Swaragini 27 October 2015 Written Update

Swaragini 27 October 2015 Written Update

Swaragini 27 October 2015 Written Update:

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Swaragini 27 October 2015 Written Update

Written Episode Update

Swara tells Laksh that nothing’s greater than her sister to her. Laksh says he will show Ragini’s truth to her and they leave.

They come to Dadi’s house and get surprised seeing Ragini. Ragini asks Laksh where he was. She’s waiting for him since so long. Laksh asks why she would wait for him. She says she came to Dadi’s house after so long and everyone’s there. She was missing him being with her. She holds his hands and asks to come inside. She sees aid on her hand and says she doesn’t remember how she got injured. She then sees Swara and asks Laksh what she’s doing with him. He knows she’s trying to create differences between them. Laksh was about to take his hands back in anger, but Durga Prasad gestures him not to. Swara asks Ragini if she’s okay. Sharmishtha comes in front and says she’s fine. They all head for Durga Puja. All couples go one by one. Seeing Shekhar and Sharmishtha together, Ragini says when did that happen, but she’s happy they are finally together. Swara is confused. She asks Sanskar what happened to her, but he doesn’t say anything. At the end when all couples finish arti, Ragini tells Dadi that her and Laksh never did arti. She takes arti from Dadi and tells Laksh let’s do arti. Laksh doesn’t move. She asks why he’s looking her like that. He’s angry, but his mother controls him. He goes and does arti with Ragini. Swara tells Sanksar that she’s so confused. He says doctor said Ragini has memory loss. She has forgotten all that happened lately. Swara is shocked. Sanskar says another possibility is that Ragini could be lying. Swara says she can’t say such a big lie.

Ragini and Laksh finish arti. Ragini comes to Swara and says she can think whatever wrong she wants about her, but for her, she’s always her sister. She will always think good for her. She’s married to Sanskar, so she has right to do this puja too. Before Swara says anything, Sharmishtha tells Swara to go and talk later. Now Swara and Sanskar do the arti. Laksh is upset watching them and then leaves from there. His mother follows him. He asks what new drama Ragini is doing now. She says it’s not drama, she really had an accident. She tells him how Ragini reacted oddly after she got conscious and then doctor told them that Ragini has forgotten what happened in past few days. As time goes, she will remember everything, but till then even a small shock can be life threatening for her. Laksh laughs and asks his mother doesn’t she know her? This must be a new move by her. She knew she won’t be forgiven this time. His mother says but what about what doctor said? Even a small shock can be life threatening for her. Laksh says is it so? He goes inside.

He comes to Ragini and turns her to him. She asks where he went? Laksh asks what happened yesterday? She asks what? Laksh says something that turned their lives. She says Swara and Sanskar got married. Then they did puja and he gave them his farm house so they can have a new beginning and he promised her that they will also start their lives fresh from tomorrow. Laksh asks then? Some people come there with drums and instruments and start making noise. Durga Prasad takes Laksh on a side and says he won’t talk about anything with Ragini till puja is over.

Music plays..Swara and Ragini dance in front of Maa Durga holding diyas. Laksh is feeling helpless. Hot wax falls down from Swara’s diya. Both Laksh and Sanksar notice that. Laksh runs first to save Swara from stepping on it. He puts his hand on the hot wax. Swara falls in his arms. Ragini is shocked. Sanskar comes and picks Swara up and asks if she’s ok. She nods yes. Sanskar thanks Laksh for saving Swara. He holds Swara’s shoulders and asks her to go and rest. Laksh gets angry. Ragini sees wound in his hand and runs to him. She asks what he did..he burned his hand. It must be hurting a lot. Laksh takes his hand back and asks her to stop her drama. Has she lost it? She thinks they all are fool to believe her again? Ragini asks why Laksh is behaving like that. What she did. Swara folds her hands in front of Laksh and he finally gets shut. Ragini asks everyone why no one is telling her what she did. She feels dizzy and falls on the floor. All are worried including Laksh.

Precap: Durga Prasad tells Laksh that Ragini’s condition is critical. If something happens, then who will be responsible? Laksh says but he knows she’s acting and they all are getting trapped again. Durga Prasad says it’s not like that.
Other hand, Dadi says when Ragini regains consciousness, she will want to go to her sasural. Laksh’s mum says they will take her to their house.

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Swaragini 27 October 2015 Written Update

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