Sasural Simar Ka 27 October 2015 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27 October 2015 Written Update


Sasural Simar Ka 27 October 2015 Written Update:

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Sasural Simar Ka 27 October 2015 Written Update

Serial Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Simar comes home and sees everyone statued. Simar says to indra you did all this? And where is prem? Indra says he is fine don’t worry about him. You were playing games with me. So you have to pay for this. Who deceives me has to pay. simar says its not like that. Indra says why are you staying so much out of house these days. My eyes can see anything. Simar says you are doubting me? I can do anything to win your trust.
Simar takes a dagger and says I will cut my wrist and then my blood will prove my loyalty. She is about to cut it. Indra says wait, I give you one last warning, if anyone does anything i wont forgive anyone. Simar says nothing will happen. Indra releases them all. Indra says go to your rooms. I am going to market so I can prepare for dinner. Indra leaves. Simar says let me go and check if prem is okay.

Indra is in market. Amar is following her. Simar comes in the room. Prem says thank God you are here. Indra was after you. I had to stop her so I cut it. SImar says it must be hurting. He says I am fine. Simar says and that thread? He says here is it. Simar tells him everything. He says we have found a clue. SImar says but she doesn’t even want to trust all this. Prem says lets bring her here, if indra is scared that means she can help us. Prem says we have to take this risk.
Simar calls amar and asks where is indra? He says I am following her. Simar leaves prem’s room. Prem stares like thakur after she leaves. Indra is standing next to him. He says Indra now I know that simar is just pretending. She is only pretending to unite us. He tells her everything. He says they want to part us. Indra says don’t worry. Last time i was fool enough to trust her but this time I knew it. I figured it.
Indra recalls when she touched prem she got to know that he is back to normal and she saw the thread. Prem tried to get it back but indra stopped him. She says simar deceived me again. I figured. You dont even know how hurt i am. Shet tried to cut down my power with this thread. She did blackmagic on him again and got him under her control. She said now keep this thread with you and will fool simar. This will now protect you from simar’s powers.

Prem sits down. He says Simar told me everything. she went to meet that woman. Its the same woman that scares you. Indra says the woman I am scared of. How did simar reach her. Prem says why are you so worried? Indra says you dont remember anything. I can’t go in front of that woman. Prem says why? What happened? Indra says I just can’t. Please be sure that simar doesn’t figure out that you are not under her control now. She was going to play a game with me. What if that woman reaches me. Indra says stay here i am coming in a while. She leaves.

Amar is on roads looking for indra. He says where did she go? He looks back indra is there buying vegetables. Amar hides. He says thank God. I was scared. He calls simar and tells her indra is here. I will tell you when she leaves for house. He turns back indra is standing there.

Precap-Indra laughs, everyone is scared. The other woman laughs with her as well. Indra says I am not scared of her, because of her I became a witch.

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Sasural Simar Ka 27 October 2015 Written Update

scene 1
Simar comes out and says everything is okay. Indra is stuck and busy in kitchen. Amar we have to go to that palace, we will find something there. We have to find about that woman. Prem says I will come with you as well. I am really worried for you. Simar say dont worry for me. If you come with me Indra will figure out. You have to pretend to be thakur.
Rajhinder says Simar God will protect you. Simar says lets go Amar. Sujata says God protect them. Prem says yes God give simar success and strength.

Indra is busy in working. She says this is royal potato. Pari says Khushi she ahs made the vegetable. Khushi says it smells so good. Indra says come in. The meal should impress eyes and nose as well. Khushi says it smells so good. Pari says go tell everyone that you have made the vegetable, till then we will prepare for bread. Then you can come and make it. Indra goes out.
Khushi says what are you thinking? Pari says exactly what you are thinking. They mix extra spices in the potatoes. Pari says Khushi says you we used to do this to annoy simar and roli but this time doing wrong has good intentions.

Simar and Amar reach the palace. They enter it. Simar recalls running here and there in the same palace. she recalls dancing there and her last day with Rana thakur. Winds blow. Amar asks what happened? Simar says nothing. Lets go in. Simar is prespiring. Simar says when you hypnotized me. Last time i was standing here, Prem was next to me. Indra and the guru was standing there. And that third woman entered from there. After that I couldn’t see anything.
Simar’s head hurts. Amar asks are you okay? She says yes I am fine. Amar says you should sit. Amar says you should rest. simar says no I am fine. They hear a bell ringing from upstairs. Simar and amar go upstair, its the temple bell where padmawati used to pray. Simar enters the temple. Simar says please help me God. We have to find out who that woman was and why Indra was worried to see her. Why I felt like Thakur knew it. Please help me. Simar sits down. They find a paper there. It is half burnt and has rana and that woman’s picture on it. Only her eyes are visible. Simar sees her hand and there is same mark on her hand.

Indra serves food to everyone. She says thakur i have made this with my hands for you. Prem says it smells so good. Pari says yes. Indra serves him. Prem tastes it and coughs. Sujata says what happened. Prem stands up and shouts are you joking with me? What is this? Is this for animals or me? There is so much spices and salt. Pari says no she made it in front of us. Sujata says dont be mad prem, she has made it after so many years. I will make something else for you. Prem says no Indra will be punished for it. Sit here. Indra sits there. Prem asks her to eat it. He says you have to finish it. Indra says but.. He says I don’t wanna listen anything. Indra eats it, it is so spicy, she starts coughing.

Simar says Amar this mark, Amar says what is it? Simar says its the same that woman had.
Simar sits down and says I need water. He says its in car. Come with me. Simar says I can’t walk. He says I can leave you alone here, come with me. They try to go out.

Indra drinks glass after glass of water. She goes to kitchen. Pari and Khushi smiles. Prem says I should tell simar and ask what happened here.
Pari says she has no idea what will happen to her. She tried to take out simar’s place. Khushi says she wont even get a place in witches. Indra comes there. They all stand up. Indra says in heart so I was right, they are still planning against me. I will answer them in their language.

Amar and Simar reach the car. Amar takes out the bottle but there is no water in it. Amar says what should I do now. A car is coming in their direction. Amar stops the car. A woman comes out of it. She asks is there some problem? Amar says she is not well. Do you have water. She says yes sure. She gives Simar water. Simar drinks it. She asks are you okay? Simar says yes my head hurts. Simar says thank you so much. She says are you better now? Simar says yes. The woman leaves. simar sees the mark on her hand when she closes her car’s door. Simar is dazed. She sits in her car and leaves.

Precap- Indra asks where is simar? Rajhinder says her mom is not well. so she went to meet her. Indra says in heart I have to check if she has actually gone to her mom or somewhere else. Simar and amar come to that woman’s home.

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