Qubool Hai 6th November 2015 Written Update

Qubool Hai 6th November 2015 Written Update

Qubool Hai 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Qubool Hai 6th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Spa
Begum gets in the spa, and then goes into relax, while thinking something. she falls dizzy, when the warm smoke starts to fill up and she is terribly perspiring. she tries to get out, but finds the door locked from outside. She starts suffocating for breaths, while she screams for anyone to let her out, while gazalla is fast asleep, after the relaxing session of the massage. She starts coughing profusely. Then she suddenly finds a man’s legs and gets up to see him turned with his back at her. She finds that fellow talking to someone on the phone, and before she can talk, she collapses yet again. the fellow feels someone called out to him, and turns around to find the knob closed. he turns it on, and then gets in finding, himself colliding into something. he finds begum unconscious on the floor, and picks her up, and for sometime completely mesmerised by her. Then he starts screaming for help, but when noone comes, he takes her out in his arms, as she lies unconscious. meanwhile, gazalla gets up after a relaxing session, and then hears the man’s screams. She rushes out. meanwhile, the guy places her on a bed, and hollers for the doctor. the doctor comes and asks what happened. he says that she probably collapsed due to the high steam, and asks her to revive. she finds him in compromising position and he understands. he excuses himself that he shall change and come back. the doctor gets to checking her. Meanwhile, the guy changes and comes back, rushing to that place. he comes back to find her gone. she tells him that the lady recovered rigth after he went, and just a few seconds back, she went away. he rushes out and barely missing her by seconds, and is only able to see her reflection in the rearview mirror. He finds his hands shivering and then takes a pill to recompose himself, unable to take his eyes off her. He then takes out his wallet and reveals a pic of her, or a similar looking her and comments that he found her after so many years, only to lose her yet again.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
begum is worried as to how this happened, while gazalla terms that its an accident. Begum says that this wasnt an accident, but thought out well, and someone did it intentionally. She sys thatits someone who wants her out of the way as she poses a hindrance to their motive, and deduces that it must have been afreen. she is sure that afreen tried to kill her.

Scene 3:
Location: Begum’s residence
Armaan places afreen beside, an unconscious mahira, as they both lie in the same bed. he is frustrated that he has double problems now as if one wasnt enough. he thinks that he shall have to do something. he goes out. Just then, afreen gets up and eyes mahira evilly. She thinks that every game has its own time, and hers starts now. she says that Khan begum is counting her last breaths right now, as she remembers how she had locked the door from outside, while begum was inside taking the sauna bath, and then also turns up the heat in the thermostat to maximum. She thinks that in the next five days, mahira shall be unconscious, and in these days, she shall make armaan hers, as with azad she got defeated despite winning, but not this time around. she is determined. She sits beside mahira and tells her that she cant do anything against her, as she doesnt pose a threat at all, but begum did as she is an old player and had to be taken out. Now that she is taken out, afreen is unstoppable. she is about to go out, when she finds granny walking in the corridor, and wonders whats she doing here. she is frustrated to see her. She hides herself behind the drapes, as granny comes in and sits beside mahira, concerned and tensed for her. Afreen meanwhile notices her involved, and takes this oppurtunity to sneak out, but accidentally hits her hand against the vase, alerting and shocking granny, as she turns around to see her. She herself is tensed too. She rushes out, while garnny rushes after her, aking who is she, and what was she doing in mahira’s room. but afreen continues rushing, and then hides behind the pillar to escape latif coming in. after she is gone, afreen comes out again but finds herself being confronted by granny, as they recall their first encounter. Granny recognises her correctly, that she pushed her, while she vehemently denies that she didnt do anything like that, as she hasnt seen her before. She wonders who shall save her now. She decides to do something fast. Armaan comes and finds them both and wonders whats happening. Afreen takes her kajal and smears it against granny’s earlobe and she gets under the influence of her dark magic, while afreen smiles. granny thanks her for saving her life. He comes up and asks whats she doing. afreen pretends to be meek and humble. Armaan watches on when granny blesses afreen and tells him that she saved her from slipping on the stairs. After they are gone, Afreen thinks that granny was an easy win. She also says that the best part is in fighting with the fearsome, and in making it her own. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Afreen and armaan get chatting, when he opens upto her, saying that he understands her pain completely, as he too was born an orhphan and knows whats the pain of it like. Later, Afreen laces the milkshake with her blackmagic, thinking that she has specially prepared this for him. she serves it to him, watching amuseldy and thinking that after he finishes it, he wont be able to separate himself from her for even a single second, and fall completely in love with her.

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