Bigg Boss 9th November 2015 Written Update

Bigg Boss 9th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Bigg Boss 9th November 2015 Written Update

Day 28 (continued)
Bigg boss says to inmates that its time for nominations and Salman will supervise it, Salman will be in garden area, inmates will go one by one there and nominate two inmates, Prince is already nominated, Mandana and Rishab have immunity this week so no one will nominate them. Salman says to inmates that they have nominate two inmates. Pictures of all inmates are placed on wheel(dartboard) in garden area, inmates will put dart on inmate’s picture whom they want to nominate. dartboard is placed in garden, Salman will be there while inmates will come there one by one and nominate two inmates whom they want (not an open nomination).
AMAN: he says Kishwar has anger and doesnt listen to anyone, he nominates KISHWAR. he says Suyyash is man but doesnt take stand and have no brains, all decisions are taken by Kishwar in their relationship, Suyyash is women and Kishwar in man in their relation, he nominates SUYYASH.
SUYYASH: he says Puneet is still in past that he is star and all, Salman says he has talent but didnt get work so he has frustration, he nominates PUNEET, he says Rochelle is changing priorities, he nominates ROCHELLE.
RIMI: she says nominates ROCHELLE as she over reacts, she nominates AMAN as she doesnt understand him.
ROCHELLE: she nominates PUNEET as he doesnt listen anyone. she nominates RIMI and says its high time she should go, i felt bad for Yuvika today.
RISHAB: he nominates ROCHELLE and says she is two faced, he nominates RIMI and says i didnt expect that she would be involved in spitting too.
PRINCE: he says i get negative vibes from Puneet, he nominates PUNEET and says Aman doesnt talk to anyone himself, he nominates AMAN.
DIGANGANA: she says i know what my parents are thinking but Puneet was trying to manipulate me, she nominates PUNEET. she nominates AMAN and says i dont understand him, Salman hugs her, she says i didnt spat in food, he says spit*, she says yes.
PUNEET: he nominates KISHWAR and says she is main culprit behind everything. he nominates DIGANGANA and says she didnt listen to me what her mother said to me.
KISHWAR: she nomintes PUNEET for his weird behavior. she nominates ROCHELLE and says she fluctuate alot.
MANDANA: she nominates RIMI and says she is boring and not interesting, all she want to do is to sit all the time. she nominates KISHWAR and says its very bad quality to spit in food.

bigg boss says nominations are done. people nominated are PRINCE, RIMI, ROCHELLE, AMAN, KISHWAR and PUNEET. Bigg boss says its time for Salman to leave, all get sad, they all greet Salman, Salman thanks everyone and leaves.
Day 29
Awain Awain song starts playing, Prince doesnt dance, Rochelle brings him, he dances then.

Kishwar says we are low on ration so i was thinking that we should avoid tea, Prince says guests come on saturdays so we should avoid it other days, Mandana says we should calculate how much milk is consumed per day.

Rochelle says to Mandana that i explained to Kishwar that if i talk to you then that doesnt mean i am against Kishwar and co, Mandana says week by week people will go, groups will shrink, you dont have to explain to anyone. Aman says Kishwar made fool of herself ion dog task, Mandana says if she had wrist problem then she would have stopped but she didnt, she is so stuboorn that she is showing me ego still, Rochelle says she want captaincy to remain in her group, i told her that Rishab made her dog but she took his side whan it comes to captaincy, Mandana says they knew that they cant control me if i become captain but they can control Rishab easily.

Kishwar says to Mandana and Prince that Aman put so much oil in food, Rishab says then tell him to not do it, Prince says i will tell him that Mandana and i will handle Kitchen, Aman comes there, Prince says from now on, i and Mandana will cook, you should do soem other work, Mandana says we need to save oil.

Aman says to Puneet that you shouldnt have said things to Digi, Puneet says but her mother asked me to take care of her. Rishab says i like Dig alot, she is really sweet but her parents are not good, they put her in problem, i hate them, when we were working together, they shouted and abused so much. Mandana says to Puneet that i would give her family’s message to her but i would not tell her that your parents must feeling disgusted because of her decisions, she can take her decisions, Puneet says i dont care, people are waiting for me, Mandana says you should start understanding people, you are new here and you should start mingling with people instead of keep thing that they are your enemy here, Puneet agrees.

Puneet is Sitting alone in the garden area, Puneet attempts a cappella music to ‘Raat Suhani Aayi’ by clapping his hands and stomping his feet. Singing and dancing, he slides down the railing of the stairs to the sky lounge and jumps over the park chair.

Aman says to Digi that this food is not cooked nicely, its half cooked, dont eat it, Digi leaves food without finishing it.
Kishwar says Digi takes so much time in eating.
Digi brings food in kitchen and throws it in dustbin. Suyyash calls her and says i saw throwing food, Digi says it was not cooked well and it had smell, Suyyash tastes and says you didnt heat it and saying that its not cooked well, you threw all the food, Kishwar says you could have used microwave but you dont use your brain, Suyyash says you could have asked someone, Digi looks at Aman who ask her to not say anything.

Bigg boss has given chance to nominated inmates, all the nominated inmates will have to tell their biography and give reasons why they deserve to stay on the house to other inmates, out of all the nominated contestants, one of them, will get a chance to get safe, The non-nominated members will then vote for their preferred contestants and whosoever attains most votes will get SAFE.

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