Mohi 26th October 2015 Written Update

Mohi 26th October 2015 Written Update
Mohi 26th October 2015 Today HD Video


Mohi 26th October 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with the men fooling Mohi and taking her somewhere. Swati asks Kaki to do the ritual as she is also like Ayush’s mum and has more right on him. Kaki gets glad and thanks her for the honor. She asks Manohar to do the ritual along with her. They do the rituals and bless Anusha. Manohar asks Anusha to come in their home soon to control Ayush. They smile. They all do the rituals and gift Anusha. Madhur says Ayush is very lucky, and blesses her.

Sharad mistaken was making Rekha eat sweets and stops. They all smile. Sharad blesses Anusha. Rekha asks can I get up now, is it done? Aaji says no, still there are some rituals. Deepa and Anjali do the rituals. Rekha gets bored watching the rituals. Mohi asks the men where did he bring her, does her father stay here, does he live alone or with someone. The man says your father is happy knowing you came here, he said he will come and talk to you. She asks does he want to surprise me. The man says yes, we will get tea for you, sit here. They shut her and leave. She asks why are they shutting the door, open it. She cries and asks them to open the door.

Aaji does the rituals and does tilak to Ayush. Vinay gives him clothes as part of the rituals. He makes Ayush eat sweets and blesses her. Rekha gifts sherwani to Ayush and says I want to see my son in law in sherwani, Anusha deserves the best. Ayush says I know whatever I wear and look, Anusha will find me the best. They smile. Her friend says so cute and asks Anusha whether he has any cousin. Mohi cries and asks Lord to help her.

Archana does tilak to Ayush. She says we will miss Anusha. Ayush says he will get Anusha whenever she says, as this is her first home where she is born. She makes him have food. Anusha says she is in no hurry to go to Ayush’s home, she wants to spend time with Archana. Archana hugs her. Anusha says she will come to meet Archana whenever she wants. The men come back to the godown and see Mohi. They wonder did she faint and die. She fools them and runs outside the godown. They run after her to catch her. Mohi runs faster.

Rekha gifts everyone and says this is not formality, Anusha is my only daughter, I want to spend whole heartedly in the functions. Manohar says great, you have thought good, Mohi will be also happy receiving gift from you. Manohar asks about Mohi. The servant says she has gone, I have seen her going out one hour ago. Kaki asks where. Sharad says where did she go like this. Ayush thinks she has done drama today, don’t know what enmity she has with my happiness, I m sure she went to seek attention, she would be laughing on me.


Rekha asks Anusha to say what to do. Anusha says I think we should find Mohi. Mohi cries and says she will die after eating this tablet, but she will not lose her respect.

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Mohi 26th October 2015 Written Update

26 October 2015

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Mohi 26th October 2015 Written Update

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