Tere Sheher Mein 6th November 2015 Written Update

Tere Sheher Mein 6th November 2015 Written Update

Tere Sheher Mein 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Tere Sheher Mein 6th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rama asking Amaya to come by rickshaw. Amaya asks him to take her along on his bike and insists. They leave. Tilak slaps his friend and asks him to put bomb in chocolate box. He says Rahul will take this box inside university, police will not stop him, then Banaras will get shaken up. Tilak says I will get what I want. Rama and Amaya reach the court. Rama asks Amaya to wait, he will get form. He meets lawyer and gets the form. Amaya cries. Rama asks Amaya to fill the form.

Amaya and Rama see a couple arguing and ending their love marriage. The couple wants to take divorce. The lady was coming infront of the car, and the man stops her being worried for her. They argue again. Tilak goes to see Amaya. He says Rama’s bike is not here, it means Amaya is alone here. He sees Bua and hides. He keeps box there. Bua and Sumitra leave fo r the temple. Tilak hears them talking about Amaya, and leaves the box there. The boys playing there take the box. Kangana asks them whats happening. She thinks who will keep gift box here and asks them. The boy tells about Tilak keeping it. She thinks Tilak kept it for her and takes it happily.

Tilak hears about Amaya and Rama’s divorce today and is glad. Rahul asks Tilak where is the gift. Tilak says I kept it here, will get it. He does not get gift and looks for it. Rama goes to have tea. He hears the man complaining about his wife to the lawyer. Rama says you still love your wife, right? That’s why you saved her. Amaya talks to the lady and says your husband scolded you by love. Rama says marriage is not any game, its pure relation where two people vow to be together. Amaya asks the lady how can she marriage by small argument. Amaya says you are lucky to marry the man you loved.

Rama and Amaya convince the couple to keep their marriage. The couple ends their differences by apologizing. They hug. The man says one good man has shown me right path. The lady says such good hearted girl has shown me right path. They thank Rama and Amaya. The lawyer calls Rama and Amaya. The man asks them why are they taking divorce after giving them advice.

Kangana wonders whether Tilak loves her. She opens the gift and sees chocolates. She says it will have some note too. She gets the bomb and gets shocked. Amaya and Rama go to meet judge. The lawyer says they want divorce on mutual consent. The judge identifies them that they won best Jodi competition yesterday and taking divorce today. Rama says we feel we are not made for each other, I want to see Amaya happy. Amaya cries. The judge says fine, but I can’t grant divorce to you both seeing love for each other in your eyes, stay together for 6 months and try to end the differences, if the distance does not end, we will hear this appeal again. Amaya thanks Lord. Rama thinks he is getting happiness to be with Amaya, but he can’t be selfish, he has to free Amaya. The judge says court will give them divorce if they want after 6 months, and asks them to go.

The lawyer asks Rama to stay with Amaya for 6 months and sort problems. Rama says how to explain judge, I want Amaya and Mantu to unite. Amaya says maybe Lord has done this. Rama says whats there in marriage, if Mantu and you love each other. He goes. She thanks the Lord. Tilak and his friends worry after losing the box. Tilak thinks who got that box, it will be problem if that person opens the box. Kangana says so many bombs, what was Tilak doing with this, police alerted about bomb blast to happen in university, is Tilak involved in this, I will give these bombs to police and save people.

Jaz talks to Gupta and is glad knowing Rama and Amaya went out together to temple. She hears Sumitra and Bua saying Rama and Amaya went to court for divorce. She informs this to Gupta. Gupta comes out to see. Rama comes. Bua asks did he get divorce. Rama says judge asked us to stay together for 6 months to work out marriage. Gupta smiles. Jaz wonders when will Amaya and Rama realize they are made for each other.

Rama cries and says I can’t be with Amaya, I have to find Mantu soon, I have put message on FB for Mantu, I will see if his reply has come, where did he go. Tilak is on the way and gets a call. He stops his bike and attends call. He asks Tyagi about the box and asks him to find the box, no one should get it, this plan should not fail. Kangana comes to him with that box and says Tilak…. He sees the box and gets tensed.

Amaya and Kangana follow the goons. Amaya informs inspector. The police comes to catch Tyagi, while Tilak hides.
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