Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th November 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th November 2015 Written Update

Sath Nibhana Saathiya 8th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita crying and explaining family. She says she has gone to terrace to have fresh air, she has been kept at home since long, she was rushing downstairs as she has seen Raman being hurt, they have hurt her now she can’t be here. Raman tries to stop her. Ishita smiles and wipes her tears. She leaves. Mrs. Bhalla says if she is Ishita, she will come back on her own. Abhishek says I will bring her back. Everyone worry.

Ishita goes to some place and meets Ashok. Ashok says he was waiting for her since long. She says she tried to come soon. She tells about her note, last time they met before her death, Ashok told her to kill Raman. Ashok says yes, but how will you do this. She says I will manage, I never break my promise, I m sorry, I m doing this for you, I hate Raman as much as you hate him. Ashok says I knew this, you will support me. He says he will drop her. She says I don’t want anyone to spot us together, I will manage. She gets his car and he leaves. Abhishek looks on. She leaves in the taxi. Abhishek gets thinking.

He follows Ishita. Ishita comes to someone’s house. She sees the mirror and looks at her face. She asks who am I, what is my identity, is this my identity. Shagun is seen as Ishita’s reflection in the mirror. Shagun says its your face, but I m in you, we are incomplete without each other, you have done what I wanted, you became my shadow, you have to find the root of the matter and complete my dreams. Ishita agrees to stay as her shadow. They both get teary eyed.

The suspense breaks. They both hold hands and cry. There is no real mirror and the things are kept exactly opposite to show the empty space appears as a mirror. Shagun comes to Ishita’s side. Shagun says its happening as we wanted, our plan is working, but our destination is still far, we have to reach there. Ishita hugs Shagun and cries. Shagun calls her great, she is bearing so much, that’s not easy, to behave like she is being possessed by Shagun’s soul is not easy, everyone hates Ishita which Shagun deserves. Ishita asks why, you don’t deserve hatred, you have done all this for me and Raman, we both want one thing, I m stranger for my family, and you have shown your death to your kids, this was not easy, if you do this act, can’t I become a part of your act.

Ishita wipes Shagun’s tears. She touches her womb and asks how is baby. Shagun says your baby is fine, very special, he will be courageous like his two mums. Ishita says he will have two mums, Devi and Yashoda. They hug and smile. Abhishek walks in and says so you have come here for this. Ishita and Shagun look at him.

She asks Ishita why did she do this drama to meet her baby. Ishita says sorry to put plan in risk, I wanted to meet baby and Shagun. He asks did she come to see if he kept Shagun well. Shagun says I m very comfortable. Abhishek asks did Ashok agree Ishita has Shagun’s spirit. Ishita says yes thankfully. Someone rings the bell. Ishita asks Shagun to hide. Shagun goes to hide.

Abhishek checks at the door. It happens to be Prateek. Abhishek smiles and says you scared me friend, come. Ishita says Prateek, I m sorry as I could not thank you. Prateek asks how did he act. Ishita says Raman was not ready to believe this. Prateek says it was toughest to make Raman believe. Ishita says I had to do all those dramas. Prateek says Abhishek is my friend-brother, I agreed when he asked my help, I actually want to know why are we doing this drama. She says we are doing this as Raman’s life is in risk.

Prateek asks what. Shagun says Raman’s life is in danger. Prateek asks who will do this. Abhishek says Ashok is Raman’s arch rival. Prateek says Ashok, the one who came to calm Shagun’s spirit in Ishita’s body, why will Ashok do this. Ishita says Ashok wanted to kill Raman. Shagun says Ashok is mad, he can go to any extent for his revenge. Shagun says Prateek you know I m surrogate mother of Raman and Ishita’s child, Raman did not tell Ishita and they got distanced by misunderstandings, they were going through tough time, but don’t know how Ashok to know this, Ashok came to meet me at Manoj’s flat. FB shows Shagun asking Ashok to leave. Ashosk pushes her and shuts the door. He asks her to listen, else this baby won’t be born. He says she can get harmed in her home and threatens about the baby. FB ends. Shagun says I knew Ashok well, and he would go to any extent. FB shows Ashok asking Shagun to kill Raman Bhalla.

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