Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th October 2015 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th October 2015 Written Update:

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th October 2015 Written Update

Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tulsi taking her phone out after seeing Dhaani leaving. Dasharath gives outhouse keys to Tripurari and tells he can stay with his mum there. Tripurari thanks him. Kanak thinks it is difficult to keep wife and lover under the same roof, and she will make sure that trouble time start for Dasharath. Viplav comes to room and tries to check Tulsi’s stuff. Dhaani comes there and scolds Viplav for trying to check Tulsi’s stuff. She asks how did you come here, as the door was locked. Viplav says I opened the door with hair pin. Tulsi comes and says you think that I have phone. She asks him to check her stuff if he is doubting her.

Dasharath wonders what to do and thinks everything is falling off from his hands. Pandit ji comes and informs him that Durga Devi temple is taken back from his authority. Dasharath is shocked. Tulsi asks Viplav to throw her out if Ashram. Dhaani argues with Viplav and asks Tulsi to come with her. Viplav thinks I have seen her talking on phone then why she is lying. Dasharath asks Sushma to give keys and says he don’t have time to wait. He asks again to give him keys. Tulsi and Dhaani come to the temple. Tulsi eyes the Idol’s jewellery and says she wants to keep looking at the gold ornaments of the lord. They leave the temple.

Viplav calls Dasharath and asks how is he? Dasharath tells he is in trouble, since he left the house. He tells about Tripurari house burning and tells he gave shelter to Tripurari and his mum. Viplav asks him about the theft in the temples. Dasharath asks about widows. Viplav says I am doing for their betterment. Viplav falls down. He tells Dasharath that he will call later. Tulsi thinks Viplav is after her, and thinks it is good that she left her phone here. Suddenly gold coin falls from Tulsi’s stuff. Raj Lakshmi picks the coin and tells Badi Amma that they beg to earn money for their livelihood. She says Tulsi said that she is hungry since 3 days, but there is something fishy as she is having a gold coin. Tulsi starts acting and says she is not poor as she is having her husband’s last thing. Nani says you are right. Viplav asks from where do the coin come in your stuff? Dhaani supports Tulsi. Viplav says you are not doing right. Kanak thinks it is all work done, and she will take back keys from Sushma. Tripurari brings Durga to the outhouse. Sushma and Shambu looks at them.

Dhaani says today there is some peace since Rakshas came. Viplav changes the radio song and plays Kambe Jaise Khadi Hai. He dances with broom in his hand. Dhaani changes the song and puts the bhajan. Viplav changes it to song again and signs it to Dhaani. Suwarna and Raj Lakshmi get happy. He plays different songs and enacts while the song Tum Ladki Ho Main Ladka Hun plays………….Badi Amma closes the radio. Viplav says he is trying to have friendship with Dhaani. Dhaani says she don’t want to be his friend and asks him to go. Viplav says okay and leaves. He tells he will come back after meeting his friends. Dhaani says Rakshas will not go.

Kanak comes to Sushma and touches her feet. Sushma blesses her. Kanak says I was having one Maa, but now having two mothers after Durga came here. Dasharath asks what nonsense? Kanak says it is good that you called Durga here. Dasharath and Sushma are shocked. Dhaani asks Tulsi to sleep. Tulsi thinks she can’t waste time and goes somewhere in the night. Viplav thinks he can’t be wrong about Tulsi. Raj asks him to drink wine, but Viplav refuses as he is staying in Ashram. Tulsi comes to the place black outfit and throws white saree in air. She laughs after meeting her partners in crime. She says today she saw a idol, which will benefit them. She says I will check the security first and then will inform you all what to do. She says we will elope once we get the idol. She laughs again. Viplav calls Dhaani and asks if someone brought misri. Dhaani says she don’t want any favor from him. She tells that Tulsi is unwell and asks to bring medicines for her. Tulsi laughs madly and says her decision was right to stay in Tarni Ashram. She says Dhaani will help her steal the idol, and says stupid girl. Viplav asks the waiter to bring boiled potatoes. Raj is shocked. Viplav says since I am staying in Ashram, I am eating boiled foods only. Raj says I will also eat.

Viplav notices Tulsi going wearing red dupatta and runs after her. He holds the dupatta, but she runs away. Viplav reaches Ashram and asks Dhaani. Dhaani tells Tulsi is resting in her room and asks him not to trouble Tulsi. He comes to room and sees Tulsi sleeping. Dhaani comes and says she is resting in room. Tulsi asks what happened? Viplav couldn’t believe and leaves. Dhaani asks about her health. Tulsi asks what happened to him. Dhaani says he is mad and asks her to sleep. Tulsi recalls getting in Ashram through the window.

Tulsi asks Dhaani to take her to temple and says she also want to live with widows customs. Later she meets her gang and asks to make duplicate keys. She shares her plan to steal the God’s idol.

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th October 2015 Written Update


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