Sarojini 11st November 2015 Written Update

Sarojini 11st November 2015 Written Update

Sarojini 11st November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Sarojini 11st November 2015 Written Update

The episode starts with Soumendra telling Manu that they should spend some time in her room. Manu happily agrees and says their thoughts match. Soumendra keeps Manu’s phone on sofa, looks at Sarojini and follows Manu. Sarojini picks phone and tries to unlock it, but cannot due to password protection. She goes to kitchen. Nirjhara asks if she unlocked mobile. Sarojini says no, phone is password protected. Nirjhara says she saw Manu drawing some pattern and shows it. Phone unlocks.

In room, Manu asks Soumendra to kiss her. He pushes her. She gets angry. He says he was just joking and say she has planned a surprise birthday party for her. She says it sounds good. He walks out silently.

Manu’s goad bharai ceremony starts with her wearing angel’s dress and sitting on special seat. Dushyanth gives her gifts and says she is making her daada and he is very happy. Sangram congratulates Dushyanth for becoming dada. Everyone gives their gift to Manu.

Manu starts dancing and singing chocolate lime juice icecream toffyan….song.. from hum aapke hain kaun movie around Soumendra. After her drama, Soumendra tells Manu he has a special gift for her and plays video recorded by her wearing Sarojini’s mask. When she is about to kiss Soumendra, Sarojini knocks door and Soumendra pushes Manu. Manu thinks nobody should know that nothing happened between them. Manu is shocked. Soumendra asks how was his and Sarojini’s gift.

Dushyanth asks Nirjhara to punish Manu for insulting his family name. Nirjhara asks Manu how dare she is to play with his son’s dignity and gives her a tight slap. Sangram shouts. Dushyanth says he can tolerate anything but not lie for his grandson. Manu tries to slap Sarojini, but Soumendra holds her hand. Manu starts crying vigorously hugging Sangram. Sangram tells Dushyanth that Soumendra and Manu will stay in a room like husband and wife, else he will take all powers give to him and ruin Soumendra’s life. Soumendra asks if he has gone mad and says he will kick out Manu now. Soumendra says if his daughter goes out, his men will not spare them and orders his goons to bring their weapons and sorround them all. Soumendra tries to react, but Sarojini stops him. Sangram singh orders Sarojini not to come between Soumendr and Manu, else his goons will shoot them all. He orders goons if something happens to Manu, they can shoot without a second thought. Manu smirks and greets him bye papa and claps saying her mother-in-law slap came in her favor and asks Sarojini to pack her bags now.

Precap: Soumendra drags Manu out of house. Sangram enters, says he will kill Sarojini, and points gun at her. Soumendra points gun at Manu and says if he shoots Sarojini, even Manu will be killed.

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