Mohi 9th November 2015 Written Update

Mohi 9th November 2015 Written Update

Mohi 9th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Mohi 9th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mohi saying she will make Prasad. Shanta says they all thought good, she is glad`that they all are together. She says Manohar raised the family well and gave good values. Manohar says my family is my earnings. They all smile. Ayush tells Sharad that he has to explain the work to his boss. Sharad brings pendrive for Ayush. He says he has got action movies, this golden chance can be gone, we will watch it. He says he has sent Shubhangi to sleep with Deepa and Anjali in their room. He insists and convinces Ayush. Ayush says fine, I will keep documents in room.

Sharad asks Mohi to keep the documents in Ayush’s room. Ayush asks her to be careful and keep it on table. She goes. Ayush says this papers has his future, if he gives papers to his new boss DK, his problem will be solved. Shanta hears Ayush saying the papers are very important. Mohi keeps the papers on the table in Ayush’s room and goes. Shanta comes there to steal the papers. She takes their pic as they sleep in weird way. She scares them and wakes them up. She laughs. She shows them the pic she clicked and asks them to clean the room, else she will send this pic to Anusha and everyone.

Its morning, Sharad and Ayush are sleeping in the room. Shubhangi comes there and sees the room messed. She thinks what to do. Ayush asks how can you do this. She says I can do this. Ayush and Sharad clean the room. She asks them to clean floor too. They clean the floor too.

Shanta talks to Swati and Shubhangi. She says she has seen the photo album, Anusha is beautiful. She wishes to meet Anusha. Sharad says yes, Anusha will be here in some time, you can talk to her, Dr. Vinay called, they are coming here to fix marriage date, Anusha is coming along. Mohi looks at Ayush.

Anusha talks to Ayush and says she is so excited, that their marriage is getting fixed. He says congrats. She asks what a cold reaction, what does he mean, its their wedding. He apologizes for being rude to her and avoiding her, he is an idiot, but he loves her. She says I love you too. They laugh and she says she will come soon. Ayush gets DK’s call . DK asks Ayush to submit file soon, he is reaching office. Ayush confidently says he will get the file.

Mohi takes the old newspaper to give to junk. Ayush’s documents goes with it. Ayush tells Sharad that his problem will be solved after giving file to DK. Rekha compliments Anusha seeing her in salwar suit. Anusha says she is going to meet Shanta. She asks Rekha to come along. Rekha says I have NGO meeting, Vinay is coming with you, say my sorry to them. Anusha asks shall I buy some gift for them. Rekha says yes, buy something different. Rekha thinks to stop the marriage.

Ayush shouts Mohi and asks about the papers. Mohi gets puzzled.
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