Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st October 2015 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st October 2015 Written Update:

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st October 2015 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st October 2015 Written Update

21 October 2015

The Episode starts with Viplav coming to Ashram and shows the stuff. Dhaani and Dulaari looks on surprised. Badi Amma asks what is it? Viplav says it is all hand work stuff, and says I am sure that you will all make good designs. He says he talked to NGO and says you will earn good money. He asks them to get ready. Dhaani calls him to a side and asks from where you got money to buy this. Viplav says I knew that you will ask me this, and says I sold my gold medal which I got when I passed my law exam. He shows the receipt and asks her to check with the shop owner. He tells that everyone is happy. Some kids come and asks Viplav to give money for Durga Puja. Viplav says I will give you 5000 Rs, and then looks at Dhaani and gives 51 Rs. Girl asks him to give 5000 Rs. Viplav says he has 51 Rs as of now. The kids thank him and leaves.

Dasharath comes to meet Durga and says I want to talk to you about Tripurari. He says I am worried about his behavior, and says he needs to keep hold on his anger. He says he is happy as the widow Dhaani is taking care of her well. He says he has seen a dream and saw Tripurari’s marriage. Durga asks about the bride. Dasharath says he didn’t see the face and says tripurari’s wife should be good and caring. Durga says Tripurari’s wife should be like Dhaani.

Dasharath says do you likes Dhaani like girl, or Dhaani only as bahu. Durga says she likes Dhaani for Tripurari. Dasharath likes her idea and says you said right. He says your thinking and my dream are going to be fulfilled soon.

At Ashram, Viplav comes to Dhaani and says hi………….Dhaani says hi………..He sees her stiching clothes and offers help. Dhaani says I will do it. Viplav says I want to learn it. Dhaani asks him to give it back else she will pierce needle on his hand. Viplav shouts and calls her thankless girl. Dhaani says I am and says I knew english. Viplav says you might be stupid, thief….Dhaani says I am since childhood. Viplav laughs and says you might be killer also. Dhaani says yes I am….Viplav says you are a murderer Dhaani……and says Dhaani is a murderer. Dulaari looks on shocked. Dhaani recalls something and a voice is heard saying Dhaani is a murderer. Dhaani gets teary eyed and tears roll down her face. She rushes inside while Viplav keeps on laughing. he gets up and calls Dhaani saying he was just joking. Dulaari asks how dare you talk to my daughter like that. Viplav says I was joking. Dulaari says you will joke all 24 hours, and says life is not a joke. Viplav asks what did I do? Dulaari goes to Dhaani. Badi Amma asks him to leave Dulaari and Dhaani together and asks him not to interfere. Viplav says I didn’t mean that. Badi Amma asks him to rest for sometime.

Dulaari goes to Dhaani’s room. Dhaani cries and hugs her. Dulaari asks her to stop crying and cries with her. Dhaani says I am not a murderer and didn’t kill anybody. Dulaari says I know that you are innocent. She asks her not to take Viplav’s words on heart and asks her not to remember the past as it will hurt her. She gives her strength and says my Dhaani is very brave. Dhaani hugs her and cries miserably. Dulaari asks her to stop crying and says I am here for you. She makes her drink water. Dhaani stops crying, but is still upset.

Viplav sees Dhaani coming…………Ishq ka rang safed plays……………..She makes design on the pot. Suwarna goes to bring stars to paste on the pot. Viplav asks her if she is still angry with him. Dhaani says I am fine now. Viplav offers to help her and asks why she got upset. He says I was trying to make you laugh. Dulaari comes and says my daughter is same from childhood. She asks him to forget. Viplav apologizes. He says I will teach you english…………….He asks them to hurry up and says they have to get the things ready by morning. He says you people are working good and that’s why I have decided to make tea for you all. Badi amma says you have snatched my mouth talk. Viplav says I am a magician……….

Dulaari looks at Dhaani and asks her to be strong. She says you don’t need to be scared for the crime which you didn’t do. Viplav brings ginger/cardamon tea. Suwarna gives it to everyone. Viplav asks Dulaari if she will take cardamon tea or ginger tea. He gives ginger special tea to Dhaani. He apologizes to her again and says your anger will go away after drinking this tea. Dhaani smiles and drinks tea.

Viplav drinks and says it is bad…..he sees everyone drinking with much difficulty. Dhaani drinks tea and says she will make for others. Ishq Ka Rang safed plays…………………Viplav looks at her. Dhaani goes to make tea. Viplav stares her smilingly. He asks everyone to pack the stuff and says we have to sell all those items in mela. Badi amma asks mela……….Viplav says everything will be sold in Navrathi mela. Badi Amma says we can’t go to Mela. Dulaari says she is saying right. We will give the stuff to shop keeper. Nani says we can’t do this. Viplav tries to make them understand but in vain. Badi Amma asks him to understand. Viplav tells Dhaani that it is golden chance to them to sell their things with their own hands and see people happy. He says if we keep shopkeeper then he will take much profit. He says when we make much money then only we can able to take care of Ashram well. Dhaani says you are saying right, i will come with you to Mela. Viplav says thank god.

Dhaani asks Viplav about the plate….Viplav says I eat much and don’t counts on the plates. They challenge each other and eat pani puris. Tripurari looks at them.

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st October 2015 Written Update


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