Mohi 2nd November 2015 Written Update

Mohi 2nd November 2015 Written Update

Mohi 2nd November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Mohi 2nd November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mohi and the ladies dancing tribal way. They all get happy and learn steps from Mohi. A old lady walks in with her luggage and sees everyone dancing. The old lady gets angry seeing them. Mohi goes to her and asks what is she doing here, did she come to take Bhole Baba Prasad. She asks her to come inside. Swati sees her and says Shanta Mausi has come, its good you have come here. They all take Shanti’s blessings, being in bhaang effect. Kaki asks why did she not come in Ayush’s engagement, they won’t let her go now.

Mohi asks Shanti to dance and shows steps. Shanti angrily slaps her. They all stop dancing and look on. Shanti scolds Mohi. She asks did they forget their shame. She scolds all the ladies. Manohar, Madhur and Sharad come home. They see the ladies talking to Shanta. Kaki says we did not drink, we just had Prasad. Shanta asks Sushila Kaki not to lie. The men see Mausi and greet her. She blesses them.

Mausi says the women are enjoying in hard earned money of their husbands, and this village girl asked me to dance, how dare she. Ayush comes and greets Mausi. He sees everyone and gets thinking. Madhur asks dance, whats happening? Kaki tells them everything and they had Prasad which they liked a lot, then we danced. Shanta says my Laxmi Tai would have died by shame today if she was alive, think if any stranger came and saw this drama, that would they think about our family.

Shanta asks Mohi to come to her. Mohi gets tensed and says her name is Mohi. Shanta asks who is this girl who did this. Swati says its not Mohi’s mistake, she did not ask us to drink it. Manohar says Mohi works in our house. Shanta says what am I seeing, a maid has made Gokhale women dance on her fingers. Manohar says Mohi is part of our family. Shanta says shut up, how did an ordinary maid become part of family, I know their truth, I will see her. She scolds Mohi a lot. Ayush looks on.

Shanta says her slipper got very bad and asks Mohi to clean her slipper.
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