Qubool Hai 29 October 2015 Written Update

Qubool Hai 29 October 2015 Written Update


Qubool Hai 29 October 2015 Written Update:

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Qubool Hai 29 October 2015 Written Update

Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Begum’s residence
Downstairs, mahira is enraged at armaan. mahira asks who is he and how dare he is standing here in place of her husband and asks whats he doing here and if he even realises what just happened, as it was an important moment for her and her husband as they had to make a fresh start and asks what he did, as this is the blue moon night and he is supposed to see her true love, her husband through it and instead she saw him. Armaan angril takes the channi and throws it in the pool. he is about to walk off, when she holds him back, surprising him. She asks how dare he do that. he says that it isnt his fault and but hers and her channi’s, and that she should thank the lord that he threw only the channi. mahira gets angry and slaps him. he is shocked. he then retreats her into corner, and then blocks her with his hands, making it impossible for him to move. she asks if he is trying to scare her. he tells her that noone slaps her, and that he had no intention of coming in front of her, and he didnt even know her, and that its her fault that she couldnt recognise her own husband. mahira stands tensed. he says that if her husband didnt bother to show up here for her, its because the bad mannered girl like her deserves that, as instead of being her husband, any man would rather prefer to die. she is shocked and asks him not to say so even angrily, as said things do come true. she says that she wishes for her husband’s long life, and he can shut his mouth, if he cant say better and asks if he feels this is a joke, and curses him that god willing, he never gets true love and neither can he get nor shall he understand true love, when it comes to him.

meanwhile, as azad tries to go out, afreen again holds him back and then drives him towards the bed, while he too walks in a haze. They get in bed. Later, Afreen lies naked in the bed with azad under covers and laments that mahira maybe the wife, but it was her, a daayan who consummated the relation with azad, and that now a daayan has established a relation with a vampire, and there is nothing that mahira could do. She says that in the age long fight of love with evil, again evil won and now when she bears azad’s child she shall be the true devil, as she gets the maximum powers, which she has always wanted.

Later, when begum walks through the hallway, she finds afreen coming towards her, smiling victoriously, and is boggled. afreen comes and thanks her for letting her in, so that she could consummate her relationship with azad, which she successfully did. Begum is boggled. She remembers how when afreen was thrown out, she had see her on the main door, and asked her 3 times to get in, when afreen had intentionally made her say it thrice, pretending not to be able to hear the first time around. Afreen gets back in, and begum eyes her tensedly. afren then reminds this to begum,. and tells that she herself got the dayan back in, and now once she is in, its impossible for her to be thrown out. She asks begum if she understood her power, or come to her use, or help her regain her powers. afreen tells that old powers shall return, but hers and not begum’s, and hence she should already start serving her, as when azad’s child comes, she shall be the ruler of the world with the best devilish powers. To her surprise, begum starts guffawing. afreen is shocked. begum explains that azad isnt first child of hers, and that she can regain her powers only by the first child of the first child. And that her having a child with azad means nothing. afreen refuses to believe, when begum tells her that she intentionally got her inside, so that she could distance mahira and azad, so that mahira could sire for her a child with her first son. she says that afreen was just a pawn that she used for her intent, as she isnt that stupid, that she actually thought begum got her inside falling into her trap. Afreen asks who is this son, and she says that its a seven fingered boy, who shall now help her get her powers back. afreen is shocked, while begum turns around and begins to leave. afreen gets angry and turns towards begum going away and then eyes a dagger and is about to plunge it in begum, with her black magic, when azad steps in between accidentally, and gets stabbed. Afreen is stunned. begum turns around in shock and is apalled to find azad like this, when his wounds dont recover, and afreen pulls out the dagger back again and he winces yet again. afreen leaves from there. begum’s scarems aleart mahira, and she rushes towards the stairs. she is shocked to find azad, unconscious in a pool of blood. She is distraught and apalled, as she nudges azad to open her eyes but in vain. the screen freezes on her distraught face.

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Qubool Hai 29 October 2015 Written Update

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