Bigg Boss Season 9 19th October 2015 Written Update:

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Bigg Boss Season 9 Double Trouble 19th October 2015 Written Episode

Bigg Boss Season 9 Double Trouble 19th October 2015 Written Episode

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Bigg Boss Season 9 19th October 2015 Written Episode

Partner Exchange Special
Day 5
snores are going on when music starts playing, all wake up, Chote tera birthday aya plays, Ankit hugs Digangana, all enjoy the song.

alarm plays, its digangana’s birthday, a dress has come for her, all wish her.
Prince is talking with everyone, he tells that in childhood, he would put broom on fire on Diwali and threw it on a girl whom i didnt like, Rimi says you were destructive from childhood only, Prince says her hairs got burnt, she had to go for boy cut, all laugh.

Roopal reads instructions from bigg boss, it says that bigg boss appreciate the one who work hard, two pairs Vikas-Yuvika, Kishwar-aman performed well in task so they will get their bags, Kishwar is happy, Vikas takes off yuvika’s shirt which he is wearing in excitement, Vikas is happy to get his bag back, Aman and Kishwar bring their bags too, Rochelle says Prince did task very well, he should get his bags too.
Yuvika says to Keith that all will get their bags else we will create havoc, Keith says i am fine.

all are having lunch, Suyyash gets angry that kitchen is not cleaned, he complains to Vikas, he says Arvind left food in plate, Vikas and Yuvika comes to Arvind and ask him to clean his plate after eating, Arvind says ok.

Roopal says to digangana that i got of Ankit’s relationship, i broke up with him and moved on but now we are stuck here again, i have to face him again here. she tells digangana that i got to know about Ankit cheating on me from a common friend, i couldnt sleep that night, i was heartbroken, she cries, ankit is cleaning house there only, Roopal says i kept trying to sleep but i couldnt after listening about Ankit’s cheating, my parents were worried for me so i had to become normal, i had shooting the next day so i tried to got over all that, Digangana hugs and consoles her.

Yuvika says to Rimi that why did you come here? Rimi says i thought it is scripted, i thought we would get food, i didnt know we have to live like junglees here, Prince ask what if you get a chance to come next year to in bigg boss, Rimi says i will remove bigg boss’s name from my life, i wont come here ever.
All come in garden, dancers come in house and starts dancing on Jo tharo photo naa thi, contestants starts dancing with them and enjoy, dancers leave after giving a instruction letter to Kishwar, Kishwar reads it that diwali is coming so house people will be get happiness too, on this Diwali contestants will get a chance to choose what they want from snapdeal and they have total 5000points, all have to choose it with mutual consent, buzzer plays, Kishwar and Aman opens snapdeal screen, they start telling about items list to contestants, they buy shirts, roti maker, microwave, refrigerator etc.

bigg boss says to inmates that you have chose your partners and have done tasks till now with your partner, you know their weakness and strength by now, you will be doing tasks with your partner in coming weeks so you need to have compatibility with them, your partner can become your strength too, so we are giving chance to pairs to exchange their partners, this can be last chance too, two pairs will be able to exchange their partners and who will be them will be decided by captain Vikas and Yuvika, he ask Vikas and yuvika to take instructions from store room and go to bedroom, they leave. bigg boss says to inmates that they should open their belts and go one by one to Yuvika and Vikas and convince them if he or she want to change partner or not and why.
MANDANA goes to Yuvika and vikas first, she says i am fine with Keith, we can sort out things by talking so i am fine with him. outside Rochelle says to Keith that i am fine with Prince, Keith says i will talk what i want inside.
RIMI comes to Vikas and Yuvika, she says Suyyash is strong and he is not able to play because of me so i want to make Digangana my partner or Ankit.
KEITH comes to captains and says i was fine with Mandana but she is very inflexible, i am very understanding so personality is contrasting, i can make Ankit my partner as Mandana compromise but if she becomes stubborn then she doesnt listen, also i think Mandana wanna exchange too.
Rimi talks to digangana and Roopal, Digangana says i dont know what to do.
SUYYASH comes to captains, he says i am lacking behind tasks and have to sit quietly because of my partner, i wanna change, i would go with Ankit or Kishwar.
Mandana says to Keith that i told them that i dont wanna change, Keith says i thought you wanna change.
ROCHELLE comes to captains and says i am fine with Prince but if Keith wanna change then i am ready to be with him but we dont want to be partners here as we are girlfriend and boyfriend so we want to play separately here.
Keith says to Mandana that if you dont have problem with me? Mandana says if we fight then we fight positively and sort it out easily, Keith says if you dont wanna change then i am also fine with you, he comes to captains and says i dont wanna change Mandana, she is fine with me, there was misunderstanding.
KISHWAR comes to captains and says i wanna change partner, i chose Aman over Prince as i thought i knew him but after being with him, i dont like the things he do, like he takes more food for himself then for others, its very small thing but things like these does affect others, i dont like it, she says suyyash or Prince will be my choice.
AMAN comes and says Kishwar wants to change me, also she is physically weak so i would like Keith or Prince as my partner.
PRINCE comes, yuvika jokes that you are in demand, Prince says i am fine with Rochelle.
ROOPAL, DIGANGANA, ARVIND, ANKIT says to captains that they are fine with their partners and dont wanna change.

