Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th October 2015 Written Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th October 2015 Written Update:

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th October 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th October 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14 October 2015


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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th October 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simmi and Ishita going to meet Shagun. Simmi asks why did she come in their life, she has left Raman for Ashok, why did she come back again, whats her relation with Raman, we all know its Raman’s child. Manoj looks on. Raman is on the way and recalls Ishita’s words. He says I have hurt Ishita’s heart, she loves me so much, I m cheating her by hiding things, I have to tell her the truth, but elders will not understand, I will talk to Ishita in private, she will understand. He gets a call and says now… fine.. I will come office. Simmi does not let Shagun talk and calls her about a cheap characterless woman, she has affair with Manoj too. She asks Manoj not to trust Shagun. Manoj says no. Simmi says Shagun is stain on womanhood, why did she lie to me that day.

She says now I know the truth, you should die, you are shameless and cheap woman. Ishita asks Simmi to stop it and takes her. Manoj’s dad hears all this and asks Manoj whats all this happening, who was that woman, was she telling about Shagun whom you want to marry, your mom was right, so she is against this relation. Manoj says you are mistaken. Manoj’s dad asks him how will he get saved from her stained character, will she marry her. Shagun cries. Manoj holds her hand and says dad you don’t know everything. His dad asks how can he stay with her when she is pregnant with someone else’s child. Manoj tells about surrogacy.

His dad asks is this not strange, she is surrogate mother of her ex husband’s child, and his current wife does not know this, come with me to Mumbai. Manoj says Raman’s wife is a nice mother, she lost her baby to save my kids, I was helping her, we did not tell anyone to get baby stable till 6 weeks, I think we did not do this right to hide this.

Simmi and Ishita come home. Simmi says she has taught a good lesson to Shagun. Raman comes and Mrs. Bhalla asks why did he do this. Raman says he wants to talk to Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla and Vandu ask him to talk infront of everyone. Ishita argues with Raman and asks him to talk infront of everyone, he has made her a governess as Shagun used to call her. He says this is our personal matter. She says there is nothing personal between us, I m not like a wife now. She cries.

Raman says Shagun is just… Ishita says Shagun wanted to break us, and today it happened, you are going to become father of her child, do you have any story to say with confidence, my family wants to know it. Raman says I have no answer, I m sorry, think what you all want. Ishita says my feelings don’t matter, I don’t matter, I don’t want to stay here. Raman asks her to stop. Mihir and Mihika reach home. She asks about Abhishek. Mihir says he is really nice guy, but why. She says I like him. He says what, that’s fantastic, he is very good guy, I m so happy for you, you both will be good together, think well and decide, its really nice. Raman and Ishita come out in compound and argue. Mihir and Mihika rush to them and ask what happened. Ishita says Shagun is going to become Raman’s child. Raman says I can explain. Ishita says its too late now, stay away.

Mihir asks Raman whats she saying. Raman says wait Mihir. Mihika asks Mihir whats all this, is this Shagun’s plan to break them. Mihir says I have to talk to Shagun and goes. Raman says matter is getting worse, wait.

Manoj tells his dad that he likes Shagun, Shagun has said yes, she wants to give baby to Ishita, then we will marry, you have to accept her for my sake, I m happy with this relation, she is doing a good work, please dad. Mihir and Mihika come there. Mihir claps and congratulates Manoj. He says uncle, your son has courage to marry Shagun, I m Mihir, Shagun’s brother. I know Manoj does not want me to tell anything, but Shagun has work to ruin her loved one’s lives. Shagun says please Mihir…. Mihir says she left her husband for his rich boss and left her six month baby too, when the man kicked her, she came back in her ex husband’s life.

He asks her about Raman’s child and she is saying she will give this baby to Ishita, this is her plan to trouble her. He says Manoj is going through first love and going to marry Shagun, and my sister is going through first love that’s Raman. Shagun says enough. Mihir asks is this not true. Manoj asks Mihir to stop it. Mihir says I know you are caught in her love, she does this with every man, I have forgiven her and did mistake, she can sell her kids too, she sold Adi for 3 lakhs nearly and ruined my life too, she ruins everyone’s lives, Raman and Ishita… spare them, tell me what you want, I know this can’t be Raman’s baby.

The neighbors come and see this. Mihika asks Mihir to come. Mihir says remember, you are not my sister, you are dead for me. Mihika takes him out. Mihir says she ruined everyone’s lives. Manoj’s dad says see, her brother is saying so, Manoj now I don’t accept this relation, you have to break relation with me if you want to keep relation with her. Manoj says this is not done, listen dad. His dad leaves. Shagun cries.

Manoj goes to her and says listen to me, I don’t care what Mihir said, I will keep loving you, I will explain mom and dad. She says enough Manoj, I don’t deserve any love. He says I deserve you, Mihir is saying about some other Shagun, I will tell Bhalla family about the baby, you are surrogate mum of the baby. She says no, it will worsen the matter, let Raman tell them. He says fine, don’t have any guilt. The neighbors ring the bell.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita not to go and apologizes from Raman’s side. Ishita cries and says its her fate’s mistake. Mrs. Bhalla pacifies her and says you won’t go, Raman will go from here, if Raman does not have answer, this house has no place for him, don’t cry. She hugs Ishita. Amma looks on.

Shagun and Manoj face anger of neighbors. The lady pushes Shagun. Raman tells the ladies that he is father of Shagun’s child, and now he is taking her to his home. Ishita hears this and cries. Ishita is leaving home and sees Raman bringing Shagun home.


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