Sadda Haq 6th November 2015 Written Update

Sadda Haq 6th November 2015 Written Update

Sadda Haq 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Sadda Haq 6th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Sanyu gets a text from randhir to come to lab. Sanyyu says is everything okay? He says yes why are you stressed out? She says there is no placement. And why is it so dark. Randhir says life makes you dance like a gf. It confuses you. He starts a circuit. The ball hits terminal and a ring comes out of it. Yoyo turns on the lights. The whole lab is decorated. Randhir proposes her. He says i made this ring myself. I will propose you with an expensive ring next time. Sanyu says this ring values more than anything. He says marry me? sanyu says of course I will and I wont wait for long. He makes her wear the ring. Randhir says I love you, sanyu says i love you too. He hugs her. Parth pops the party popper. Randhir kisses sanyu’s forehead.

Late at night, sanyu is on call with Randhir. Randhir says did you like the ring? sanyu says yes. He says wow my choice is so good. Sanyu says i love you. He says i love you too. They ask each other to hang up. Randhir says okay good night Mrs. sanyu shikhawat. Sanyu says say it again. Randhir says what? Good night Mrs. sanyu shikhawat. Parth takes the phone from sanyu and says we all love you sanyu bhabhi. Randhir says what is this. Parth says you have changed in a day. You are stuck on call all day. Parth says you will be dominated. Lets play a game how your life would be after marriage. In kitchen, imagine. He imagines sanyu doing the dishes. And says the food was good. Sanyu asks randhir to help her doing the dishes. Randhir does the dishes with her. Randhir imagines sanyu taking selfies and randhir comes in picking the shopping bags. In bedroom sanyu is fighting with him. Parth says you will have to change after wedding. Randhir says i will never change after marriage. parth says lets go eat something.

They go to canteen. Sanyu is there as well. yoyo says lets go and clear it randhir. Randhir comes and sits with Randhir. Sanyu says why are you tensed? He says I am worried because of our future. Sanyu says everything will be fine dont worry. They imagine teasing each other with foam while doing the dishes. Randhir stands up.

Vid comes and sits next to parth in ground. She says why haven’t you slept? Parth recalls what she did. He leaves.
Sanyu and randhir come to class. PKC asks sanyu why this ring sanyu? sanyu says this.. pkc says are you too getting married? sanyu says i made it for myself. He says very nice.
Sanyu is working in the lab. Parth helps her. He says where is your ring? sanyu says i placed it here. He says are you sure you wore it? sanyyu says i dont remember. What if randhir gets to know. He says relax we will find out. Sanyu says let me go check in the room. if randhir gets to know i am dead. Randhir comes in and asks where are you going? Sanyu says canteen. Do you need something? He says yes ring. He places it in her hand and says you forgot in library. Sanyu says i am so sorry. He says its okay. Be careful next time. Randhir hugs her. Parth says sanyu you were going to canteen.

Precap-Randhir is talking on call i will come. sanyu wont know at 12 in storeroom. Sanyu overhears. She comes with a hockey in storeroom at 12.

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