Sarojini 12th October 2015 Written Update

Sarojini 12th October 2015 Written Update:

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Sarojini 12th October 2015 Written Update

Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Sarojini telling Sangram and Dushyanth that she has filed police complaint against them and if she something happens to her, they will be behind bars. Dushyanth says if her speech is finished, she should go home. Sarojini says she will not go without meeting Soumendra. Dushyanth tries to hold her when soumendra comes out of his ICU room. Sarojini asks how is he. He says he is fine and asks how did she injure.

Manisha starts dancing on song maine hoton pe lagai to…with Sapna telling she is celebrating Sarojini’s death. Dadaji and Indira start crying. Nirjhara says Sarojini should have been warned and sent instead of being killed, now her ghost will be behind Soumendra. Sapna says if she had gone earlier, she would not been killed. Daadi asks what if she becomes chudail and haunt them. Dadaji scolds them that they are so ruthless and cruel women that they don’t care another people’s lives. Manisha asks him to stop crying and celebrate with her with dancing. Dadaji asks her to stay away from him.

Dushyanth starts acting as concerned for Sarojini and says she is not telling anything. Soumendra asks nurse to nurse Sarojini’s wound. Dushyanth asks him to go and rest while he gets Sarojini’s wound dressed. Soumendra says it should happen in front of him and takes sarojini and nurse inside.

Nurse applies tincture on Sarjini’s wound. Soumendra scolds her for being rough and applies tincutre on her wound himself. She gets emotional. Sun saathiya….song..plays in the background. Sarojini asks nurse how is Soumendra’s. Nurse says his infection is under control and he is very lucky. Sarojini thinks she should inform everything to Soumendra.

Bhaskar reaches home. Manisha asks him to dance with her as Soumendra is fine now and her sautan/Sarojini is dead. Bhaskar says her celebration is waste as Sarojini is alive and with Soumendra now. Manisha panics and calls her father. Nirjhara murmurs that Sarojini is very strong and is alive even after many attempts to kill her. Sangram singh scolds his henchmen for failing to kill Sarojini. Manisha calls him and yells how can he spare sarojini and says she will teach his henchman how to crush Sarojini under car and asks him to get Sarojini out of her husband’s room and kill her right away. She then starts breaking things angrily and throws utensils on everyone and shouts she is Soumendra’s wife and god made him only for her… She shouts at Bhaskar to take her to hospital right now. Bhaskar thinks earlier Dhusyanth was ordering him and now Manisha.

Dushyanth says if Sarojini opens her mouth, Soumendra will fly to Delhi with her. Soumendra asks Sarojini asks why is she looking tensed and says he got unconscious yesterday, else he would have married her. Sangram singh enters with Dushyanth and says Sarojini looks ill and should go and rest at home. Soumendra asks Sarojini if she anted to tell him something. Dushyanth shows her scissors and signals not to say anything. Sarojini says Soumendra that his marriage happened yesterday. He asks when he was in hospital, how did he marry her yesterday. She says his dad’s selected girl married his photo and she is now his wife and choti bahu of his house.

Precap: Soumendra says Sarojini that she is choti bahu of his dad. Manisha enters and says she is choti bahu. Soumendra then tells Sarojini that he made wrong by bringing her here and will take her back to Delhi. She says let us go.

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Sarojini 12th October 2015 Written Update


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