bigg boss ask vikas and Yuvika to read the instructions, instruction says that Kishwar-Aman won the luxury budget task so they are not in this task means they cant exchange their partners, Also Yuvika and vikas cant be part of this exchange task, now from 5 pairs, they have to do exchange, Vikas and Yuvika go in corner, Vikas says we can pair Suyyash with Prince, Yuvika says but Prince is happy with Rochelle, Vikas says what can we do, Roopal and Digangana are happy too with each other, Vikas says only option is to make suyyash and Prince pair, Yuvika says Rochelle will not be fine with Rimi, Yuvika says one pair will be miffed in every case, its very difficult to decide.
Prince says to camera that four days back nobody wanted to make pair with me, everyone was rejecting me but today most of inmates wanted to make me partner, this change i have brought in house, Rochelle says thank you bigg boss for making Prince my partner, Prince says i am very much happy with my partner Rochelle and dont wanna change her, Rochelle smiles.

Bigg boss ask Vikas and Yuvika to tell inmates about exchange decision, Yuvika says it was very difficult to take this decision, Vikas says fours pairs are happy with their respective partners, two pairs(Suyyash-Rimi, Aman-Kishwar) are not happy but Kishwar cant change partner, he says to keep atmosphere here nice, we have decided to change Rimi’s partner, he says PRINCE WILL BECOME SUYYASH’S PARTNER and RIMI WILL BECOME ROCHELLE’S PARTNER, Prince sit with Suyyash while Rimi sit with Rochelle, Rochelle hugs Rimi welcoming her, Yuvika says to rimi that you keep saying no to tasks but i know when you will do task then nobody will be able to defeat you, Keith says i just wanna say to rimi that this is only 3months and it can be most beautiful journey of life, just try to start enjoying it, Prince hugs Rochelle, Vikas says Rimi wanted a girl so now it is sorted, Arvind says only problem is Prince and Suyyash doesnt have clothes to wear, all laugh.

suyyash says to Prince that i dont have any problem with Rimi but she never takes part in task, i wanted you or Kishwar to become my partner, Prince says its cool.
Rimi says to Rochelle that your mind is sharp, Rochelle says no i am like a kid, Rimi says you are strong contender, you do have sharp mind, Mandana is also sharp but she doesnt have sense.

Rochelle says now there will be no one beside me who will snore, Kishwar says Vikas snores more than Arvind.

gate of house is opened and someone comes in, all scream in excitement, things which they ordered from snapdeal has come, all are happy to see it.

Mandana ask vikas to tell someone to clean table, we are cleaning kitchen. Aman says Arvind didnt do it, Aman says i and Kishwar will do it, Aman takes Kishwar to clean table.
Kishwar comes to Ankit and Arvind and tells them that they cleaned table but Mandana came to Vikas and said that you both didnt clean it nicely.
Ankit-Arvind comes in kitchen, Mandana says you both didnt clean table nicely, Arvind says i have done lot of work for today, i cleaned floor, washes utensils, i cant clean table now, he jokes that i will lose weight by doing so much work, he leaves, Mandana shows unclean area to Vikas-Yuvika.

Kishwar says to Ankit-Arvind that i got one chance to change partner but that was taken away by bigg boss too, Aman is too bossy, he doesnt listen to me at all, like i tell him that i wanna go to washroom so he would not listen and will keep sitting and talking to others ignoring me, Kishwar says i wanna change my partner, i am fed with him.
Bigg boss says with changing partners, dynamics of house is changing too, tomorrow Salman will take class of inmates.

PRECAP- On Weekend special, Salman Khan will talk to inmates in different style, there will be debate between inmates and Salman Khan. movie Shandaar’s stars Shahid Kapoor and Alia bhatt will come in Weekend special.

Bigg Boss Season 9 serial written will be uploaded soon at this page tonight. Those who are seeking to download Bigg Boss Season 9 serial written stay in touch with us. When serial will be aired we will provide you written update of Bigg Boss Season 9 serial. Bigg Boss Season 9 serial is very famous and today episode is very important.


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