Kumkum Bhagya 29 October 2015 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29 October 2015 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29 October 2015 Written Update:

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Kumkum Bhagya 29 October 2015 Written Update

29 October 2015

The Episode starts with Abhi trying the arrow. Pragya thinks why her voice is unheard to Abhi. She thinks she has no power in her love. Purab lights the arrow tip. Abhi looks at the Ravan and thinks why his heart is asking him not to burn Ravan. He thinks why he is worried. A song plays………………..He recalls his marriage with Pragya. Pragya recalls their sweet moments and cries thinking it would be her last. Purab asks him to fire the arrow. Sponsor says just 20 sec are left. Tanu awaits eagerly. Pragya thinks about him. A flashback is shown. Abhi also thinks about Pragya and wonders why he is thinking about her. Vijay tells Raj that your enemy will die now, and asks for money. Raj asks him to take money from someone and get under ground fast. Vijay tells him that Police will never find him and asks him to see the Ravan and Pragya’s dahan. Abhi fires the arrow on Ravan. The crackers tied on the ravan start bursting. Everyone is happy. Abhi senses something bad and comes to the back side of Ravan. Pragya prays that Abhi saves her. Raj asks Tanu to be normal while she says she is scared.

Abhi feels uneasy and asks Purab to bring something for him. He drinks something and then see Pragya tied to the back side of Ravan. He wonders what to do, whether to save her. He thinks about her arrogance. He then thinks about their love. He thinks he has to save Pragya for his love. Tanu thinks Raj is right. Pragya falls and thinks this is her end. She thinks she wants to see Abhi for one last time. Abhi comes on his bike and gets inside the burning Ravan. Dadi shouts Abhi. Everyone panics. Abhi gets inside and calls Pragya. He asks are you okay? Pragya thinks Abhi heard her heart talk and her love is genuine. Purab stops Dadi and tells Pragya is inside. Bulbul cries and worries for her. Abhi asks why she is here? Pragya hugs him emotionally and says you came to save me. Abhi asks her to hold him tightly. Pragya falls on him. Abhi asks her to open eyes. Allah Wariyan plays………………………..Pragya looks at him. Abhi asks what you were doing with Ravan. Everyone panics seeing the raising fire.

Abhi comes out and asks why everyone is crying? Purab asks where is Pragya? Abhi says he left Pragya inside. He then says joking and says he made her rest inside house. Tanu and Raj get angry. Abhi asks family to come and meet Pragya and others to watch Ravan dahan.

Sarla asks someone to bring water. Bulbul asks Ronnie to bring water. Tai ji asks what she was doing inside Ravan. Ronnie brings water and gives to Dadi. Pragya drinks and asks other not to worry. Abhi asks what you were doing inside Ravan. Pragya tells someone took her forcibly and then tied her with Ravan. Pragya thinks she can’t take Vijay’s name and the guy helping Tanu will be alerted. Abhi says she is the one who did this, and she wants to trap me. Tanu asks Raj, why she is lying? Raj says she might have something in mind. Pragya says someone wants to take revenge from her and says she will not leave that person. Abhi says may be her mind is not working because of heat. Tanu tells Raj, why did she lie? She says Abhi would have taken an action. Raj says Pragya is smart and want to catch the person who is helping you both. Tanu asks why you are not scared. Raj says Vijay is hidden and not in the city. He says I will do all the planning and asks Tanu not to talk to him.

Pragya thinks Abhi always saved her, but she hurts him everytime. She says I have to save you from your enemies and prove my love for you. She thinks she has to decide a date and have to find Tanu’s baby father till then. She thinks about Karwachauth and thinks about keeping fast for Abhi’s long life. She thinks Dadi, Purab and Bulbul will not agree, but I will keep the fast. Abhi comes and asks what you have decided.

Abhi asks why you was smiling when you fell on me, and says I came there to save my money, as I would have gone with you. Pragya looks on.

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Kumkum Bhagya 29 October 2015 Written Update

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