Qubool Hai 20th October 2015 Written Update

Qubool Hai 20th October 2015 Written Update


Qubool Hai 20th October 2015 Written Update:

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Qubool Hai 20th October 2015 Written Update

20th October 2015

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Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Afreen aka mahira asks the servant to go and give the peer baba food and send them off. They comply. mahira thinks that camphor smoke can get rid of ghosts and spirits, and decides to try this. Meanwhile, Afreen asks kainat that once married to sameer, she shall forget about her, but not to worry, as she shall be taken care by azad, and places her hand on him, again trying to get physical proximity. Azad is at discomfort. In the kitchen, the servants go to find something in the kitchen. as they leave, mahira puts some camphor cakes in the foor. the servants return and place the food back at the dining table. When the smoke starts emanating, afreen realises that its camphor powder. mahira watches thie from behind a pillar. Afreen winces and lowers her head, and hides her face so as not to be seen. She is shocked to find her face reverting back, in the silverware. She thinks that before someone sees her like this, she shall have to hide her face, and puts it in the chocolate cake. All are shocked. Azad gives her the hankey to wipe her face, but she denies and says that she shall go to the washroom. she rushes from there. all are tensed and boggled. Mahira watches determinedly.

Afreen aka mahira washes off the black stains on her face, in the basin, and when her true face comes up, afreen is in a rage, that mahira has messed with the wrong person and that she shall ruin her, as mahira shall have to pay for this. She says that she wont let mahira win and before she turns the table, she shall have to go out. She tries to open the door of the bathroom, but finds it locked from the outside. outside, mahira taunts her and says that people often underestimate their enemy, and thats exactly what she is a victim to today. afreen swears that mahira has crossed the line and now noone shall be able to save her from her ire. She is furious as she gives one hard kick to the door, and it buckles and falls apart.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed location
Begum gets gazalla and latif to dig up a grave and put anand kumar inside it, and then seal it back. they are oblivious that someone is filming this all from a distance, hiding behind the bushes. They get back in the car. khan begum watches someone behind them from the rearview mirror. She looks out, but doesnt see anyone. She gets in and asks gazalla if they saw anyone. they deny. she looks again but doesnt find anyone. she is boggled, while they deny seeing anyone. She asks them to hurry and drive off. gazalla complies. the man watches. begum wonders who could be it. Her phone rings in the car, and she finds that its Anand kumar. they are shocked. She asks where was his phone. gazalla says that they put it in his kurta. She is angry and asks where is this coming from. they are scared and start banetring. Begum says that someone is playing them, and they have to return back and check, if the dead body contains the phone or not, by digging the grave back. they are shocked but silently comply. Khan begum has to dig it back herself, since gazalla and latif make up excuses of being scared and tired. Finally, she digs up enough to see his body, and then pulls out the dead body yet again. She then checks his kurta for his phone and inds it there only. She wonders how is it possible. latif says that maybe someone took out the sim and is bothering them and they can check by dialling it. They dial and find that its rining. they are all shocked and scared, that maybe its the ghost after all. begum, in frustration and anger, breaks and tramples over the phone. she vents out her anger at his dead body saying that all her life, she tortured him, but now she wont be scared of him aty all, and that she didnt want to kill him, but had to since he stood in the way of her goal. they hear footsteps and are alarmed. they rush out of the fields but find noone. gazalla says that there might be other graves here too. They leave hurriedly.

Scene 3:
Location: Begum’s residence
Afreen comes out, thinking that maybe she still has time to salvage it. but she finds mahira and azad seeing off sameer and his family. mahria turns around and gives a victorious smile on afreen’s face. Kainat asks for azad’s permission to see them off. He complies. then, mahira takes azad to the room, citing some important talk, taking his hand in hers. they enter the room and close it off. Then azad asks whats it, and mahira says that nothing is more imp than him for her, being a wife. she says that he hasnt accepted her truely. he says that he has told her they cant be together. She says that they are husband and wife, and noone can separate them. He tries to speak, but she hugs him, and he gets tensed. Afreen sees this through the doors and is furious. involuntarily, his hands too come up to hug her back, smiling and revelling in that warm feeling, while afreen is enraged. He then turns away saying that this cant be, and asks whats he doing. she says that she should have done this long back, as she is taking whats rightfully hers. he says that he shall have to stay away from her. she says that even death cant do them apart now, as she eyes him determinedly. He feels her stare, but turns away. mahira sees afreen looking and smiles and then shuts the door on her face. Afreen asks how can this be, as she wont let this happen at any cost, and cant let them be one. She eyes the raging weather.

Later in the night, mahira dresses up beautifully, and closes the drapes, saying that tonight, moonlight cant seep in this room. she then lights up candles, for a romantic setting. Azad comes out of the washroom and notices mahira’s efforts and asks whats this, and if she remembers its the full moon, as tonight a person who hates himself cant love her. mahira comes and says that hatred has to buckle under love, and asks him to understand that they shall start their new life together, and she shall forever be with him, and from now on, every trouble has to face her, before facing him. she promises and assures that everything would be normal, and then professes her love, By saying, I LOVE YOU, to him. He is still tensed, and gets ahead, but she holds him back. She eyes him, while he fights between what he wants and what he has to do. Mahira tries to get romantic with azd in the room, as she places her head on his shoulder, while he is tensed and at discomfort, having to fight his feelings for her. he then smiles finally and turns around to face her, and cups her face, and kisses her on the forehead, and she smiles shyly, getting emotional and teary eyes. he wipes the tears off her eyes, and kisses off the remaining wet splotches near her eyes. They both bask in the glory of their new found love. she then closes her eyes, as he leans in to kiss her, on the lips.

Outside, Afreen thinks that despite her wearning, mahira didnt learn a lesson, but she forgot that tonight is the night, that turns azad into an animal. She says that if mahira stays tonight with azad, then her death is guaranteed, and in a few hours, her win and mahira’s death shall be confirmed. She then eyes the crystal in her hand, as its full moon. the screen freezes on her, azad and mahira’s faces.

Precap: By the full moon, azad turns into an animal, as his eyes turn golden. Mahira tells him that he shall have to fight at all cost, as if they are together, they can overcome anything, and he has to let their love win. Afreen enjoys the drama from the balcony, amused that mahira is within inches of death. she extends her hands out to him, while he having turned into a vampire, eyes her glaring with anger. She asks him to come to her. mahira is shocked as she sees rage and viciousness in his eyes, and not love. she is scared too.

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Qubool Hai 20th October 2015 Written Update

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