Sadda Haq 10th November 2015 Written Update

Sadda Haq 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Sadda Haq 10th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Everyone is sleepy in the class. Randhir says pkc is doing this to blackmail us. Sanyu says only few days are left and he is taking extra classes.
Vid is studying in the library. PKC comes in the class. He says you are all in final year you have to behave responsibly. These classes are for your better. Please take whatever I say seriously. Go and fill the forms admin has.

They all come to admin and see the notice that final students have to give all the exams. Yoyo says what is this. Parth says PKC wanna show that he is so powerful. Randhir says yes. SAnyu says we will handle this situation i have a plan.

They are all in class. Sanyu writes something on board. she tells them the plan. She says I have assigned everyone a subject. We will study each assigned subject thoroughly and we will cheat the rest. Randhir says what? Parth says you talking about cheating. Rnadhir says how will we cheat? sanyu says we are engineers, we will do something.

Randhir is in the lab. sanyu is also working. She says why are you copying mine? he says I was just seeing. Yoyo says i cant do all this. We can use mobiles.
PKC comes in lab and says what are you people doing? Show me what you are hiding yoyo? Yoyo says nothing sir. Yoyo says you wanna help us? PKC says no question from past year will be repeated. And you dont have to rote learn. It will be logical.

Sanyu says we can cheat from calculator. We will place a chip in it and no one will know it. We will keep all the answers. Parth says now. Randhir says this isn’t a good idea. Randhir says how do we even know it will work. Think of another idea.
Randir says we will integrate our pens with calculator. We will use this pen. Randhir says we just have to create this pen. Sanyu says cool.
Yoyo says sanyu give me another subject. Randhir says mine is toughest. Sanyu says lets toss. They write subjects on board. Randhir says you chose my subject. Sanyu says this is toughest. He says I can do this. They fight, sanyu falls on him.

A company texts randhir that they are hiring new interns in california. He says I applied for both of us. They wanna conduct interviews. We have to pitch them a new competition. We have to beat the best. Sanyu says we will. I have something in mind. We can work on a basic idea.

Precap-Sanyu says surprise? He says I can do anything for your smile. He dances with her.

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