Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 27th October 2015 Written Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 27th October 2015 Written Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 27th October 2015 Written Update:

The show begins with nivedita telling the family to forget their past relationships that exited with Aman and Nivs , and behave professionally with the team , becauese if anything goes wrong then the report will become wrong she warns .

Nivs thinks that pam has not shown the video , after that she will have the baazi in her favour. She asks aman to tell them the rules

Aman says none can leave the city while this team is observing them none to lie, no one will try to influence the team members , the family will not be warned earlier when they will be checked , so they will have to be prepared all the time ,

Nivs is about to begin but neil says she can not as He needed to go to Delhi urgently

Ranbir says they can not start now for next three days

Nivs says they have orders

But Ranvir says they have stay orders from the court

Neil says they too have to follow some rules

He says they better behave respectfully to every member of his family , young and old

They will not talk loudly to any one ,

They will speak respectfully to their seniors

Neil prepares to go to Delhi

And Nivs warns him that he better be careful or he will go straight to US jail , for cheating and lying , Neil, Nivs have face off

In the room Neil reveals to Pam and Ragini that he knew all the while that Nivedita was responsible for the state he was in

She was the one who filed cases by bribing the lawyers and police

He says he learnt when he discovered his bank account was sealed.

He got reaction time when Rags paid the amout 35 grand for him

Pam and Rags are shocked ,

Neil over hears Nivs talking to her people that they should not do anything that make neil suspect her , neil gets the big hint

Nivs behaves as if she is surprised

But neil says she had cheated him , by instigating cases against him .

Nivs accuses him of betraying her, cheating her , going back on his commitment

She accuses him of entering contract marriage with out her permission or informing her

She says she spread the domestic violence case against him , just to make him realise how bad Ragini was for him .

She says she was going thru hell , she was hurt and her feelings were hurt , she shouts at him , she wanted him to know Ragini was cheating him. He was blinded with love for his kids hence she did this

Nivs talks ill about Ragini but Neil shows her the mirror and tells her what ragini really was for him and the kids and what the real Nivedita was like

He tells her he takes back his word and promise of marrying her and refuses to marry her and states he never loved her , he says and assures he did not want to see her face henceforth as he hated her so much .

Nivs challenges angrily he has seen her love , but now he will see her anger and revenge

Neil says even if he goes bankrupt and penniless he will never marry her or come back to her .

Back home Pam is happy he was not going to marry Nivs now. She assures they wil remain like a happy family always. There was no problem

But Neil was ready to face the woman scorned in love

Pam assures him of full support .

At home the children and pam discuss that they will all act as a group

They miss arav and says he should have been there

Pam warns them that none should breathe a word that neil was not in Delhi but right at home. Or they will get caught .

Jignesh tells ranbir that arav was being promised by some unknown guys that they will triple his money. They discuss that they should keep watch they arav is not cheated ranbir agree

In another room the children discus they will teach their parents and train them about eachother’s habits , their likes and dislikes , so that they are not caught in awkward sotuation by the team from US

Suhaani and nishi discuss how they will teach their parents just like they used to teach them when they were at school

They get excited and Suhaani warns Agham not to irritate dad too much

As he got angry very fast

Jignesh tries to become pally with Arav just to make him talk about his problems while Ranbir is secretly overhearing them

At home Neira are seen reaching the storeroom of the house As advised by their kids

He praises the house in taunting way. Rags says this was her 2BHK house, they were lucky theu got a store room at all ,

he wonders what surprise the kids have arranged for them

The kids remain behind the wall and i forms them in loud voice this is the investigation room for them and they will be questions and they will have to reply

This is mock IV , practice for answering the US team

They ask neil his wife’s fav colour. He says blue. He is right

They ask Rags the fav colour of neil,she says red but she is wrong

Neil says it was his old fav now times changed they get into argument about each other’s fav colours

They complain that they have failed to inform each other about their changed fav colours

Precap for Tomorrow

Neira share a cup of coffee together Neil praises her coffee

She asks him why did he never reveal to her earlier that he liked her coffee rather than her tea

He smiles and says she would have got hurt that he disliked the tea she prepared , hence he kept quiet about it

And then goes on to praise her smile

Ragini is all smiles

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 27th October 2015 Written Update

27 October 2015

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 27th October 2015 Written Update

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