Update, Bigg Boss Season 9 Double Trouble 11st November 2015 Written Episode, Bigg Boss 11st November 2015 Written Story.

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