Suhani Si Ek Ladkil 26 October 2015 Written Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladkil 26 October 2015 Written Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladkil 26 October 2015 Written Update:

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Suhani Si Ek Ladkil 26 October 2015 Written Update

Serial Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Dadi and Yuvraaj coming home. Gauri screams and runs to her room. Yuvraaj asks Suhani why was she at home. Dadi gets tensed seeing Gauri’s mask in her hand. Suhani says she has removed the mask off Gauri’s face. Yuvraaj asks where is she. Suhani says she heard Dadi and ran to her room. Dadi asks Gauri to open the door, she will get her mask back. She asks Suhani how can she do this. Yuvraaj says leave Suhani, we should see how to calm Suhani. Dadi asks Ramesh to get ice. Suhani goes to pray. Ramesh takes ice for Gauri. Suhani keeps mask near idol and goes. Yuvraaj and Ramesh go to see Gauri from window. Dadi stops Suhani and says she will manage.

Dadi asks how will I help you Gauri, if you don’t open the door. Suhani hears this and says Gauri, is her name Gauri…. How does Dadi know her name? She asks Dadi how does she know her name, you just said Gauri. Dadi asks what nonsense, move from here. Dadi goes. Yuvraaj says I think we should give some time to Gauri, then we will see what to do. Everyone come home. Dadi says Suhani lied and stayed here, she has removed that girl’s mask.

Dadi says Gauri is not wishing to come out of room and locked herself. Bhavna apologizes from Suhani’s side and says her intention was not wrong. Suhani says I did not do anything wrong, so I won’t apologize, you also don’t need to apologize, Dadi is angry as girl locked herself, she can’t be behind mask all her life, truth would have not come out. Rags asks what truth. Dadi says nonsense, I will not bear this, why did you get the girl home, when I told you to leave her at ashram, I know Yuvraaj got her on Suhani’s insistence.

Dadi asks Suhani why did she force the girl to remove mask, this is her home and everyone is her responsibility, I feel to kick you out of this house now, but I don’t have reason to do this. Suhani says you are right, but nothing wrong happened, I know I took this decision without asking you, Gauri was behind mask for years. Dadi argues. Suhani says we have to help that girl, we have to explain her, her face is not bad to be ashamed. Dadi says give me this mask, I will give it to the girl. Suhani asks Dadi to think how cheap is that girl’s family who has such cheap mindset, she should have been in college now and she is behaving like 5 year old kid.

Rags says give this lecture to someone else. Suhani says if person is not externally beautiful, it does not mean they hide behind mask. If we give mask back, she will never remove it, she does not need this mask now. Dadi says stop Suhani. Suhani burns the mask. Suhani says her face will come infront of everyone.

Suhani asks Gauri to open the door. Gauri refuses and cries. Rags says I want to see Gauri’s face, we will bring Gauri’s face infront of everyone. Dadi worries and Bhavna goes to her. Suhani says how does Dadi know her name is Gauri, why is Dadi getting angry on little things, there is something fishy. Someone comes to her. Bhavna talks in Suhani’s favor. Dadi says it does not mean Suhani forces her decisions on others, was this right what she did. Dadi makes Bhavna against Suhani. Someone wearing black clothes enters Suhani’s room by window and holds Suhani. She screams and asks who are you. She calls for help. Gauri hears her. Suhani says thief, save me. Gauri says Dadi and hears Suhani calling for help. Menka comes and says thief. Gauri comes out and worries. She runs to help Suhani. Menka beats the thief. Rags also comes there. Gauri comes and she also beats the thief. Everyone see her. Yuvraaj says its me and shouts, after getting beaten up. He says see work is done. Menka asks work? Gauri hugs Suhani. Menka asks him why is he doing robbery at home, he can ask money from Dadi. Yuvraaj says this was acting to get this girl out of her room. He says this was bad idea, I will not help Suhani. I thought Gauri will come seeing Suhani in trouble. Menka tells Rags that we did not do anything. Menka asks Gauri to show her face.

