Sadda Haq 28 October 2015 Written Update

Sadda Haq 28 October 2015 Written Update:

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Sadda Haq 28 October 2015 Written Update

28 October 2015

Gaura scolds Meera for her mistake and smirks that she is enjoying her plan. At Modi house, Madhuben tells Sona that they were living life by stealing small things, now they got a jackpot at Modi bhavan and if they take out 2-3 mugs from ocean, modi bhavan’s wealth will not replenish. She then sees Gopi entering her room and starts consoling Sona to stop feeling guilty for insulting Kokila.

Gaura applies ointment on Meera’s wound and tells if she would have done mistake at Modi bhavan, Kokila and Gopi would not have punished her like this. Meera gets angry hearing this and asks her to stop brainwashing her against Gaura and sends her out of her room.

Madhuben serves halwa to Modi family and asks Kokila why did she get both daughters married in a same house. Gopi says she thought if both sisters would stay together, they can be more happy. Madhuben leaves. Kokila says she lied Madhuben now, but what will happen if Madhuben will know the truth. Gopi asks not to worry, everything will be sorted out.

Vidya cleans god’s idol crying and remembering Gopi. Gopi calls her just then. Vidya says she was remembering her just now. Kokila asks if she is fine, if she has any problem, she can say jai shri krishna, she will come there right now. Vidya reminisces Gaura troubling her, but says she is fine, just Meera is still not in talking terms with her. Gopi consoles her and disconnects call. Madhuben listens to Gopi and Kokila’s conversation and thinks she has to find out the truth.

Gaura hears Vidya’s conversation and says Koili and chatanki have taught her tolerance very well, but Meera is brainless. Vidya says whatever it is, Meera and she are sister and will reunite at some day. Gaura gets jealous and starts badmouthing Meera that she is a duffer, her intelligence is below her knees, etc…

Precap: Gaura beats Vidya with a cane. Shravan comes and holds cane.

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Sadda Haq 28 October 2015 Written Update


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