Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 8th October 2015 Written Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 8th October 2015 Written Update:

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 8th October 2015 Written Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 8th October 2015 Written Update

Written Episode

Nandhani comes into the practice room and asks Maddy if he is feeling alright. He wipes his tears and asks how dare she asked this to him. He comes to her and shouts at her if she has nothing to do, why is she behind his life. If she considers him as friend, she is highly mistaken and must leave. Nandini asks how dare he talk to her like this, she asked him because he had helped her. And if anyone would have come here would have asked her the same. Maddy says her Manik also used to speak to her like this. Nandini tells him not to speak about Manik, he hasn’t gone through true love in life, he is so empty that he never understands what emotions are. Maddy says he doesn’t want to know about them, these love and friendships are just show off. People blackmail you with them. He says that Nandhani just dreams that Manik is alive, he is dead. He shouts at Nandini that Manik is dead. Nandhani holds him by arm and says he must never say this, love means giving the other a space and if it is anything else it isn’t love. She wishes he realizes for once what true love is. Maddy leaves uninterested. Nandini weeps. Mukti, Aaliya and Dhruv come in. Aaliya tells them that she speaked to Harshid, he knows a lot about Aryaman. Mukti interferes that they cant team up with Harshid. Dhruv says that he will keep an eye on Aryaman. Nandini says she is afraid of Madhiam. Aryaman drags a man in the room, he says this is the driver who was hired that day, he was leaving the city. He shouts at him to tell all the truth. The driver asks him to let him go, he needed money. He was paid so he wasn’t involved in the blast. Nandhani asks who asked him to plant this bomb. Aryaman shouts to tell the name. the driver says Neonika madam. They are all shocked. Nandhani asks if he is sure, Neonika is his mom. The driver asks why would he lie, that night Neonika asked him to plant the bomb, then told him to blast. Aaliya asks if the attack on Nandhani was also done by her. The driver says he did it, he says that he had stolen Aryaman’s car and attacked Nandhani. Mukti was enraged at Neonika. Dhruv suggests to go to police, Mukti says yes, they need to go to police. Nandhani was disturbed and leaves the room.
At night, Nandhani sits on the bed. She thinks that she thought after knowing the truth she will feel better, but it isn’t like this. She watches Manik’s photos, smiles watching them. She types, The hunger of love is much important than the hunger of food. Happiness.. what it is? Love what it is? She thinks why she couldn’t understand why he hates his mother so much. She rests her head on the crown and cries.
Dhruv and Aaliya sat together on a bench and cried.
Mukti told Navy all the story and cried. Aryaman thinks about everyone being upset. He dials Nandhani’s number, then stops himself. He remembers Nandhani happy moments.
Mukti cried in front of Navy.
Nandhani snatches magazine from Neonika’s hand. She asks Neonika if she killed Manik. Neonika asks what rubbish and how she entered her house without permission. Nandhani says she won’t leave, how could she kill Manik. Manik was her son, Manik was right that she didn’t deserve to be called a mom. Neonika says that is enough, she didn’t want to kill Manik but kill her. She says that Nandhni got lucky and it is because of her that she lost her son. She says that she doesn’t deserved Manik, Nandhani says she doesn’t deserve to be called a mom. Neonika says that she will call the guards. Nandhani asks her to go ahead, she will call police. Neonika laughs, she says if she really think that police can ruin anything of her, they are just puppets. Nandhani says what if it gets published in media. Nandhani says she came to deal with her. Neonika says she always thought money can buy even her. Nandhani says for Neonika, money is everything. But she wants Neonika to get away from all of their’s life, if she ever see Neonika again Neonika will read everywhere that Neonika Malhotra killed her own son. Nandhani leaves, Neonika is really worried.
In her room, Nandhini puts a cap on candle to decorate it. She smiles at it and turns to see Manik there. He forwards his hand and bends forward, she smiles, looks at him and gives her hand to him. They come in the centre of the room, Manik holds her from back closer to himself. They dance together happily. At once, Nandhani realizes she had been day dreaming. She gets on her bed, crying and says she knows he must be happy wherever he is. She says I love you Manik, I love you dearly, forever.

Precap: Mukti says Neonika is a bl**dy murderer, but she feels something strange. Nandhani says she went to speak to her, Mukti warns her that Neonika is dangerous. Madhaim tells them to leave the studio, Mukti says no one in Space ever dared stop Fab5 from practice.

8 September 2015

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 8th October 2015 Written Update


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