Dadi and Bhavna come there. Yuvraaj says I did acting to get that girl out of the room. Dadi sees Gauri. Suhani says he means Mili. Menka asks who is Mili. Suhani says everyone will call her Mili.

Dadi’s wallet falls by snoopi. Suhani smells the same medicine smell from Snoopi and asks Ramesh. Ramesh says he has eaten something from Dadi’s purse.

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Suhani Si Ek Ladkil 26 October 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj asking Suhani to manage all the works. She asks him to help Gauri in removing the mask. He says I won’t, you can play any game with her to get her mask off. He goes. She gets an idea and smiles. She thinks this will be tough, but she can solve anything tough. Suhani takes some toys and asks Gauri to play with her. She asks her to do as she does and they start playing.

Suhani also wears a mask and then does many things. Gauri copies her. Suhani then throws her mask and waits for Gauri to remove the mask. Gauri was removing mask and stops as Menka falls there. Menka says Rags pushed me, she wants to kill me. Dadi asks Menka why is she shouting. Rags says everyone knows I can’t do this. Menka says she does all work of Rags. Dadi asks Menka to stop it. Suhani thinks she would have seen Gauri’s face today and leaves. Dadi makes Gauri’s mask right. She asks her to not remove mask.

Suhani is worried. Bhavna talks to Ramesh. Suhani asks Ramesh to get items. Ramesh says he has work. Suhani asks him to get Golu’s items first. Suhani asks Bhavna not to be annoyed with her, she knows Rags and Menka, how can she agree. Bhavna argues. Suhani talks to Saurabh. He says he has got maha aarti passes. She gets glad. She says now they all have to agree. Yuvraaj and Sharad sit in lawn and think what happened to Saurabh. Yuvraaj teases him to change diapers of Golu, his old days has gone. Suhani asks Menka to come with her in aarti. Menka refuses. Suhani blackmails her about her secret about Rags. Saurabh asks Rags whats her problem to refuse for coming in aarti, she can wear her diamond necklace and be on magazine’s front cover. She refuses. Menka agrees and asks Suhani what will she get there.

Suhani says I participated in chaat competition there and I need partner, you can help me, the prize is good. Suhani says you are great, I will surely come and hugs Suhani. Suhani smiles. Saurabh asks Rags to listen to him. Suhani tells Saurabh that Menka refused, what did Rags say. He says she is not coming. Suhani says it means they can be at home and manage home. Rags looks on.

Sharad asks Yuvraaj to come with him, they did not do out since many days. Yuvraaj says fine. He sees Bhavna and gets some idea. He asks is Sharad taking you on aarti. Sharad says yes, if she wills. Bhavna says yes, I wish to go, but if Sharad has no problem. Sharad says fine, we will go. She says fine, I will get ready. She goes. Yuvraaj teases him saying joru ka ghulam. Bhavna asks Yuvraaj did he say anything. Sharad says no, you get ready.

Yuvraaj tells Saurabh that Bhavna and Sharad are going with you. Suhani says it means Rags and Menka will have to be alone, I m going with Saurabh, we will take Golu, and Sharad and Bhavna can go to spend time. Saurabh says yes. Rags says no, Saurabh will be with me, we will go on date after it. Yuvraaj says perfect, I don’t like this, I won’t come. Suhani asks can’t he do this for her. Dadi asks Suhani not to force Yuvraaj, they all will go, get ready. Suhani thinks to send Yuvraaj doing anything. He says I don’t like all this. Suhani says I have reason, and thinks she can’t tell him, he will get angry.

She says its auspicious day, I was thinking to pray for our relation. He goes to his room. Suhani surprises him by wearing a sensual nightie. He gets shocked seeing her. She poses and slips. She says no one can stop you from falling in my trap. He asks trap? She says yes and walks to him. He gets tensed. She falls down and stops him from holding her. She signs she will manage and gets up. He asks her to be careful, as she can get caught in her own trap and fall. She acts romantic. Music plays………….. She says you will do what I tell you. He smiles.

Suhani asks Gauri to remove mask. Gauri cries and says no. Suhani removes her mask. Gauri hides her face.

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