Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd November 2015 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with the lady saying they have come to help Sandhya. The lady says you told the truth, see this video. They all see the edited video of Sandhya talking to Bharat, with different meaning. Sandhya says she did not say this way, its edited in wrong way. She asks the ladies to leave as she did not approach them with complaint. Mohit says Sandhya insulted Bhabho. The ladies ask Bhabho to apologize to Sandhya and protest. Sandhya says she did not complain to them, they don’t have right to talk in her matter, and asks them to leave. Bhabho says no Sandhya ji, its matter to country’s daughter, everyone’s right to get justice for her from her mum in law’s tortures, I have to apologize to big police officer. Sandhya cries.

Bhabho says I have seen sample of your big job and power, what option I have than bending my head. Sandhya says no. Bhabho says I did not let you do anything you wished, I have done injustice with you, I m very ashamed and I fold my two hands to apologize to you. They all look on. Sandhya cries. Meenakshi says its so bad, does a mum in law apologize to bahu, mum in law blesses bahu, Sandhya lost the chance, now Rathi family door is shut for Sandhya forever.

Sooraj calls Bharat and says someone made video of your and Sandhya’s conversation, someone edited it and showed wrong meaning. Bharat says its wrong, Sandhya loves and respects Bhabho a lot, how is she. Sooraj says she is fine, and ends call. Sooraj thinks about gun matter and this thing today, who is doing all this. Sandhya cries in her room recalling Bhabho’s words. Sooraj goes to pacify her. Vikram comes and asks Sooraj to come fast, Bhabho got unwell, her bp fell. Sooraj and Sandhya rush to see Bhabho. Sooraj asks Bhabho to have food. Bhabho refuses and says its her fast. Sooraj asks her to have some food to be fine. Lalima brings lemon water. Bhabho says she won’t have anything. She says she prayed that Sooraj gets sense to take right decision, she will not break this fast even if she dies.

Meenakshi asks Sooraj to decide fast, as Bhabho is serious. Sooraj thinks he can’t let Bhabho and Sandhya get more hurt, he has to do something. Sandhya goes to café and tries to know about the recording. She says she was seated here on this table with Bharat, it means video made from left side, it means this table. She says who was here, any known face… whoever it was, wants to become wall between me and Bhabho. The man says sorry, system was not working well, so CCTV footage is not imp, but we will send it to you soon. She says thanks, call me when you get footage.

She says she understood that person does not want Bhabho and her to patchup. Meenakshi and Emily are in market. Emily says she can’t believe, Sandhya can take this step to insult Bhabho. Meenakshi says yes, this Karwachauth will decide about new or old wife. She sees the girl wearing the saree which got stolen. She runs after the girl and stops her. She says this is my shop’s saree, how can you steal it. The girl says its my saree, what nonsense, my BF gifted me. Meenakshi says remove it. The girl twists her hand and says she will get her arrested. She leaves. Meenakshi asks the crowd to disperse. She says its my shop’s saree, I think her BF has stolen the saree. Emily looks for Meenakshi.

She sees Mohit with the girl. The girl complains about Meenakshi. Mohit asks her relax. He sees Emily and still holds the girl’s hand infront of Emily. Emily cries. Mohit introduces the girl Komal as his good friend, and says this is Emily, my so called wife.

Komal says not today, poor Emily has kept fast for you. He says when there is no love, what Karwachauth, she kept it to show family. He asks Komal to come for coffee and they leave. Emily thinks Mohit said right, there was no love, nothing remained in it now. She goes to chaat stall and eats while crying. She breaks her fast recalling Mohit’s words. The people there see her. Sandhya passes by in rickshaw and spots Emily. She stops rickshaw and gets down. She asks Emily why is she crying, its her fast today and she is eating. She asks what happened, you broke fast, did Mohit and you fight, don’t cry. Emily cries and hugs Sandhya.

Sandhya says everyone is seeing, tell me, you can trust me, I won’t tell anyone, don’t break down. Emily says there is nothing between me and Mohit, its just a compromise, Pari and my emotions are grinded on the name of Rathi family. Sandhya asks her to tell Bhabho, she will talk to Mohit. Emily recalls Bhabho’s words asking Emily to compromise. Emily says we are helpless infront of fate, you are big police officer, why is this happening with you at home, even you are helpless infront of fate, like I m. Emily goes. Her words strike Sandhya and she cries. Bhabho sits sad. Lalima asks her to come for Karwachauth puja. Sooraj cries and tells someone that his family is going through tough time, he is doing this to save his family, as he has no other option.

Kaki says Lalima has Bhabho’s given Karwa and Sandhya has Sooraj’s love, this Karwachauth is special for Rathi family.
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