Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th November 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th November 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla being frustrated and thinking when will they get rid of Shagun. Ruhi says she has to meet Ishita, if its Shagun, she won’t do her anything. Mrs. Bhalla takes her. Abhishek tells Raman someone in this house is planning, Ruhi packed bag at night, maybe the person did not wish us to get gun. Raman says how did gun come inside home. Abhishek says I m sure, someone in this house planned this, take care of Ruhi, I will continue investigations. Raman thanks him. Abhishek leaves.

Ruhi goes to Ishita, while Ishita is getting ready behaving like Shagun. Ruhi says Shagun mumma. Ishita says yes, tell me. Ruhi asks her will she agree to her. Ishita says sure. Ruhi asks her to leave Ishi Maa and go. Ishita asks don’t you want to stay with your mum. Ruhi says this is Ishi Maa’s house, she loves all of us, we all want Ishi Maa to come back. I love you a lot, but please go back Shagun mumma. Ishita gets angry. Ruhi requests Shagun to go. Ishita says how dare you…

Ruhi says I cried a lot when you went to Lord, you left me before too, Ishi Maa managed me, I want my Ishi Maa back, I love her. Ishita scolds her. Mrs. Bhalla takes Ruhi, while Ruhi asks for her Ishi Maa.

Abhishek shows the gun to his staff, and says there is no record for this, so I called you all from different police stations to find about this gun dealing. One inspector says he is sure that this gun can be found, a man makes such guns. Abhishek asks him to get that man here.

Raman talks to Prateek and says kids are getting badly affected. Prateek says we have to convince Shagun’s soul to leave Ishita, is there anyone that Ishita stays normal and does not get angry, even when Shagun controls her. Raman says no, but… he recalls Ishita and Ashok. He says Ashok Khanna, my ex boss, Shagun left me for him, Shagun and Ashok had everything ended between them, even then.. Prateek asks Raman to call Ashok here, maybe Ashok can convince Shagun to leave Ishita’s body. Raman says Ashok won’t come to end my problems, he is my biog enemy. Prateek asks her to try for Ishita. Raman says fine, thanks and leaves.

Raman tells Bala that he is going to Ashok. Bala says I won’t let you go, do you think Ashok will respect you, I will come along. They leave. The man tells Abhishek that he does not know anything. Abhishek says gun making and selling is illegal. Abhishek says I know you do this, you have to go jail, but if you cooperate, I can get your punishment shorter, tell me, whom did you sell this gun. The man says I don’t know. Abhishek slaps and hurts him. The man says he will say. He says my place has records, I can tell that time, let me go. Abhishek asks him to come back. The man runs.

Abhishek says that man will come back. The man sees his wife and children there and asks why did he get them here. Abhishek says for guarantee, go and get details, your family is safe here, I have to find the gun owner, come back fast, give me info and take your family. The man leaves. Abhishek asks the staff to take care of that lady and kids, when the man get info, let them go. He thinks he will know whose gun is this.

Raman and Bala come to meet Ashok. Ashok says what a surprise, but Ishita is not here. Raman says I know, Ishita is unwell since few days, she talks normal just to you, you can help me, a man is helping us, he knows how to make Ishita fine, he said just you can make her fine. Ashok asks what. Raman asks did you see Ishita’s behavior, the man said Ishita is possessed with Shagun’s soul, I came to request, please talk to her and convince Shagun to leave.

Ashok says so you mean, I should come to your home, talk to Ishita and solve your family problem, and Ishita is Shagun now. Raman says I know, but please help me Ashok, my wife will die. Ashok makes a drink and asks Raman to do something. Raman asks what does he want, he will give his business, property and clients. Ashok says not that, I want …… He drops the wine glass and says oops sorry, make a drink for me. Bala looks on and says how can you miss real Ashok. Raman stops Bala and says I will make a drink. Raman makes the drink.

Ashok says Raman did not learn to make a good drink, get me some ice. Raman cries. Raman crushes the ice by his hands and serves Ashok. Raman asks Ashok to come with him now. Ashok says I forgot Ramdeen is on leave, get my slippers. Bala gets angry. Raman gets Ashok’s shoes and Bala stops him. Raman says my Ishita will die, I have to do this.

Ashok says leave it Raman, its okay, its fun to see man’s ego breaking, do one thing, make me wear this shoes back. Raman sits and makes him wear shoes. He says please come now. Ashok says I can’t come, your family is mess, some guests are coming now, if you both leave, it will be better. Bala scolds him and says I knew this. Raman apologizes to Ashok. Bala says Raman, he won’t help us, come with me. They leave. Ashok says this is just beginning, see what happens now.

Ashok says Shagun and mine incomplete thing will be completed now, blame will go on Ishita. The man shows the name of gun buyer to Abhishek.
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