Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th November 2015 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone standing for moon sighting rituals. Meenakshi tells about the diya in Lalima’s plate, its blowing off. Sooraj covers the diya. Meenakshi says Bhabho is weakness for Sooraj, it means it worked, what about Sandhya now. Bhabho says I will break Sooraj’s wife fast by my hands today. Sandhya cries. Bhabho takes the Karwa to make Lalima drink water from the pot. Someone comes there and stops them. They all look on shocked.

The social worker Brij Mohan comes there and says he got complaint that Sooraj Rathi has two wives, Sooraj is known name, I did not believe this, see Sooraj is celebrating Karwachauth with two wives. Meenakshi asks them to do social work. Brij says its legal crime to do second marriage, having first wife with him. Meenakshi asks is this the matter which Sandhya wanted to tell you.

Brij says Lalima is illiterate, but Sandhya ji you are police officer, inspiration for women, how did law broke in this house, you did not try to stop it, why did you not take action against Sooraj. Emily says whatever happened was not intentional, Sooraj and Sandhya did not agree to this, Lalima has ended her relation with Sooraj, and asks Lalima to say truth to them. Brij asks is she saying right, did you end your relation with Sooraj legally?

Babasa asks Lalima why is she quiet. Emily asks Lalima to answer them. Vikram and Meenakshi ask Lalima to say. Brij says I think she did not apply thumb impression by her wish, she was forced for it, she can file complaint, they have more evidence, your mum in law said Sooraj and Sandhya have got your thumb impression by convincing you, Sooraj is selfish and has disrespected two women’s rights, this is crime law wise and humanity wise, so he is taken in custody. Vikram asks Lalima what is he saying. They ask Lalima to say something. Bhabho looks on shocked.

The constable shows the handcuffs. Lalima stays quiet. Vikram asks Bhabho to say something. Bhabho stops constable and says its not Sooraj’s mistake, he did not do anything, he did not accept two wives, he did not agree to me when I got Lalima, I was stubborn, take me to jail, punish me. Sandhya cries. The constable asks her to say this in court, they have to take Sooraj to police station. Vikram says how can you take Sooraj like this.

Emily asks Lalima to say, you did everything without any selfish feelings, you ended relation with Sooraj by your wish, don’t stay quiet, this can put Sooraj in big problem, you are thinking so much to give small statement, what happened that day when you jumped in fire to save Sooraj. Lalima thinks she got Sooraj after lot of hardwork, she will lose Sooraj if she gives statement, she can’t lose her love.

Brij says arrest Sooraj. Sooraj stays cool. Sandhya stops them. They all look at Sandhya. Sandhya says you can’t arrest Sooraj ji, the blame on him is that he has two wives, I will end this blame today. She asks a pen and paper. She signs on some papers. Bhabho looks on shocked. Sandhya holds the papers and says today, infront of everyone, I m giving statement that I end my relation with my husband. Everyone get shocked. Sandhya says I won’t have any relation with Sooraj from today.

Babasa asks what is she doing. Sandhya asks Brij to do formalities. Babasa asks Bhabho to see Lalima, who wants her husband at any cost, even if her husband goes jail and if his house breaks, and this Sandhya who don’t want any trouble to come on her husband. Emily asks Sandhya what is she doing, its madness, she is risking her everything. She says everyone knows Sooraj and you love each other a lot. Diya and Baati are incomplete without each other, you both were away for 8 months, but still together, and today you are deciding this, this will ruin many lives. Sooraj, Lalima and Sandhya cry.

Emily says Sandhya married Sooraj 14 years ago by all rituals, they supported each other always, they never fell weak, how can she fall weak today, about Sooraj’s jail, they will talk to big lawyer and get bail for Sooraj tomorrow, but don’t decide this. Vikram asks Sandhya to think again. Sandhya says I won’t let Sooraj stay in police station for a minute too. It was not Sooraj’s mistake, I don’t know result of my decision tomorrow, but today this is right, I loved Sooraj and will always love him, Sooraj is my everything, I got this strength to decide by his love, I won’t let anything happen to him. Babasa cries, while Bhabho started believing Sandhya again.

Sandhya says leave my husband, I will leave from this house in 2 hours. Birj goes with the men. Meenakshi says you were bearing everything to stay with Sooraj, you left everything to save Sooraj, your Jodi is example for every husband and wife, your love is like diya aur baati. Sandhya tells Sooraj that she is going forever. Sooraj cries. Sandhya says but my love and prayers will be with you, don’t break down, Bhabho and Babasa need you. Bhabho gets shocked.

The ladies ask Bhabho her decision, who will be her eldest bahu. Bhabho lifts the ghunghat of her bahu and gets shocked.
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