Reporters 19th October 2015 Written Update

Reporters 19th October 2015 Written Update

Reporters 19th October 2015 Written Update:

Kabeer addresses his team that as journalists they may fight personally, but professionally they are one. Manav proved this today. Sunny says seeing this, he feels like forgiving Manav. Richa says even she feels and asks where is he. Kabeer says Manav is busy shifting his cabin and says KL asks him to suggest someone for editor-in-chief’s designation and he suggested Manav’s name with Khalid’s backing. Everyone smile.

Ananya looks at her father’s locket and cries. She imagines her father’s soul speaking to her and saying he is pround of her, her hero is Kabeer and she should not leave him in life.

Kabeer’s brother calls him and says he was ashamed of himself to call him his brother, but he is proud of him and wants to shouts loudly that Kabeer is his younger brother and even dad must be shouting in heaven that his son is the best. Kabeer says he needs him. Brother says he is shifting to Delhi with family to stay with him.

Khalid addresses staff that they are the best and will be best, congratulates everyone. Kabeer feeds sweets to Ananya and congratulates her. She also congratulates him. He says he hopes she forgave him and at last they got justice, though it is late. He extends hand and says all the best. She shakes hand and he leaves. Richa sees that and asks Ananya why is she standing silently, once a person is gone will never come back. Ananya looking at Kabeer says why people go. Richa smiles and says she can stop Kabeer now. Ananya runs towards Kabeer and says he promised her papa that he will take care of his daughter forever, then why is he leaving her. She knows he never left her, but she was fool, she does not want her father to schold him. Kabeer extends his hands in SRK’s DDLJ style. She runs like Kajol and hugs him. Even he reciprocates and their love story rekindles.

Next morning, Sunny flirts with baby as usual. Richa stands dumbstruck in a surprise seeing a new sardarji who is Ronnie’s duplicate. Kabeer introduces him as Daljeet Singh and asks Richa to introduce him to whole staff. She gets happy and thinks he looks like Ronnie. Manav calls everyone to conference room for today’s briefings. Khalid sees that and thinks he wanted his KKN like this.

After finishing coffee with Kabeer in a cafeteria, she says she has to rush as Manav must have started meeting. Their sweet nok jhok starts…

Kabeer’s moral gyan: One must fulfill his wishes, promises, responsbilities before leaving.. This is their time and once time passes, it will never come back. Ananya comes and says she got a new lead, and he shows thumbs up and leaves.

Serial ends with a happy note.

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Reporters 19th October 2015 Written Update

Reporters 19th October 2015 Written Update

19 October 2015

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Reporters 19th October 2015 Written Update

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