Swaragini 29 October 2015 Written Update

Swaragini 29 October 2015 Written Update


Swaragini 29 October 2015 Written Update:

Other hand, Dadi says when Ragini regains consciousness, she will want to go to her sasural. Laksh’s mum says they will take her to their house.

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Swaragini 29 October 2015 Written Update

29 October 2015

Laksh, Ragini, Swara and Sanskar along with other leave from Baadi. Swara tells Sanskar that she came back. Swara says I was worried about Ragini and came to this house for her. She tells him that she will stay in guest room. Sanskar asks her to keep back the pillow and says you are my friend, and official guest of this house. He says you will sleep here and I will sleep out, and asks her to agree to his sayings. Swara says if Ragini see you then? Sanskar says I will handle her. Swara asks do you trust Ragini or? Sanskar says I am really confused. He says my heart says that Ragini lost her memory, but my mind says that Ragini is acting. Swara says Ragini has really lost her memory.

Ragini tries to speak to Laksh and holds him. Laksh tries to move away from her and tells that he is having headache. Ragini thinks my love has crossed the limits of junoon and says everything is fair in love and war. She asks him to sit and says she will massage his head. Laksh says no, and says he want to have tea. She says I will make tea for you, and asks if he wants to take 2 cups of sugar with ginger. Laksh says his head is paining and he is not in a mood to talk. She says she will bring tea and looks at him. Sanskar tells Swara that truth will out. He says if Ragini is saying truth then she got punished, but if she is acting then we have to be careful. She can go to any extent to take revenge. He tells her good night and goes out to sleep.

Sanskar hides seeing Ragini. Ragini also sees him and acts not to see him. Sanskar thinks it is good that she didn’t see me. Ragini wonders what was Sanskar out of room. She comes back to her room and hugs Laksh saying she needs his support. Laksh recalls Durga Prasad asking him to think about Ragini’s health. Laksh asks why you are worried? Ragini says I heard something and asks if you …….Swara……….Laksh thinks about Doctor asking them not to tell anything to Ragini. Ragini asks him to tell if he loves Swara even now. Laksh turns his face. Ragini acts and cries. He says you can’t see her in pain. She says Swara has married Sanskar, but she is not happy. She tells that she heard Swara crying. Laksh asks what you are telling? Ragini asks what happened to you. Laksh asks when did you see?

Ragini says I heard and says Swara is my sister. She says I didn’t like seeing Swara and Sanskar fighting, and asks how can a husband shout at his wife. She says Swara was crying and Sanskar went to guest room to sleep. She cooks up a fake story. She says I thought to stop Sanskar, but then thought not to interfere between them. She says I want to help Swara, but don’t know how? She asks him to drink tea. She lies on the bed and switches off the lights. Laksh thinks about Ragini’s words that Sanskar and Swara had a fight and he went to sleep in guest room. Laksh gets restless and goes out of his room. Ragini wakes up and follows Laksh.

Sanskar sees Laksh outside his room, and thinks Swara is already tensed. Laksh thinks he shall not go inside Swara’s room late at night. He then thinks about Ragini’s words and gets inside the room. He then locks it. Swara is standing near the window. Laksh keeps hand on her shoulder. Swara is shocked to see him and asks what you are doing in my room. Laksh says I was worried about you and that’s why? Swara asks why? She says if anyone see you in my room then what they will think. Ragini stands outside Swara’s room. Sanskar sees her hearing them.

Ragini questions Laksh, what you were doing in Swara’s room when Sanskar was not in his room. Laksh struggles to give answer. Later Ragini asks Swara to keep fast for Sanskar, else she will be forced to think that there is something between her and Laksh. Swara is surprised and shocked.

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Precap: Durga Prasad tells Laksh that Ragini’s condition is critical. If something happens, then who will be responsible? Laksh says but he knows she’s acting and they all are getting trapped again. Durga Prasad says it’s not like that.


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Swaragini 29 October 2015 Written Update

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